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Date: 2 Apr 2004 22:20:06 -0000

IAHF List:

The National Academy of Sciences has just announced completion of a report which FDA commissioned them to generate on Establishing a Framework to Evaluate the Safety of Dietary Supplements. You can download this free book at

Its important to realize that the National Academy of Sciences is totally dominated by pharmaceutical interests, and they're not part of the government so they're not subject to the Freedom of Information Act. FDA often hires them to generate self serving "reports" for this very reason- they're like cockroaches scurrying around under cover of DARKNESS. Since NAS is not subject to FOIA, we can't get the raw data they use to generate any of their biased so called "reports."

In their intro, NAS says "In line with these findings, members of the scientific and medical community have strongly advised that the regulatory mechanisms for monitoring the safety of dietary supplements as currently defined by DSHEA by revised. The contraints imposed upon the FDA with regard to insuring the absence of unreasonable risk associated with the use of dietary supplements make it difficult for the health of the American people to be adequately protected."

In this report, NAS has created so called "safety monographs" to encourage the FDA to yank Melatonin, Saw Palmetto Extract, DHEA, Shark Cartilage, Chromium Picolinate, and Chapparel off the market and to serve as "models" for yanking still MORE products off the shelves.

Now that FDA has illegally yanked ephedra off the market, unless they're successfully challenged in court via one or both of the pending lawsuits against them over this mindless ban, I predict that FDA will start pulling a LOT of additional products off the shelves using the NAS "model" as their "basis". We can expect them to make all kinds of misextrapolations from animal data, and engage in every sort of biased "reasoning" including banning dietary supplements because they "interract dangerously" with GENUINELY DANGEROUS Rx drugs.

See this legal interpretation of the (illegal) ban on ephedra: Also see this

Its important to grasp fully what this is: its part of an ongoing effort between FDA and NAS to create FALSE DEFINITIONS of supplement safety in order to SET US UP to lose in a future WTO Trade Dispute via which our domestic vitamin laws can be forcibly harmonized to a grossly restrictive international standard.

Under the SPS (Sanitary Phytosanitary Measures Agreement) the only legal means by which a country can refuse to harmonize its domestic vitamin laws to a finalized Codex vitamin standard is on a basis of SAFETY. So what FDA (and NAS) are trying to do is to create FALSE DEFINITIONS of vitamin safety to set us up to lose in a WTO Trade Dispute that would not be adjudicated in a US Court using our rules of evidence- it would be adjudicated in a new International Court- the Dispute Settlement Body of the WTO.

Every decision this court has made has gone against the envirment, against human rights, against labor rights, agains every intangible that goes into the make up of any democratic nations laws- but Congress lacks the political will to get us out of the WTO.

Congressman Ron Paul proved this when he tried to get movement on HJ Res 90 which only had about 40 cosponsors.

Senator Durbin will attempt to use NAS's report to get more cosponsors for S.722 (The Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2003), but it won't be enough- their long range plan is to screw us via the WTO and they're laying the groundwork to do that now.

This UNDERSCORES the extreme global importance of supporting the ANH lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive. The EU is the dominant political force at Codex and as goes the EU, so goes the WORLD.

This political reality has not yet sunken into the heads of the average America who fails to grasp that we already live in a global totalitarian state, and we can no longer think the way we once did (expecting to be able to simply turn to CONGRESS for answers anymore.)

Congress sold us out when they got is in to the WTO, and they sold us out again on March 20, 2001 when they whitewashed the Codex vitamin oversight hearing that I pushed for for 5 years.

The USA has been set up to lose in a future WTO trade dispute on the Codex vitamin issue, and I hope this NAS paper helps more people see the writing on the wall.

Our biggest opponents are the pharma dominated vitamin trade associations, this is why you aren't learning about this from your local health food store. They're all being lied to on this issue and told its a "non issue" and "don't worry, we're handling it via IADSA."

The website exposing IADSA as a controlled opposition group is here Still need help connecting the dots? See

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