To: IAHF List
Subject: Illustration of What We're Up Against
Date: 11 Mar 2004 08:02:02 -0000

IAHF List:

Ronald Hoffman, MD is a prominent complementary physician with a large practice in New York City. He is a past President of ACAM

Someone forwarded a recent IAHF e-alert containing this article from the UK's Guardian Newspaper about the ANH lawsuit to the Producer of Dr.Hoffman's radio show "Health Talk" who called me leaving a message, which I returned, but we've been playing phone tag.

Dr.Hoffman's radio show producer must have only skimmed the Observer article, so apparently fails to grasp that the EU Food Supplement Directive has already passed into EU law and that the only way we can now protect ourselves is to overturn it in court via the ANH lawsuit.

She seemed to think Dr.Hoffman could "go talk to the politicians" in Europe (as if they'd listen.) But doesn't realize that we only have 8 months to save the dietary supplement industry from internal destruction. I had expressed interest in going on Dr.Hoffman's radio show to discuss the extreme global importance of the ANH lawsuit, but it was as if she were in denial or something, totally failing to grasp that the EU Food Supplement Directive has already passed into European law, and she certainly didn't grasp its enormous global implications via how it threatens to impact development of a Codex vitamin standard.

Moreover, I'm also sure she fails to grasp that the USA has already been set up to lose in a future WTO Trade Dispute via which our domestic vitamin laws will be forcibly harmonized to a grossly restrictive emerging international standard under development at Codex.

I left a lengthy message on her answering machine today urging her to call me back so I can help her connect the dots.

As a past President of ACAM, Dr.Hoffman could help us to awaken over 1000 alternative medical practitioners all over the USA who see thousands of patients.

All of these Dr.s and patients should be making donations to the ANH lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive.

Sometimes, I have to take leaps of faith while doing this work, and I'm taking one right now in the hope that good things can still happen as the fuse burns closer to the bomb.

By chance does anyone on the IAHF email distribution list have Dr.Hoffman's ear or know anyone who does? How about the ear of anyone ELSE who is active in ACAM including Dr.Julian Whitaker who is ACAM's secretary?

These people are sound asleep right now, and their heads are planted all too firmly in the sand. They're good people, smart people, but they and their patients are being herded ever closer to the cliff, and I'm not sure how to awaken them.

I'm trying to plan an event to be held in Seattle that will hopefully have a major catalytic effect in awakening people all over the USA and the world regarding the importance of supporting the ANH lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive.

Dr. Rick Malter and Ralph Fucetola JD, and Leanne Wylet, President of Patients for Alternative Medicine have agreed to speak at this event thus far along with me, and we're seeking more people as speakers and to help as organizers and with the publicity.

Someone on the IAHF list contacted me with info on how to do live streaming video of the event, which I'd say is a very good idea, but I'm not sure we can afford the expense- we need to look into this.

By the end of the weekend, IAHF hopes to have a Community Bulletin Board on the IAHF website to help foster a sense of esprit de corps amonst the far flung global health freedom community. This way, if you are doing something in your local area to spread the word about the ANH lawsuit and its global importance, you won't feel so alone in your struggle, but can communicate with others who are also doing this grass roots work.

I had a very good talk this evening with Leanne Wylett from Patients for Alternative Medicine who also lives in the State of Washington (a few hours from me). Leanne is the sort of person who never gives up, and who is a serious fighter. Every morning she goes to the gym to work out for an hour and a half, and she prays constantly for guidance from God on how to do this work. Her faith is inspirational to me, and she is one of those people who is like the Rock of Gibralter- you can always count on her to find a way to do the most difficult things.

I urge all of you to spend some time on Leanne's website at and just send her a quick email to let her know that you appreciate her working as hard as she is on all of our behalf.

Please, if you live in the state of Washington and can help us organize and advertise the event in Seattle that is still in its embryonic stages, contact us. Many hands make light work.
We need to spread the word of the ANH lawsuit world wide so more people get involved in the fundraising campaign now that we have gotten the referral to the European Court of Justice where we not only CAN win, but we WILL win. We have the best lawyer in Europe to take the case, and we're exposing the controlled opposition group (NAHS/HFMA) thats trying to sabotage our efforts.

HFMA is a member of IADSA, and IADSA is holding a conference in Prague in May titled "The Future of Nutritional Supplements in Europe" They don't have a single mention of ANY legal effort to overturn the EU FSD in their brochure, and talk about it as if it were a "done deal." Thats because they don't WANT it overturned. It would be bad for their business if it were.

It is disgusting, but a sad truth that the biggest enemies of vitamin consumers, alternative practitioners, health food stores, and innovative supplement manufacturers are the world's vitamin trade associations. NONE of them can be trusted- they're our biggest enemies, especially CRN and IADSA which have a political Summit meeting planned just 2 days before the next Codex meeting in November.

If theres anyone reading this who still is having trouble connecting the dots, or who knows anyone who is, please refer them to this interview of me done by Greg Ciola in The Health Crusader Magazine
For Health Freedom,
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