To: IAHF List
Subject: The Difficulty of Getting "Traction" on the Codex Vitamin Issue in America
Date: 1 Apr 2004 03:31:12 -0000

IAHF List:

If you missed the radio show Rob Verkerk of ANH, and I did yesterday on radio station KPFA, you can hear the archived show at in the Archives Under "Your Health and Fitness" Produced by Layna Berman 3-30-04


Last summer I met with Jonathan Wright, MD Director of the world famous Tahoma Clinic in an effort to enlist his assistance to generate donations for the Alliance for Natural Health's lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive.

Although I met with him for two hours in his office, Dr.Wright is still not grasping the situation we're faced with. Although he did put a brief blurb about the ANH lawsuit in his newsletter, and is offering to do so again- what we really need is for Dr.Wright to be part of a catalytic program that we can videotape and perhaps do live streaming video of in order to hopefully awaken sufficient people that ANH will be able to now go to the European Court of Justice in Luxemborg where they have an excellent chance to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive, thereby monkeywrenching the Cartel's efforts to create a horrible Codex vitamin standard that would be imposed on the world via the WTO.

Yesterday I finally received a response from Dr.Wright by email that he had dictated to his secretary. (I'd been trying for weeks to get a return phone call from him in order to get another meeting.)

Basically what he said is that from his experience, he feels we will "never get any traction" on this issue "unless we have another crisis such as we did in '92 when the FDA raided my clinic." Thus he didn't want to be part of a catalytic program to awaken people, and once again offered me 500 words in his newsletter, which I turned down because it wouldn't do any good.


The world has CHANGED a lot since the early 90s when David Kessler of the FDA engaged in his "reign of terror" (raiding health food stores, vitamin companies and alternative practitioners). When this happened, and FDA's Gary Dykstra came at us with the rulemaking effort from hell after passage of the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act of 1990, it prompted the huge consumer revolt which resulted in passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1993.


What Dr.Wright (and many other Americans) fail to understand is that the Cartel has LEARNED from the MISTAKES they made during David Kessler's reign of terror. They have learned that they CANNOT takeover the American dietary supplement industry via a full frontal assault on US soil. There are just too many Americans who use dietary supplements for that to have a chance to work.

They've learned that to take over the supplement industry, they must not provoke a public backlash, and the way to not provoke one is to move with deliberate GRADUALNESS, and to veil the tip of their spear by taking advantage of most Americans IGNORANCE of international law.

Few Americans grasp the implications of our having joined the World Trade Organization. Few Americans realize that the world has changed, and that the WTO has already forced Congress on several occassions to re-write our laws to coincide with international law- or face enormous trade sanctions against broad sectors of our economy.

Few Americans realize that a massive effort is underway to make all the laws the SAME, WORLD WIDE and to force us into a global totalitarian state for which the European Union is the BLUEPRINT.

Few Americans realize that as goes the EU, so goes the world, due to the fact that the EU is the dominant political power at the UN's Codex Alimentarius Commission which is "developing" a horribly draconian global trade standard for vitamins that the WTO can and will impose on the world.

Few Americans realize that unless the Alliance for Natural Health gets sufficient donations to go into the European Court of Justice in Luxemborg where they have a chance to overturn the Directive, that there is NO WAY we will be able to defend our access to dietary supplements.

Few Americans realize that the USA has already been set up to lose in a future WTO Trade Dispute on the Codex Vitamin issue. Despite my best efforts to get proper oversight on this issue, the oversight hearing that I pushed for for 5 years was WHITEWASHED on March 20, 2001 by pharmaceutical interests that are controlling the vitamin trade associations from the top-down, keeping their rank and file membership in the dark on what is going on.

Few Americans realize that if we ever DO have a situation in the USA again in which the FDA starts raiding health food stores, vitamin companies and alternative practitioners offices again the way they did during David Kessler's reign of terror, we WON'T BE ABLE to stop it again the way we did in '94 with the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act because we'd be under the THUMB of INTERNATIONAL LAW by then, and Congress would be as unresponsive to our concerns as the BRITISH PARLIAMENT has been during the past year to British Vitamin consumers who were IGNORED as they demanded that their vitamin laws NOT be harmonized to the EU Food Supplement Directive.

(Even though over 1,000,000 signatures opposing harmonization of British law to the EU Food Supplement Directive were collected in British health food stores, the ruling Labor Party totally IGNORED the will of the British people, and the SAME THING is going to happen in America UNLESS we monkeywrench passage of a finalized Codex vitamin standard which mirrors the EU Food Supplement Directive by providing the Alliance for Natural Health with the donations they need to be able to go to into court to overturn it.)


Dr.Wright totally fails to grasp our immediate political reality, and I don't know how to awaken him.

He just doesn't grasp that our biggest enemies are the pharma dominated vitamin trade associations.

He just doesn't grasp that we will never have the same situation in this country again that we had in the early 90s when the FDA raided his clinic. If such FDA raids ever ensue again, it would only be after its TOO LATE to do anything except engage in full scale civil WAR against the government.

He doesn't grasp these things because he did not DEMONSTRATE on the streets of Seattle in 1999 the way I did against the World Trade Organization, so the political REALITY we're dealing with just hasn't sunken in, but he's sure not alone!!

It was a sobering experience for me in 1999 to demonstrate against the WTO. While sitting down in the street with my arms linked with those of my fellow demonstrators in a human chain as we stared down a group of goons clad in riot gear as they engaged in a war of nerves by inching closer and closer with an armored personnel carrier, I caught a glimpse of the FUTURE.

The FUTURE will be just as George Orwell described it (a boot stomping on a human face forever) UNLESS we PROACTIVELY TAKE THE STEPS necessary to AVOID THIS FATE.

Dr.Wright is CORRECT that without a direct crisis in the USA it will be HARD to awaken people, but that doesn't give him the RIGHT to just IGNORE our POLITICAL REALITY, and thats exactly what he is doing, and it FRUSTRATES ME.

It frustrates me that Dr.Wright is TURNING HIS BACK on his own patients.

It frustrates me off that Dr.Wright isn't doing what we NEED HIM TO DO which is to step forward as a LEADER and to ASSIST us with our efforts to create a CATALYTIC PROGRAM to EDUCATE people the BEST WE CAN, given our current politcal reality.

The man has a high enough public profile that if he got behind a Catalytic Program to awaken people, we'd have far better success than if we held such a program without him.

There are very FEW people in the USA who command the sort of attention he does, and I don't know a single other person who is not also in denial who can help.

I haven't given up searching, or trying to reach Dr.Wright, but it is discouraging, its VERY discouraging and I tell you this only because I don't know what else to say right now.

Our political reality is that we just have to do the BEST WE CAN to generate the donations ANH needs, and there is no EASY way to do it.

Please make your most generous donation to the Alliance for Natural Health via the life you save might be your own.

Please help disseminate this information any way you can. Encourage more people to sign on to the IAHF email distribution list at and to participate on the Community Bulletin Board on the site.

We just have to fight this battle the old fashioned way: ANY WAY WE CAN. A finalized Codex vitamin standard which mirrors the EU FSD could easily be pushed through to completion in Bonn next November, then ratified the following June at the main Codex meeting. The only way the Cartel's plans can be stymied is if enough people donate to the ANH lawsuit so that they can get into court either before the next Codex meeting in November, or before the Main Codex meeting the following June.

Know anyone who is a PATIENT of Dr.Wrights, or anyone who has his EAR?

Its amazing to me that someone who I spent two hours meeting with last summer still doesn't "GET IT" but that is, unfortunately, the case.

The AWFULNESS of this situation is just way more than some people can psychologically handle, and they go into DENIAL.

I'm not sure what I can do about that except to try very hard to not burn out, and to keep trying my best to roll this boulder uphill.

Want to be part of the IAHF Speakers Bureau? Gayle Eversole has volunteered, and some others have expressed interest who I'll be speaking with soon. Please let me know if you'd like to help. I am just one person. It would help if some more of you would volunteer to do radio shows, write articles, and otherwise help get the word out. There is strength in numbers, we need to magnify our efforts. This is way too big a boulder for any one person to try to roll uphill by themselves.

For Health Freedom,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
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