To: IAHF List
Subject: Site Rankings on Health Freedom Sites Per Alexa Tool Bar
From: "IAHF-John Hammell"
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 19:39:15

IAHF Webmaster: Breaking News

IAHF List: I am hoping that all health freedom websites will make more of an effort to create reciprocating links with each other and with related health websites, and take additional steps to increase site traffic. All of our sites should be ranked much higher than they are and we need to work at it, beginning with establishing links to each others sites.

Some of you may be wondering where Iíve been and what Iíve been doing- I just took a workshop a the local cable TV station to learn how to use the super VHS TV camera, and Iíll be taking another workshop in video editing in order to create a documentary on the global battle to defend access to dietary supplements.†

The lower the ranking on Alexa Tool Bar the more site traffic. #1 site on Alexa Tool Bar is, #1 Health Freedom Site is La Leva Di Archimede

Sites such as Life Extension Foundation, Tetrahedron, and Gary Null Inc. and American Holistic Health Organization all ranked higher than the highest ranking pure health freedom sites, but I am not counting them because they are commercial sites that sell products, or in the case of AHHA site mostly oriented to holistic health, - so are not primarily health freedom sites. I am also not counting vitamin trade association sites in this listing as most are dominated by pharmaceutical interests.

Site rankings are according to Alexa tool bar- sites that have not been accessed by people using Alexa tool bar are not ranked.

To download a free copy of Alexa tool bar, you must use Explorer as your browser, and download it from

The Alexa tool bar helps you to quickly assess how much site traffic a site you're visiting gets, how many links come into the site, contact info for the site, & related links.

#1: La Leva Di Archimede† ranked 354,698

#2: IAHF† ranked 390,240

#3: Dr.Rath Research ranked 396,609

#4: CHC website ranked 700,083

#5: Health Action Network Society ranked 878,875

#6: Health For Us Foundation ranked 1,237,380

#7: American Association of Health Freedom ranked 1,013,434

#8: PHARMAPACT (along with Gaia Research and HONERI) ranked 1,173,634

#9: Health Freedom Movement Website Ranked 1,428,967

#10: Institute for Health Freedom† ranked 1,528,690

#11: Citizens Voice for Health Rights† ranked 1,538,621

#12: Consumer Health Organization of Canada†† 1,728,378

#13: Stop Codex Alimentarius† ranked 1,774,912

#14: Friends of Freedom† ranked 1,830,559

#15: MayDay For Health Freedom† [not ranked-no data]