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By John C. Hammell, President International Advocates for Health Freedom
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John Hammell of IAHF will take to the airwaves tomorrow morning at 7 am west coast US time to disseminate this message further via Dr.Stan Monteith's Radio Liberty on American Freedom Network Please tune in via the web and urge more people to. Thats 7 am west coast US time (til 8 am), 8am-9am mountain time, 9am-10am midwest time, 10 am-11 am east coast time, 3pm-4pm English time, 4pm-5pm Europe time,other parts of the world calculate accordingly.

In the July issue of Life Extension Magazine, we reported on the Alliance for Natural Health’s (ANH’s) all important lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive

At that time we were in a feverish rush to generate sufficient donations to get this lawsuit filed, which we barely succeeded in doing. The lawsuit has almost no support from the dietary supplement industry due to pharmaceutical interests controlling the vitamin trade associations from the top-down.

ANH will be in the British courts for oral arguments on January 30th, and your urgent support is of dire importance. The future survival of the dietary supplement industry world wide is literally on the line. Please make your most generous donation to ANH via their secure server at

If ANH prevails in the British court, they win the right to take their case to the European Court of Justice at the Hague.


In September, at the Expo East Vitamin Trade Show, Alliance for Natural Health representative Maury Silverman was thrown out of a meeting of the Joint International Committee of the National Nutritional Foods Association and of the American Herbal Products Association by Chairman Randy Dennin because he had been circulating copies of the aforementioned article about the ANH lawsuit from Life Extension Magazine.

Silverman was thrown out of the room because my article exposes IADSA (International Alliance of Dietary Supplement Associations) as a controlled opposition group led by Randy Dennin, who was an employee of Pfizer until his “retirement” in September. Dennin’s retirement was announced in Functional Foods and Nutraceutical’s magazine just before Expo East.

Also just before Expo East, the IADSA EXPOSED website, which used to be at was mysteriously removed from cyberspace, presumably by Dennin attempting to cover his tracks. Tripod is a free hosting service and will remove any website based on any complaint, without telling the person who put the site up that it is being removed. The information formerly on the Tripod site has been restored to cyberspace at and to several other mirror sites.

When Dennin was challenged to respond to the information contained in this site, he did not reply. [See ]

When ANH rep Silverman was thrown out of this meeting, reprint articles about the ANH lawsuit and copies of ANH’s materials were also removed from the literature table in the back of the room by Peter Sofrinoux, editor of Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals Magazine- working on behalf of Dennin.


At next year’s Codex meeting in Bonn Germany, the European Union will go from observer status to having full status, for the first time- just as they are expanding from 15 to 25 nations in size.

Already, Basil Mathoudakis, the EU’s observer (and the man who drafted the EU Food Supplement Directive which ANH hopes to overturn in court) wields far more power than anyone else at Codex. At this year’s meeting, Scott Tips, JD, Legal Director of the National Health Federation observed Dr.Grossklaus (the German Chair of Codex) make every single change requested by Mathoudakis. Tips reports that the text of the Codex vitamin standard is becoming closer and closer to the text of the EU Food Supplement Directive.

Clearly, the writing is on the wall. If ANH does not get sufficient donations necessary to sustain their all important legal challenge to the EU Food Supplement Directive, we won’t be able to stop the Cartel’s momentum at Codex.

ANH has also been the only group attempting to lobby the EU Parliament in opposition to the EU Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive, and the Pharmaceuticals Directive. This last Directive threatens to turn any substance with any physiologic effect in the body into a “drug” to trump anything that makes it through the first two directives.

Vitamin company members of CRN have been dissuaded by CRN from supporting the ANH lawsuit. CRN has conned these companies into believing that there is “no need” for the lawsuit, saying that the supplement industry has won a “victory” at this year’s Codex meeting.

Those reports are grossly deceptive, and do not reflect what actually took place. CRN’s press release titled “Codex Committee Backs Science Based Safety Standards for Vitamins and Minerals- Breaks Eight Year Stalemate” can be seen here


The only “victory” which can truthfully be said to have taken place at Codex this year was won by the pharmaceutical companies that dominate CRN: Bayer, BASF, Pfizer, Monsanto, Wyeth, and others.

These companies are skillfully using the Hegelian Dialectic to put the vitamin companies in CRN asleep on the Codex issue. The Hegelian Dialectic works like this:

Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis

To put it another way: Problem + Reaction = “Solution”

Translated into this example, here is whats going on:

First, we have the pharma generated PROBLEM (threat of regulation to RDA levels for potency).

The Problem is put forth in order to elicit a desired public REACTION (Fear of regulation to RDA levels.)

This climate of FEAR is necessary to usher in a preplanned “Solution” which can be “spun” to SEEM like the “ANSWER”- when in reality, all it actually was was a desired political outcome held all along by the pharmaceutical industry which realized from the start that they could never con the American supplement industry into accepting regulation to RDA levels, so what they had to do was PRETEND to create “scientific risk assessment” (which wasn’t in FACT scientific at all) in order to generate so called “SUL”s or “Safe Upper Levels” of allowable vitamin potency that aren’t much better than the RDAs! (In a consensus based process such as Codex, they cannot drive a standard through to completion if a country as large as the USA opposes it, so they must engage in DECEPTION to get what they want.)

The lack of science in the EU and Codex “SUL”s was totally exposed in an article by Alan Gaby, MD in an article titled “Safe Upper Levels” for Nutritional Supplements: One Giant Step Backward which was published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, Third and Fourth Quarter 2003. This issue of JOM is a special issue focusing on the safety and efficacy of dietary supplements, and it includes an editorial by Abram Hoffer, MD who condemns “SUL”s as totally unscientific.

The FDA is echoing CRN’s assertion that we have won a “victory” at Codex, and the threat is very real that unless ANH wins their lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive- that a finalized vitamin standard could be driven through to completion at next year’s Codex meeting.

Pharmaceutically dominated CRN and IADSA both realize the truth of this, and are doing everything humanly possible to kill support for the ANH lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive.


Last Spring the Australian TGA yanked 1600 safe dietary supplements off the market under false pretenses without a single product assay to prove contamination. Health food stores and vitamin companies are being driven out of business in Australia as a result of the Pan recall, in which Australia’s largest supplement manufacturer was targeted for destruction by the TGA. Pan was driven into bankruptcy under false pretenses. They were manufacturing some OTC drugs including a motion sickness drug called Travacalm which included dimenhydranate as its active ingredient. Dimenhydranate has been documented to cause hallucinations and other toxic side effects.

The TGA’s reaction to a problem caused by Pan’s Travacalm product was to yank Pan’s manufacturing site license in order to shut them down and to generate a media circus against the natural products industry.

A more reasonable response would have been to pull products from all manufacturers containing dimenhydranate off the market.

The TGA is using the Pan recall as an excuse to tighten their already overly stringent regulations against the dietary supplement industry to further increase red tape in order to drive still MORE dietary supplement products from the shelves.

Codex has handed Australia the task of generating a supposed “white paper” on “scientific risk assessment” for dietary supplements to next year’s meeting in Bonn.

Can you see the writing on the wall? This is a pitched battle. We can’t stop Codex AT Codex- the entire process is totally unscientific and undemocratic. We can only stop codex INDIRECTLY outside of Codex- and right now our best chance of stopping Codex stems through making donations to the Alliance for Natural Health to assist them with their lawsuit and ongoing lobbying in the EU Parliament against the Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive and the Pharmaceuticals Directive.

As goes the EU, so goes the world. The world’s ruling elite are working overtime to create carbon copies of the EU Dictatorship in all hemispheres as a prelude to forcing us into a global totalitarian state. In the western hemisphere, they’re attempting to reach this goal by forcing us into the Free Trade Area of the Americas. This would harmonize all the laws between Canada, the US, Central and South America.

On June 18th, 2003, Canada illegally harmonized their vitamin laws to Australia’s draconian laws. Can you see the writing on the wall yet?

Please support the Alliance for Natural Health’s lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive via their secure server at

If ANH fails to get sufficient donations to carry on their legal and lobbying efforts on behalf of us all, you will witness the complete destruction of the dietary supplement industry.

ANH has retained the best law firm in the European Union to handle their case. We CAN win- but NOT without your help, due to pharmaceutical penetration of the supplement industry which has kept the industry from supporting this lawsuit. Please make your most generous donation via ANH's secure server and urge more people to do the same.

Just because you can get anything you want in an American health food store doesn't mean you will always be able to. Just ask the people of Australia who had 1600 safe products yanked from the shelves under false pretenses in the past year.

The takeover arrayed against us was designed by the best and brightest PR minds on the planet. It was designed to be incremental, very gradual and methodical because the last thing they want is to trigger a public backlash. They're skillfully using controlled opposition groups against us to keep the wool pulled over the eyes of health food stores and vitamin companies world wide.

IADSA is doing a great job of confusing industry people who have bought into the illusion that IADSA is "fighting back" in their interests- but the non truth of this was clearly brought out in September when IADSA Chair Randy Dennin threw ANH rep Maury Silverman out of a meeting of the Joint International Committee of NNFA and AHPA in Washington DC at Expo East.

We CAN overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive- it IS doable- we have the best lawfirm in the EU working with us, but donations are urgently needed. Without them, the supplement industry doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of surviving. Only ANH and allied groups are fighting back. We're heavily outnumbered by the pharma dominated vitamin trade associations, but we're very determined.

Please forward this widely and make your most generous donation to ANH via and forward this to more people. Please listen to the radio show tomorrow and urge more people to-especially health food store owners and vitamin company ceos who have been conned by their pharma dominated trade associations into thinking Codex is a "non issue."

For Health Freedom,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
556 Boundary Bay Road
Point Roberts, WA 98281-8702 USA
800-333-2553 N.America
360-945-0352 World