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Subject: UK Controlled Opposition Group Goes into High Gear to Deceive Vitamin Consumers: Dangerous Global Implications
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 09:08:39 -0700

IAHF List:

Unless the Alliance for Natural Health receives $50,000 in donations in the next 2 months for the next leg of their legal battle to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive, consumer access to dietary supplements world wide will be torpedoed.


Controlled opposition groups ("COGs") are like Trojan Horses. People think they're genuinely fighting for a cause they believe in, they throw their energy behind the COG, only to learn in the end that they were horribly deceived.

COGs serve as decoys to keep people AWAY from GENUINE organizations that are REALLY fighting back.

Often, groups that were GENUINE at one time, and which have built up a reputation of being a group that can be trusted, become INFILTRATED and turned into a COG group.

Such is the case with the National Association of Health Stores in the UK. Ditto for the UK's Health Food Manufacturers Assn, and for the UK's so called "Consumers for Health Choice." All 3 are COGs. They have the backing of actress Jenny Seagrove who doesn't realize she's being horribly USED.

People see her name attached to these groups and ASSUME they can be trusted, after all, Seagrove GENUINELY DOES want to protect HER access to dietary supplements- and people have trouble grasping that a celebrity could be so badly conned that she is actually supporting a phony group that is actually only trying to DISTRACT people from the group they SHOULD be supporting.

This sort of deviousness is never easy to expose because once someone has been conned into supporting a COG group, their EGO makes it very difficult for them to ADMIT that they made a mistake, and many GOOD PEOPLE are deceived and USED by COG groups, which helps them to DEFLECT CRITICISM from someone like me who has had a lot of experiene in seeing through and exposing COGs.


In a recent issue of the UK's Daily Mail, a long article appeared which backs so called "Consumers For Health Choice" and the UK's Conservative Parties phony effort to "defend" consumer access to dietary supplements-see

They're asking people to sign a petition--- here is what they say:


The vitamin & mineral tablets used by millions of British people are under threat. Products such as 1gram Vitamin C tablets that are frequently used in the cold season, and the mineral Boron, important for strong bones and teeth, are set to become illegal once recently passed European laws are fully introduced.

Many more specialist vitamins that have been used safely by UK consumers for many years will also disappear. Almost every multi-vitamin tablet sold in Britain will have to be reformulated to avoid breaking the law.

Despite a vigorous campaign by the Conservative Party and the pressure group Consumers for Health Choice, the Government accepted the new rules. It is too late to reverse that decision but it's not too late to change the way that the laws will be enforced. The European Commission has still to decide many final details. It is still possible to save many products; but that will not happen unless the Government works hard on our behalf. Right now, that's not happening.

That is why the Conservatives have launched a new campaign to put pressure on the Government to step in and get the right deal in Brussels. We are breaking new ground by organising a nationwide e-petition. We aim to get the backing of thousands of people; backing that we can use to put renewed pressure on Ministers and to make them realise how strongly we all feel about this.


The EU Food Supplement Directive has ALREADY PASSED into European Law, and the ONLY thing that can overturn it is a LAWSUIT.

What this petition WILL do is it will lead people to BELIEVE that if they sign it, they've "done what they can" to fight back, when in reality, all they'll have done is WASTE THE TIME it took them to sign it.

Even if EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the UK were to sign this petition, it wouldn't do ANY GOOD, but it WILL keep a lot of people from making ANY effort to contribute donations to the ANH Lawsuit via ANH's secure server at

Unless ANH can generate $50,000. in the next 2 months, its ALL OVER for the dietary supplement industry WORLD WIDE due to the impact the EU has at the UN's Codex Alimentarius Commission where the EU wields more power than any other entity, especially when they'll be expanding from 15- 25 nations prior to the upcoming Codex meeting in November.

ANH has the best lawfirm in Europe in their corner (Brick Court Chambers). This is the ONLY lawfirm that has EVER succeeded in overturning an EU Directive, and they CAN overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive, IF we support ANH's efforts to return to court.


See ANH's response to Peter Aldis, Chair of HFMA at
Aldis is ceo of Holland and Barrett which is owned by Nature's Bounty. Nature's Bounty is publicly traded on the stock market, and all they care about is increasing the value of their stock. All they care about is gaining increased marketshare. They don't care what happens to vitamin consumers.

The EU Food Supplement Directive slams consumer access to supplements in the UK, Ireland, Holland and Sweden; while simultaneously slighting INCREASING consumer access in the REST of Europe.

The profits Nature's Bounty will make in the REST of Europe would MORE THAN COMPENSATE them for the profits they will LOSE in England, Ireland, Holland and Sweden from companies having to reformulate products to comply with the Directive.

See ANH's response to Aldis at and make a donation to ANH via

Forward this to everyone you know world wide. As goes the EU, so goes the WORLD. The USA has been set up by the FDA to lose in a future WTO Trade Dispute. If you are new to the IAHF list and need help "connecting the dots" see

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