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Subject: WTO Becoming a 'Kangaroo Court' - U.S. Senator (Reuters) (Grave Implications for Vitamin Consumers)
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 09:08:17 -0700

IAHF List: The Reuters news article below my comments documents the concerns of a US Senator who has condemned the World Trade Organization saying that it contains a "Kangaroo Court" which has been making numerous rulings against US law.

He's correct, they have, and the FDA has set the USA up to lose in a future WTO Trade Dispute via which the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act has been targetted for total destruction.

The congressional oversight hearing on the Codex issue that I pushed for for 5 years was whitewashed on March 20, 2001 and the USA has been set up by illegal acts committed by the FDA at Codex meetings and on their periphery for harmonization of our vitamin laws to genocidal emerging international Codex standards.

The only chance we have to monkeywrench the Cartel's devious plans are to pump $50,000. into the Alliance for Natural Health within the next 2 months for the next leg of their legal war to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive.

Yesterday, despite a long discussion about all of this with a prominent US health magazine publisher, he totally failed to connect the dots, and planted his head firmly in the sand on me, insisting that I "must be wrong" that there must be "some mistake" in my analysis.

I assured him, and I assure you, there is NO MISTAKE in my analysis. I am the first person to ever call the Codex International Threat to Health Freedom to the attention of the world via my 1996 article in Life Extension Magazine, and I'm in regular contact with numerous health freedom attorneys including Scott Tips, Legal Director of the National Health Federation and Ralph Fucetola, JD as well as numerous other prominent people who share my frightening analysis of impending GENOCIDE.

The GOOD NEWS is that we CAN and WILL win in court in the EU Court of Justice in Luxemborg, we have the BEST lawfirm in Europe (Brick Court Chambers) in our corner, and they did a GREAT job for us in the High Court of Justice in London UK on January 30th, but we need to put more financial fuel in the financial gas tank to keep our ship afloat so that we can live to fight another day------ when you go with the best, you pay dearly for it.

So, please: pump some more financial fuel into the ANH legal fund's tank by making an IMMEDIATE donation via their secure server at

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I'll be discussing the frightening implications of the following National Academy of Sciences Report (Dietary Supplements: A Framework for Evaluating Safety) via which the FDA and Cartel have set us up to lose in a future WTO Trade Dispute by falsely defining dietary supplement safety.

Under the SPS Agreement (sub section of GATT), the only legal means by which a nation can refuse to harmonize its domestic vitamin laws to an emerging Codex standard is on a basis of SAFETY. So the FDA has set us up to lose by FALSELY DEFINING supplement safety.

Keep in mind as you read the Reuters news article below (that the WTO contains a Kangaroo Court which has made numerous anti American rulings) that my comments are not mere hyperbole, that I am not being "Chicken Little" in my dire pronouncements.

Those of you who saw my last email (about Dr.Schneeman, the Chair of the National Academy of Sciences that generated this bogus "Safety" report realize that she is totally bought and paid for by the Cartel and that FDA has just put her in charge of their Office of Dietary Supplements.....

Guess who would "represent us" in the event of a WTO Trade Dispute?

You got it---- We'd be "represented" by either unelected bureaucrat Beth Yetley (US Codex Chair) or by Dr.Schneeman--- who as I've documented recently had a research grant at UC Davis for nearly $40,000. from ILSI (International Life Science's Institue) whose membership reads like a "Who's Who" of multinational pharmacetical companies--- see


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See the Reuters News Article Below: WTO a Kangaroo Court:

WTO Becoming a 'Kangaroo Court' - U.S. Senator
Last Updated: September 26, 2002 04:43 PM ET

By Doug Palmer

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A top U.S. senator lashed out at the World Trade Organization on Thursday, accusing it of becoming "like a kangaroo court" because of a series of negative rulings against the United States.

"I am deeply troubled by what has been going on in the WTO dispute settlement process," Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus told a Washington audience. "Things are looking more and more ... like a kangaroo court against U.S. trade laws."

The Montana Democrat urged the Bush administration to mount an aggressive effort to correct what he said was a bias at the WTO against the United States.

One option to ensure fair rulings, he said, would be to establish a U.S. commission to review WTO decisions against the United States, reviving an idea that had some congressional support in the mid-1990s, when the WTO was formed.

Baucus said there were as many as 15 cases in recent years where the WTO has ruled against what he said were legitimate U.S. actions to restrict imports.

In a recent case, a WTO panel "mistakenly ruled" that the Commerce Department cannot use U.S. timber prices as benchmark for determining duties against unfairly traded Canadian softwood lumber, Baucus said.

"This is wholly inconsistent with previous WTO cases and makes little sense," he said.

WTO panels have also overstepped their bounds in ruling against U.S. "safeguard" restrictions on wheat gluten from the European Union, lamb from Australia and New Zealand and steel wire rod and line pipe from a number of suppliers, he said.

Those decisions bode badly for the controversial steel tariffs the United States imposed earlier this year. That safeguard action also has been challenged at the WTO.

Baucus also took aim at a WTO decision against the so-called "Byrd amendment," which requires the U.S. Customs Service to distribute antidumping revenues to the industries that originally applied for the import protection.

"Even though Byrd Amendment payments impose no burden on imports -- and certainly affect few if any exports -- a WTO panel recently ruled that they are an impermissible penalty for dumping," Baucus said.

He added Congress was unlikely to repeal the provision, even if the United States loses the case on appeal.


In another high-profile case involving U.S. tax breaks for exporters, the WTO made an "arbitrary" distinction between countries like the United States that rely on income taxes and those that rely on value-added taxes, he said.

That ruling has opened the door for the European Union to slap more than $4 billion of sanctions on U.S. goods.

Baucus said WTO dispute settlement panels have exceeded their power by refusing to give proper deference to U.S. agencies, like the Commerce Department and the International Trade Commission, which have decided that antidumping or safeguard measures are warranted.

Instead of enforcing trade remedy rules of the 1994 Uruguay Round trade pact, the panels "are legislating, making up rules out of whole cloth, substituting their judgement for the negotiated agreement," Baucus said.

Former WTO Director General Mike Moore, in an interview with Reuters before Baucus' speech, offered his own view of the situation.

"I don't accept that there is bias against America at all. You've won much more cases than you've lost," Moore said.

"One of the ironies is that everywhere in the world, people think the WTO is an American monster that's raping them and pillaging them and plundering them. But when you get to America, the WTO is (viewed as) some sort of conspiracy to subvert the constitution," he said.

WTO members have set a May 2003 deadline for reaching an agreement on measures to improve the dispute settlement process. Moore said there are areas that certainly need improvement, including the length of time it takes panels to reach a decision and the overreliance on trade retaliation as the ultimate tool for enforcing rulings.

The Bush administration has tabled a proposal which would open up the dispute settlement process to more public participation by having open hearings.

That has run into opposition from many poor countries who fear it would result in a "trial by media."

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