To: IAHF List
Subject: See Codex Discussion Thread on Agoura Website-Please Contribute
From: "IAHF-John Hammell"
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 16:51:59

IAHF List: I have been posting messages at
on the website of Agoura Publishing, the company that owns the Health Sciences Institute in the hope that Jenny Thompson of HSI will more widely disseminate the info re the IADSA Smoking Gun--- see

Please join me in this web based discussion, and please join me in emailing Health Sciences Institute in the hope that Thompson will take notice of this info and more widely disseminate it.

Send email to and if that doesn't work to with her name in the subject line

Thompson has cited me as a source for some of her recent Codex alerts, but she needs to more fully grasp what is going on here in order to properly inform people as to what we can do about it, and to do that she must take proper notice of the IADSA smoking gun, because we now have considerable indication of Pfizer's agenda to take over and destroy the dietary supplement industry. We can now see just how they are doing it, yet the American industry remains blissfully asleep.

I can't wake up the industry without your assistance. Please visit and call the info there to the attention of your local health food store. Ask THEM to call it to the attention of the vitamin company reps that come to their store. Ask them to quit NNFA if they are a member to protest the fact that NNFA is jeopardizing the survival of the industry by not enforcing its conflict of interest bylaw, Article 14.3 or related bylaws. How can NNFA possibly attempt to justify allowing Pfizer, the world's largest drug company to be amongst their membership and to sit on key committees such as their International Committee which is currently steering all the small members of NNFA right off a cliff by misleading them on the Codex issue?

NNFA has a Code of Ethics and Bylaws that they should be enforcing, but are not. Vehemently ask WHY NOT before the USA goes the way of the EU....

A comment emailed to me yesterday accused me of being an egomaniac, and of not being "selfless" enough in my efforts. This voicer accused me of trying to stand on a pedestal and to "be a hero". I don't need this shit. I am trying to defend my life and the lives of others. I was accused of not trying to build coalitions, etc, and of being "overly insulting" of this industry which I am a part of. Well, I'm sorry. If I see something that I regard to be a shit sandwich, I'm not going to sugar coat things and call it prime rib. A shit sandwich is a shit sandwich, and a really nasty one is revealed at

Is the supplement industry stupid? Not everyone within it is certainly, and while many people are well meaning, on a whole, I'd have to say that this industry is incredibly myopic and careless if not downright stupid for allowing pharmaceutical interests to waltz right into our midst unchallenged. Why do I say this? Simple: NNFA has allowed greed to supplant ethics. By not enforcing its conflict of interest bylaw and its code of ethics, NNFA has allowed the largest pharmaceutical company in the world, Pfizer, to come waltzing into our midst, posing as "our biggest buddy" in the form of Randy Dennin/Capsugel/IADSA.

We have a smoking gun people, lets use it:

Please help spread the word, please help wake people up before its too late here in America. We can't let what is happening in the EU happen here, but its ALREADY happening, and people must wake up NOW, because we are in a process of being screwed, and most people just don't realize it. Your donations will help IAHF to continue doing this work. Please help IAHF to build a coalition of groups necessary to alert people in the supplement industry before its too late.

John Hammell
International Advocates for Health Freedom
POB 10632 Blacksburg VA 24062 USA