To: IAHF List
Subject: Who Will Hear the Cry of the Invisible? Ann Hammell Murdered Behind the Walls
Date: 5 Dec 2003 02:58:09 -0000

IAHF List:

My cousin Ann Hammell died last week inside the psychiatric gulag in Trenton State Psychiatric Hospital in New Jersey. The official cause of death was a heart attack, but I know the real story, and I'm sharing it with you because Ann could just as easily have been your own cousin, or sister, or wife, or friend... and she didn't have to go this way... we MUST STOP THIS CARTEL GENOCIDE, and in this message I have some specific thoughts on HOW we can all do this, and strengthen our health movement at the same time.

Ann and I had the same grandmother: Elizabeth Lansdell Hammell. "Gummy" as we called her was a brilliant woman with an idetic memory who could remember entire pages from books, especially poetry that she hadn't seen in 50 years. It was as much a curse as a blessing to have that level of recall- but it helped her as an artist and she was considered to be the best watercolor flower painter in the world when she was alive. She won the Beck Prize from the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts, and was educated at the Art Students League in New York City.

She did cover illustrations for Readers Digest, Women's Home Companion, McCalls, Saturday Evening Post- and all the illustrations of plants and flowers in the Hammond's Pictorial Encyclopedia of Pets, Plants and Animals-a coffee table book. Gummy was loved by all who came into contact with her, when she wasn't hammered by suicidal depression and other symptoms of schizophrenia, she was a very upbeat, very kind person.

Gummy was in and out of mental hospitals her whole adult life and attempted suicide three times- only narrowly being stopped by people each time. The last time she tried to kill herself she tried to gas herself with car exhaust in her garage, but my uncle popped in for a visit just in time to call paramedics- and she did that after coming to New York State Psychiatric Institute to give blood for a research study that I was involved with as a patient. I think coming to the hospital for that purpose made her acutely aware of the genetic component to my suffering and it impacted her emotions.

Three of Gummy's 5 sisters drowned themselves at different times by walking straight into the ocean for the purpose of committing suicide.
Another cousin of mine, Laurie, blew herself away with a shotgun.
Another cousin, Donny, took a dive from the flight deck of an aircraft carrier in a suicide attempt- but was saved.

One night in Chestertown Maryland I years ago I climbed to the top of the campus water tower on the Washington College campus and came very close to throwing myself off, but could not bring myself to do that to those who loved me or to whoever would have found my body. I climbed down and sought help which I didn't end up finding for several years, and before I found it (via orthomolecular medicine) I suffered the torment of the damned for 4 straight years inside the psychiatric gulag- which had no answers- and which almost killed me. (See my story at

Since the Gulag just killed my cousin Ann, I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on her life and what we have learned that might help others to avoid experiencing a similar tragedy in their own family. I'm crying right now as I type this, and its having a cathartic effect on me to just explore my feelings with all of you in this way.

During the Vietnam War era, Ann was hit hard by biochemical imbalances, and like many other people who suffer from these imbalances, she attempted to self medicate with street drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol- which is always a recipe for disaster.

She dosed herself with LSD, copious quantities of marijuana, uppers, downers, gallons of coffee, alcohol, and ran afoul of the psychiatric system which only added insult to injury with shock treatments and ineffective toxic drugs which could not begin to get to the root causes of her problems.

Although an orthomolecular treatment program did afford some level of healing, she always sabotaged it with drug use and via her own horrendous health habits. Her orthomolecular program did enable her to complete some college, and have some productive working years, mostly driving a taxicab- but her addictions and street drug use- especially LSD use kicked her back into psychosis and she became another statistic of a horribly ineffective psychiatric system which doesn't work and which needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.

In her travels, Ann gave birth to a son who was raised by my aunt. In marked contrast to Ann, her son is a very healthy guy- a fire fighter, and body builder who loves physical exercise and whose ideals on health were shaped heavily by the painful experience of having a mother who was so wracked with illness as Ann was. Fortunately, Ann's son did not inherit the bad genes that have been a huge source of suffering in the Hammell family.


In 1952, Weyburn Hospital in Weyburn Saskatchewan Canada was considered to be the worst psychiatric hospital in Canada. It had the highest rate of recidivism, the highest suicide rate, the largest number of chronically ill patients.

In an effort to turn things around, Health Canada put two highly respected MDs- Humphrey Osmond and Abram Hoffer in, and gave them carte blanche to do anything they could think of to improve things.

Being far off the beaten path of medical officialdom in the wilds of Saskatchewan back in 1952- Hoffer and Osmond had no one looking over their shoulder to second guess them or to block their creative approaches to trying to turn things around.

In the medical literature, they noticed that in the southern USA in Mississippi and Alabama there was a high incidence of pellagra, a B vitamin deficiency that had been successfully addressed via the healing power of vitamin B-3, niacin. Pellagra causes a host of symptoms that are very similar to those experienced by some people with schizophrenia, and Hoffer and Osmond theorized that there might be some similar biochemical mechanisms at work.

Figuring they had nothing to lose since niacin is a water soluable vitamin, they put some of their sickest patients, people who had been hospitalized for 10 years or more on megadoses of niacin. Much to their extreme surprise and delight, some of these people made full recoveries, and were able to leave the hospital, get jobs, and start rebuilding the wreckage of their lives.

Over time they added more nutrients including Vitamin C, E, Zinc, and others to their protocols as they began to discover sub types of the complex syndrome known as schizophrenia- working off a hypothesis called the Adrenachrome- Adrenalutin hypothesis which led them down various avenues of inquiry. You can learn more about all of this at

The reason the EU is trying to restrict access to high dose niacin by imposing a so called "Tolerable Safe Upper Level" of just 10 mg is because it works- and in so doing it threatens the sale of a slew of toxic, ineffective psych drugs on which billions of dollars are made. (The National Academy of Science would impose a nearly equally mindless "UL" of just 35 mg for the same "reasons.")

When Linus Pauling added his seal of approval to Hoffer and Osmond's work, coining the term "orthomolecular" to describe it in his Science Magazine article in 1968- it spurred a following of other doctors who began deserting the mainstream medical ranks to follow an obviously superior medical paradigm- all of which the American Psychiatric Association and the Pharma Cartel decided had to be stopped dead in its tracks to stop the giant sucking sound of drug profits going down the drain as an increasing number of people in North America began learning the truth about the healing power of nutrients.

So in 1972 the APA Published a horribly biased, "once and for all" hatchet job against orthomolecular medicine titled "APA Task Force Report #7: Megavitamins and Orthomolecular Treatment in Psychiatry" Although Hoffer and Osmond published a scholarly rebuttal to this mine of misinformation- it was not nearly as widely circulated because they had to circulate it with their own money- and few medical school libraries were willing to put it on their shelves alongside the APA Report- so very few doctors were able to read both sides in the debate.


What could have kept Ann from leading the tragic life she led would have been something that doesn't exist, but which SHOULD exist: an orthomolecular screening program in the schools where people could be blood tested using orthomolecular diagnosis beginning at around age 14 or so, an age at which genetic biochemical imbalances of the sort which plague many families begin kicking in, spurred by hormonal changes at puberty.

Along with this sort of screening program- our society needs to develop educational programs to teach people about the healing power of nutrients, about food allergies, about the dangers of refined sugar, white flour, aspartame, chemical food additives, processed foods.

People who get blood tested and learn that they have such problems as histamine imbalances, copper imbalances and others that can be identified via orthomolecular testing need to be specially educated about orthomoleuclar treatment programs and holistic healing so as to have the tools necessary to avoid the vicious circles inherent in self medicating via use of caffein, nicotine, alcohol and street drugs.

The importance of exercise must be especially stressed for such "at risk" people- for me its been a life saver over the years. During the 4 years I was locked up, one of the things that helped me survive was long distance running and basketball- they helped me to detox from the mindlessly toxic drugs the hospitals pumped into me, and that helped to protect my liver and brain.

One thing I may never fully heal from however was the damage done by shock treatments. My memory was impacted. My brain was damaged. Shock treatment should be outlawed. I've been doing my best over the years to rehab my brain using cognitive enhancing nutrients which has worked- up to a point, but damage was done.

Ann's funeral was yesterday. I missed it being on the west coast now, but I felt a need to write this to have a sense of closure.

If some aspect of this message has been helpful to you, then I am glad.
We must all work together to foster a paradigm shift away from the use of toxic pharmaceutical drugs and shock treatments. Shrinks have killed, shrinks have lied, psychiatry is genocide.

We must heed the cry of the invisible, the Ann's of this world- those with no voice- those who suffer the torment of the damned behind the walls of the psychiatric gulag where minutes seem like hours, and hours seem like days.

Candace Pert, PhD came to realize a profound truth when she discovered that there is no such thing as "mental illness". There is no such thing because you can't separate the brain from the rest of the body. In her book "The Molecules of Emotion" Pert discusses how she discovered that there are chemical peptides that interconnect the brain with all the organ systems in the body. Hers was a profoundly important discovery, and it is still being heavily suppressed because of its holistic implications.

To help a so called "mentally ill" person to heal, you must address the whole person- you can't separate the brain from the rest of the body, and you can't bring about healing by bombarding a person with toxic drugs and brain destroying shock treatment.

To stop Codex- we must contribute to the ANH lawsuit in order to overturn the pivotal EU Food Supplement Directive, and we must generate a greater awareness of the healing power of nutrients.

We must never stop building the size of our grass roots army world wide, especially in nations such as Australia where consumer access is currently under massive attack. Anywhere where these nutrients are banned we will build a huge black market overnight. There is no idea like an idea whose time has come, and the truth will never be stopped.

Please forward this to more people.

For Health Freedom,
John C. Hammell, President
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