To: IAHF List
Subject: Email Address to Send FDA Comments to If You Have Trouble Sending Via Their Form
Date: 3 Aug 2003 02:09:02 -0000

IAHF List: In my previous message I asked all of you to please join me in sending the FDA comments regarding their proposed rule on Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations for Dietary Supplements.

I provided you with the comments to send to the FDA by August 11th, and I directed you to an FDA website where you can send them via a form they have. After telling you how you can do this, I tried sending the FDA my comments and FDA gave me an error message indicating that their form did not successfully transmit FDA my comments.

There is an ALTERNATIVE WAY to send the comments to FDA:
Please use this email address:

Again: Here are the comments to send- please just modify my introduction to add a few words of your own in place of mine and sign your own name and address, but send them attorney Jonathan Emord's comments as I have below. You can do this no matter what country you live in, and thanks!


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