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Subject: The Stone Obelisk...
Date: 2 May 2004 05:53:10 -0000

"The Stone Obeliks stands at the fourty ninth parallel on the Pacific coastline of North America. It stands upon a solid foundation. It is firmly grounded. No storm or earthquake has ever uprooted it or even caused it to lean. It symbolizes the timeless strength and stability of peace and harmony between the United States and Canada. And this monument stands at Point Roberts, Washington; a community that struggles and survives from one generation to the next with a strength and stability of its own."

(from Point Roberts, USA- The History of a Canadian Enclave by Richard E. Clark)

IAHF List:

Yesterday I drove an 8 hour round trip from Point Roberts to meet again with Thomas Dorman, MD of the Paracelsus Clinic and with a contact of his who must remain nameless.

This contact is in a very good position to hopefully assist us in getting a lot more of the donations in to the Alliance for Natural Health necessary for the next leg of their lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive and I feel very good about the meeting we just had as we talked for several hours and many very good ideas came out of it. I wish I could tell you more about it than I have here, but for strategic purposes, it would not be wise.

As I read the words above about the Stone Obelisk that stands here in Point Roberts where I live, I spent some time staring out over the Pacific Ocean today where I couldn't help but reflect on the huge number of Americans and Canadians who totally fail to grasp that although that monument may not be leaning at all due to earthquakes or storms- a far more subtle mechanism called the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas) will render its existence to be MOOT, unless we all join forces to stop this dangerous effort to harmonize the laws world wide and to force us into a global totalitarian state.

The reality we face is that Canada, the US, Mexico, all the central and south american nations could be cojoined into a totalitarian dictatorship mirroring the European Union unless you all help me awaken more people fast enough to stop it. (Please see

As people are mesmerized by bread and circuses, robotically staring at their TV sets and going about their daily lives being force fed propaganda from a controlled news media, quietly, our would be masters seek to yank the rug out from under all of us on a number of different levels- just one of which (thru the UN's Codex Alimentarius Commission) is via FOOD CONTROL.

Food control = people control.

If you want to cull people's numbers (and the ruling elite certainly do plan attempting to take out out 9 out of 10 of us- see Report from Iron Mountain, ref. below) you must limit people's access to vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements, hormones, probiotics, herbs, and other natural substances that strengthen people's immune systems and help people live long, healthy lives.

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid- and parallel programs world wide- are all BANKRUPT.

The USA has been bankrupt since 1933, and we're the world's biggest debter nation.

When we were born, our birth certificates were monetized as collateral against an unpayable debt, and are being held by the International Monetary Fund. Our Social Security Number is our Slave Number.

Prior to the First World War, the Tavistock Institute in England, (a psychological think tank creation of Cecil Rhodes, the Rockefellers, Carnegies, and Rothschilds) got England and the USA into the war by engineering the German sinking of a passenger liner called the Lusitania.

This made front page news, and provided the spark the globalists needed to get unwilling Americans and Brits into the war where millions were slaughtered in trench warfare. The long range goal was to force us into the League of Nations (as the vehicle to steer us into a global totalitarian state), but the US Senate didn't fall for the bait----- so the globalists needed another war.

They created the economic conditions necessary to bring Hitler into power, and via IG Farben- a Cartel comprised of Hoechst, Bayer and BASF pharmaceutical companies (heavily funded by American corporate interests) they assisted in building the Nazi war machine and unleashing it on Europe.

This time the ruse used to set the spark off to get the USA into the war was Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt had broken the Japanese code and knew the Japanese raiders were on their way-but the globalists pulling his strings ordered him to let the attack happen- because they wanted us into the war.

In its aftermath, with a little help from some communist traitors named Alger Hiss and Whitaker Chambers they succeeded in getting the USA into the United Nations (which brings us the scam I've been working so hard to expose called CODEX).

Today, in an effort to put the final pieces of the global totalitarian state together, they've been attempting to usher in a third World War via the planned bombing of the World Trade Center. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq serve to massively weaken the US military and to set the stage for the final crushing of the US dollar in order to usher in a hemispheric wide currency under the FTAA and to set the stage for the eventual planned subjugation of the US population under martial law by UN troops.

Perhaps at some point North Korea or China might launch on the USA, or perhaps the CIA will engineer another 911 type attack- possibly prior to the next US Presidential "election."

Our would be rulers have prison camps ready to put millions of people in. They have crematoriums ready to incinerate trainloads full of people. See links below.

When they spring their final trap, its going to get ugly, VERY ugly, UGLIER than anything we've ever seen, or WILL ever see and unless we fight back a lot harder than we have been in order to monkeywrench these plans on every level- a huge number of people will die. Unless we monkeywrench these plans, (AND WE CAN), the survivers will be under electronic mind control. (See links below, I can document all of this, fantastic as it may seem on the surface)

My purpose in writing this is not to cause you to feel like a deer caught in the headlights, and I'm not trying to make you feel fear. What I AM trying to do is to get you ANGRY enough that you will EXAMINE the truth of what I'm saying, and help me awaken a lot more people so that they too will contribute donations to the Alliance for Natural Health to help with their winnable lawsuit.

This is ONE area of our would be rulers little planned melodrama that I fully intend to TOTALLY DISRUPT, with all of your help!

We can ALL be like the stone obelisk discussed at the beginning of this article: unmoving, unyielding, but it will take work- we can't expect the "next guy" to do our share.

Every one of us who has had a powerful healing experience as I and many of you have had via dietary supplements and suppressed alternative treatment modes has the power to reach out to our Creator for strength, and we can EACH be as UNMOVED as the Stone Obelisk described at the beginning of this message- but we have to forward this information and prevail upon MORE people to take action.

There are 1875 people on this distribution list from all over the world. With some dedication, we can boost these numbers many fold by forwarding these emails and by joining forces in a synergistic way to educate more and more people so they too can escape from their mind prisons and start thinking outside the mass media imposed strictures.

We don't HAVE to LET the New World Order run roughshod over us, we CAN disrupt and push back their plans. The first step towards doing that is to shine the bright light of truth upon them.

Just as cockroaches scurry across a kitchen floor scrambling to hide underneath the appliances when the lightswitch is flipped, we're going to put cockroaches such as Dr.Grossklaus (German Chair of the Codex Committee on Nutrition), Dr.Beth Yetley (US Codex Delegate) and their foreign counterparts on the run.

Help needed to research ALL of their bios- want to help? Let me know.

We're not taking any prisoners. The FDA's of this world have no choice but to run up the white flag, but they're not going to do that so we're just going to have to bury them with the truth.

The Alliance for Natural Health has won a referral to the EU Court of Justice in Luxemborg, which makes their lawsuit a REALITY not just wishful thinking.

The next step of the battle is to pump the necessary funds into their coffers to pay Brick Court Chambers so they can rework the lawsuit for this next venue- a very winnable battle.

Donations can be sent via

Connect the dots by reading Greg Ciola's interview of me in the Dec. Jan issue of The Health Crusader Magazine at

Urge more people to sign onto the IAHF email distribution list at
I'll be doing more radio shows in coming weeks and most are web based for global listening.

Please forward this on- and study all the interesting links below in order to fully see what we're going to DISMANTLE- Remember- Don't fear the NWO- EXPOSE THEM:

Report from Iron Mountain:

US Concentration Camps:
Especially see article titled "Camps for Citizens- Ashcroft's Hellish Vision" by Jonathan Turly, professor of constitutional law at George Washington University (at url above)
See the photos of the concentration camps at the url above. Read the info about Rex 84.
This is no joke. This is not "conspiracy theory" this is real, but we CAN disrupt ALL these plans.

Crematorium in Ohio
(The Ohio National Guard says this is merely a "manure storage facility"--- uh huh, sure...

Electronic Mind Control: See Anti NSA Section,
See See
At, see books: MASS CONTROL: The Engineering of Human Consciousness, by Jim Keith; see Thanks for the Memories- The Truth Has Set Me Free- by Brice Taylor.

I know Brice Taylor, whose real name is Sue Ford, and I knew Jim Keith. I wish he were still with us. Remember one important thing as we deal with this war of good v evil: our Creator is in control. We win in the end, but we have to do our part. We CAN stop this evil agenda.

For Health Freedom,
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International Advocates for Health Freedom
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