To: IAHF List
Subject: ANH Response To Peter Aldis Posted On IAHF Website - Illustrates What We're Up Against
Date: 2 Mar 2004 19:16:05 -0000

IAHF List:

Given that IAHF received a response from HFMA that they have no intention to respond to either my questions, or to ANH's response to Peter Aldis's email, I have posted ANH's response to Aldis's email on the IAHF website at

Nothing has been added or changed or embellished.

The Appendix to ANH's response shows Aldis's original email to which they were responding, as well as all other information referred to in ANH's response, including meeting notes from the meeting in Nuneaton.

Although it is tempting for me to make angry comments about what Aldis said in his response to Scott Tips, I will not, I will just let the record stand as ANH has presented it.

All I will say is that I encourage you to review this information for yourself, because from reading it you can fully see what ANH is up against as they attempt to get the donations necessary to take their lawsuit on to the European Court of Justice in Luxemborg.

Given the huge profits at stake for those companies that have chosen to reformulate their products rather than genuinely fight back to try to oveturn the EU Food Supplement Directive, it is not surprising to IAHF that ANH is running into this sort of opposition.

I encourage you strongly to take the time to carefully read what ANH has said in response to Aldis, and to donate to ANH and urge all of your friends to as well.

Donations can be made to ANH via

If you value your access to dietary supplements, you must forward this information to more people. You must especially alert all the vitamin companies you purchase product from of the extreme importance of ANH's lawsuit, and you must urge them to also read this information because massive efforts have been made to mislead them so that many are backing the wrong group- the group that isn't actually trying to overturn the Directive, but which is only going through the motions.

For Health Freedom,
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