To: IAHF List
Subject: Last Chance For CRN Member Vitamin Companies - CRN Has Joined Forces With IADSA- Kindly Wake Up!!!
Date: 26 Jan 2004 23:26:09 -0000

IAHF List: I just sent the following message to a Presedential Club Mannatech Distributor as a last ditch effort to save these people from themselves.

Know any people who are distributors for any CRN member vitamin companies including Mannatech, Shaklee, Herbalife, Nu Skin or GNLD? Better show this to them- especially the part about CRN's recent announcement that they've joined forces with heavily exposed controlled opposition group IADSA with plans for the two groups to have a special meeting the day before the next Codex meeting.

IAHF would hate to have to launch an international boycott against these companies. That is why I am bending over backwards to wake up their top distributors. If their companies don't act in their best interests, they better get TOUGH with their companies and threaten LAWSUITS against them. They better vote with their FEET, here is WHY:


Good talking with you just now. I hope there is time for you Sam and I to have a conference call before I have to fly out tomorrow to go to London England in order to observe the court proceedings as the Alliance for Natural Health attempts to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive in the High Court of Justice in London on Friday.

You better be concerned that CRN has just announced a joint meeting with IADSA (International Alliance of Dietary Supplement Associations) on their website to be held the day before the next meeting of the UN Codex Alimentarius Commission's Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Use.

I have been tracking IADSA since its inception, and it is a very DEFINITE controlled opposition group which NO ONE in the supplement industry should trust. IADSA was created by Randy Dennin, who until last September, when he announced his "retirement" was an employee of Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company.

We have a smoking gun which clearly exposes the TRUE intentions of IADSA, and you can review complete documentation on what I am saying at

The smoking gun which I have exposed is that IADSA kicked one of its member trade associations out under very interesting circumstances. They kicked NNFA New Zealand (no relation to NNFA USA) out of IADSA because they demanded that IADSA assist in defending New Zealand's liberal food based supplement regs from harmonization to Australia's mindlessly restrictive pharmaceuticalized regs. (This past year the Australian TGA wrongly yanked 1600 totally safe dietary supplement products off the shelves under totally false pretenses- see Joe Vialls excellent investigative report titled MASSIVE MULTINATIONAL ASSAULT ON COMPLIMENTARY MEDICINES on what really happened with the Pan recall at

IADSA has created the ILLUSION that they're "protecting" the supplement industry from pharma takeover, while in REALITY, they're FACILITATING a pharma takeover of the industry. Go to and read the letter from the Board of NNFA New Zealand to IADSA which got them kicked out, and read IADSA's 3 sentence reply which kicked them out. You feel comfortable about throwing in with IADSA and CRN in a meeting to be held the day before the next Codex meeting?


Mannatech, Shaklee, Herbalife, Nu Skin, and GNLD are all walking into a TRAP via membership in CRN, and you guys need to awaken very quickly or you will be driven out of business by what is unfolding.

While it is true that CRN did help to pass DSHEA, it is also true that for a long time those of us who were down in the trenches in the drive to pass DSHEA could not TRUST CRN, and we actively had to keep JB Cordaro of CRN out of our meetings. CRN did not start supporting our efforts until it became obvious to them that the only way they could have a voice in the working group of lobbyists that was most active in drafting the legislation was if they played ball with us- initially they were NOT with us, and that is due to the presence of Wyeth, Monsanto, Pfizer, Bayer, BASF and other multinational drug companies amongst their membership.

Clinton Ray Miller, the oldest, most experienced health freedom lobbyist in the world can confirm the truth of what I am saying here, and anyone can go on CRN's website at and see for themselves the truth (that Monsanto, Pfizer, Wyeth, BASF, Bayer and other multinational drug companies are very much a part of CRN's membership.

These multinational drug companies aren't stupid Ken. They are very much aware that DSHEA was passed via the largest outpouring of constituent letters in the history of the US Congress. Right now they're also seeing that Durbin's bill The Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2003 (S.722) is not moving and neither is HR 3377, its house companion bill. (S 722 only has 4 cosponsors, while HR 3377 only has two.) Neither of those bills is going to move in the current congress.

What you must realize, Ken, is that the multinational drug companies have devised a detailed plan to work with the FDA to help them make an END RUN around current US dietary supplement laws. The vehicles that they're using to do this are the UN and the WTO, both of which the USA belongs to. They're also making VERY skillful use of controlled opposition groups including ALL the vitamin trade associations world wide with the exception of only ONE that we can trust- which was formed in Canada because no one can trust the Canadian Health Food Assn.

The reason no one can trust the Canadian Health Food Assn is that they're dominated from the top down by pharmaceutical interests which are doing nothing to oppose an illegal move by Health Canada which harmonized Canada to Australian law on June 18th 2003 in total violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The Canadian Alliance of Health Retailers has filed a lawsuit to overturn this illegal law which would harm consumer access to many good products by crippling numerous supplement companies under an avalanche of totally needless red tape.

In our conversation I mentioned the Cover story interview which Greg Ciola did with me in this month's issue of The Health Crusader Magazine. Please read that story at and ask yourself why CRN has actively attempted to dissuade you guys from contributing to the Alliance for Natural Health's lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive, a directive which threatens to DESSIMATE the leading edge of the supplement industry, a directive that will DESTROY Mannatech's European sales, and ultimately put you out of business???

Ken- The Alliance for Natural Health's in house attorney is a Mannatech distributor- David Hinde- why are you guys ignoring his efforts to warn you so that you can properly defend your business? David is an honest guy, and a very good man, a very unselfish leader, yet he is being wrongly ignored and not supported by the Mannatech Presedential club members who need to break ranks with Sam Caster if Sam is unable or unwilling to examine the truth of what I am telling you here.

I know how good Mannatech's products are because I've used them myself. I would HATE to have to launch a consumer boycott against all of CRN's vitamin company member companies, and I sincerely hope I never have to do that. That is why I am bending over backwards to try to reach out to you guys in an effort to educate you all.

I am leaving tomorrow to go to the UK to observe what transpires in the courtroom.

Weather or not you realize it, you owe a debt of gratitude to David Hinde, and Rob Verkerk of the Alliance for Natural Health, because they've been very unselfishly in your corner, and in the corner of every Mannatech distributor, despite not having one iota of support from Mannatech, which is very morally wrong.

Clint Miller would never steer you wrong Ken. He steered you to me because he has met Rob Verkerk and David Hinde in England and has seen their Power Point Presentation.

If Sam Castor will not acknowledge the truths I am bringing to you, you won't have any choice but to take matters into your own hands and rally any top level distributors who you can get to listen to you. I stand ready and able to assist via a conference call, and can be reached while in England at Rob Verkerk's house at 01144-1252-377931

I will be there on Wednesday by around 4 pm English time, which is 8 am your time.

In Your Corner,

John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
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