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Subject: SCHNEEMAN NAILED IN OUTRAGEOUS CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Moves from UC Davis to FDA After Chairing NAS Committee to "Evaluate Safety of Dietary Supplements"
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 09:07:57 -0700

IAHF List:

IAHF continues to lead the way in exposing the outrageous Pharma effort to suppress consumer access to dietary supplements.

Dr.Barbara Schneeman was just hired by the FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition's Office of Nutritional Products, Labeling, and Dietary Supplements after chairing the committee that generated the highly biased paper titled "Dietary Supplements: A Framework to Evaluate Safety"

Schneeman generated this paper while working at the University of California at Davis. While there, she had a research grant totalling $39,942 from ILSI (International Life Sciences Institute) whose membership reads like a "Who's Who" of multinational drug companies (specifics below.)

I noted that Schneeman's predecessor at the FDA, Christine Lewis, has just accepted a position at the (so called) World Health Organization (WHO). WHO and FAO jointly administer the UN's Codex Alimentarius Commission, which is poised on the brink of forcing a grossly restrictive international trade standard for vitamins and minerals through to completion mirroring the draconian EU Food Supplement Directive.

Due to the congressional oversight hearing on Codex being whitewashed on March 20, 2001, the USA has been set up to lose in a future WTO Trade Dispute via which our vitamin laws will be forcibly harmonized to a mindless international standard which Schneeman is obviously involved in crafting on behalf of her pharmaceutical masters at ILSI.

Vitamin consumers wishing to avert international genocide should make urgently needed donations to the Alliance for Natural Health's lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive. Donations can be made via secure server on the ANH website at

Anyone who can assist me in getting the urgently needed assistance of Jonathan Wright, MD for the purpose of putting on a catalytic program of Speakers in Seattle to spearhead an information campaign on this issue before its too late should contact me immediately at 800-333-2553 N.America, 360-945-0352 World

We CAN overturn the EU Food Supplement directive, and monkeywrench the cartel's agenda. ANH has the best lawfirm in Europe in their corner- the only firm that has ever succeeded in overturning an EU Directive. The EU is the dominant political force at Codex. As goes the EU, so goes the world. The FTAA is intended to be a carbon copy of the EU Dictatorship in our hemisphere- via it the laws of Canada, US, Mexico, Central and South America are slated to be harmonized to the EU-

See UC Davis's response to my information request below, along with my detailed comments about the enormous pharmaceutical membership in ILSI-----

For additional help in connecting the dots on this issue, please read and

At 03:38 PM 4/14/04, Lynette Davis at UC Davis wrote:
Dear Mr. Hammell,

This is in response to your request for "a complete list of pharmaceutical companies who have provided grant money for any research conducted by Barbara Olds Schneeman, PhD during the course of her employment with UC Davis."

All individuals employed by the University of California who have principal responsibility for a research project if the project is to be funded or supported, in whole or in part, by a contract or grant (or other funds earmarked by the donor for a specific research project or for a specific researcher) from a for-profit nongovernmental entity must file a Form 700-U (previously 730-U), Statement of Economic Interest. Dr. Schneeman has six of these forms on file, one is for a research grant from the International Life Sciences Institute in the amount of $39,942 and the others are from the Dannon Institute (a total of $29,000 over the period of 2000-2003). While these are the only Statement of Economic Interest forms on file for Dr. Schneeman, the retention period for those forms is seven years so any forms older than seven years have not been maintained. A search in the database for all sponsored research projects for Dr. Schneeman, which lists projects as of July 1996, shows no funding from pharmaceutical companies.

If you have any questions or additional requests please let me know.



Lynette Temple
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University of California
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I have requested additional specifics about this ILSI Grant from UC Davis....

I note with interest that ILSI's membership includes a slew of multinational pharmaceutical companies, all attempting to advance their devious anti health agenda- in this case the suppression of consumer access to dietary supplements around the world

ILSI's member companies include Monsanto, Bayer, BASF, Wyeth, Boerhinger Ingleheim, Merck, Shering Plough- and numerous others ad nauseum. It is a shame that UC Davis associates with such parasitic entities because they have a "business with disease" and it is AGAINST their business interests for the people of this planet to be HEALTHY.

You might ALSO be interested to know that Dr.Schneeman has just LEFT UC Davis to work directly for the FDA, where she will be continuing her efforts to screw vitamin consumers from around the world.

This is indeed a very SAD state of affairs.

See the following articles

I note that her predecessor at FDA has just left FDA to go work for the so called "World Health Organization." This is one big happy incestuos family. Schneeman is part of an effort orchestrated by the Pharma Cartel to create FALSE DEFINITIONS of dietary supplement safety to set the USA up to lose in a future WTO Trade Dispute. I had death threats because of an effort I made to get a congressional oversight hearing on this scam which I am still attempting to monkeywrench.

See FDA Press Release Below about Schneeman's new job now that she has just left UC Davis....

April 12, 2004

Media Inquiries: 301-436-2335
Consumer Inquiries: 888-INFO-FDA

Dr. Barbara O. Schneeman Named To Lead FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition's Office of Nutritional Products, Labeling, and Dietary Supplements

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Acting Commissioner, Dr. Lester M. Crawford, today announced that Dr. Barbara O. Schneeman has been named to lead the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition's (CFSAN) Office of Nutritional Products, Labeling, and Dietary Supplements.

"Barbara comes to us with an extensive background in nutrition science that lines up perfectly with her new position, as leader of the Office of Nutritional Products, Labeling and Dietary Supplements," said Commissioner Crawford. "I look forward to her bringing to the Center the leadership and standard of excellence for which she is very well known."

Dr. Schneeman comes from the University of California , Davis , where she has served as a member of the faculty since 1976. For the last three years, she served as the Associate Vice Provost for University Outreach, in addition to holding a professional appointment in the Departments of Nutrition, Food Science and Technology and Internal Medicine in the School of Medicine . Prior to that, Dr. Schneeman completed an 18-month term as the Assistant Administrator for Nutrition in the Agricultural Research Service in the United States Department of Agriculture (1999-2000). She held many prestigious positions during her tenure at University of California, Davis, including: Dean of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, and Director of Programs, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (1993-1999); Chairman, Department of Nutrition, (1988-1993); and Associate Dean, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (1985-1988).

Dr. Schneeman received her B.S. degree from the University of California, Davis, in food science and technology, and her Ph.D. in nutrition from the University of California, Berkeley. She has many professional activities and honors to her credit, which include membership on the 1990 and 1995 Dietary Guidelines for Americans Committee, Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the FDA Commissioner's Special Citation.

As the new ONPLDS director, Dr. Schneeman will oversee the development of policy and regulations for dietary supplements, nutrition labeling and food standards, infant formula and medical foods.

Dr. Schneeman replaces Dr. Christine Taylor, who accepted an assignment to head a special project on nutrition issues for the World Health Organization in November 2003. Dr. Schneeman will join FDA on May 3, 2004 .

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