Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 15:17:48 -0400
From: John Hammell
Subject: Bio-Bac consumers closed in a Church in Protest As Natural Product is Yanked by Fedstapo in Spain- Is There No END to the GENOCIDE???

Kip- I will have this posted on my website. I will forward it to Ron Modra in Chile and ask him to post it on the Salud Natural website there. I will also forward it to the key movement people world wide. Thanks for calling this to my attention and please keep me abreast of what happens. Please contact the Ministry of Health there in Spain yourself and ask questions, and demand an inquiry from your elected officials.

This kind of thing must stop.

I am glad the people this happened to are fighting back. I strongly urge a Spanish contingent to go to London for the June 15th demonstration against the EU Food Supplement Directive.

Try to get an official statement from the Ministry of Health if you possibly can.

This is genocide, an intentional culling of our numbers, and unless we fight like hell, its only going to get worse.

At 12:55 AM 4/24/03 +0200, you wrote:

Hi John,

Hope you can get this around.

The other night there was a program on TV in Madrid with a desperate plea of the Association of Consumers of Bio-Bac (a liquid protein) that has been on sale here for 30 years and even prescribed by doctors of the Social Security system in Spain. They have been all over the country with this on several stations.

This product that many sick people swear have helped them with chronic, disabeling illnesses like arthritis, tumors, etc. was SUDDENLY and unexpectedly taken away from them and locked in a building. The ill people broke in an took all the bottles and divided them between themselves and are running out of it.

They claim that their illnesses are getting worse again and one man died, others are in fear of death of family members an friends.

The Spanish Ministry of Health will not acknowledge their claims and ignore them. They have asked for an explanation of WHY Bio-Bac a harmless substance was removed and prohibited. They asked for clinical test´s to be done to prove it is harmless and the Ministry will not do the testing. They give no proof. They have no proof that this substance has harmed anyone either.

I wrote telling them about you; I gave them your site and laleva and told them about what you are all doing about CODEX and the EU situation and the march in London.

I told them to go to London and protest to bring light to their problem.

Some of these people closed themselves in the Parochial Church Ntra. Sra. de las Maravillas in the Plaza del Dos de Mayo, Madrid today at 12:00 noon.

They claim people are extremely ill. They are being completely ignored by the Ministry of Health.

They finally sent me this new´s via e-mail that acknowledges my letter to them praising their fight. I will inform friends and co-workers to go to the church to support them and to meet these people. I will have a girl photograph what we see.

Please send this to the people in Chile and try to get people they might know in Madrid to support these people.

Will keep you informed.