To: IAHF List
Subject: Book Exposes the "Race to the Bottom" (FTAA which will be copy of EU in our Hemisphere)
Date: 6 May 2004 03:02:10 -0000

IAHF List:

A huge number of people in the dietary supplement industry, both ceos of vitamin companies and owners of health food stores are so caught up in their day to day business that they're ignoring whats going on right in front of their noses vis a vis the Pharma driven takeover of the dietary supplement industry.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: As goes the EU, so goes the WORLD, but ONLY if we LET IT HAPPEN!

Recently when I sent out an email urging Americans especially to examine the Anti Free Trade Area of the Americas website at someone on my distribution list complained that I was "straying" from the health freedom issue, and "risking alienating some people on my list" because that anti FTAA site was put up by the controversial John Birch Society.

My response was that I have distributed emails examining this SAME FTAA issue from a more "leftist" position, including and and I really don't CARE which anti FTAA site anyone goes to because I am neither a Republican or Democrat- my goal is to appeal to ALL vitamin consumers to OPPOSE the FTAA, REGARDLESS of their political affiliation (or lack thereof) using ANY weapon at our disposal.

I will engage ANYONE in a dialogue if they oppose the FTAA, ESPECIALLY if they will hear me out on the VITAMIN ISSUE because it needs to become a major PART of this battle to keep a version of the EU DICTATORSHIP from being forced on us in our hemisphere and I think its GREAT that people from ALL SIDES of the political spectrum are finally awakening to the fact that we can't let the NWO divide us along largely superfluous ideological lines.

I am going to order the ANTI FTAA book below. I'm guessing that it may not discuss the vitamin issue. If it doesn't, I'm going to try to contact the author to make him aware of it.

Ditto for authors of any similar books, regardless of any political affiliation or lack thereof.
I don't care about that- I care about defending my access to supplements.

Please forward this to more people and encourage them to make donations to the Alliance for Natural Health for their lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive- donations can be made via

Connect the dots:

I strongly encourage you to get the book below and to use it to help educate health food store owners and vitamin company ceos especially that the FTAA threatens to be a carbon copy of the EU dictatorship in our hemisphere- and this is not "conspiracy theory" its conspiracy FACT-

don't believe it? See the official FTAA website at

Is America's middle class doomed?
For centuries, America's thriving middle class was the foundation of our liberties and the envy of the world.

But now an increasing number of debt-ridden Americans find themselves joining the "race to the bottom." Across the nation, communities are reeling as manufacturing and hi-tech jobs are "outsourced" abroad. And even as our nation exports jobs that once opened the door to the middle class, we are importing waves of unskilled immigrants, including millions of illegals. No longer America's protector, our political elite schemes to merge our country with the other nations of this hemisphere into a continent-spanning socialist mega-state modeled after the European Union.

In America's Engineered Decline, investigative journalist William Norman Grigg reveals the common threads binding these developments together into a revolutionary agenda. But, as Grigg points out, that subversive agenda can be defeated if enough Americans will join in organized, principled action. (2004, 176pp, poc)

1 copy - $5.95 - Order
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