From: "IAHF-John Hammell"
Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 10:09:34

IAHF List: I was on the air last night on Hour of the Time and will be back on the air on the same show tonight 10-11 pm east coast time, (7-8pm west coast time, 9-10 pm central time). I discussed the Codex vitamin issue, whats happening with the EU Directive, how controlled opposition groups have conned most American vitamin companies into falsely believing Codex is a non issue and related issues and the discussion continues tonight.

This is the first message I've sent to the list since mid March. Sorry I haven't sent anything out in so long. After the EU Vitamin Directive was shoved down our throats, I was really burned out. Sparklist, which was hosting this list in the past, cancelled my account because I lost my temper on a tech support person when I was at the end of my rope. I was too burned out to take the time to start the list back up again. I am trying out new software for the first time called Desktop Server 2000 which allows me to bypass my ISP to send to you all, and it also allows me to eliminate the need to use a hosting company like Sparklist-which charges too much and who's software is too complicated.

I hope this experiment works. To fill you in on whats been going on: I've been working closely with Alliance for Natural Health (formerly Free Choice in Supplements Alliance) in the UK, because they're the only group over there that refuses to allow pharmaceutical interests under their tent. They're trying to positively impact Article 5 on potency levels in the EU Vitamin Directive, and they're considering challenging the directive legally. They have a good PR firm working with them and a lobbying team in Brussels. They have support from an association of alternative practitioners in England who are very worried about what is going on.

They are reaching out to American vitamin companies and health food stores in search of badly needed donations. It is not easy for them to get help from American companies because pharmaceutical interests doing spin against IAHF's message have conned most companies into believing that Codex and events in the EU "can't impact US domestic vitamin laws, they can only impact our foreign sales." That is false.

Recently I generated a white paper that PROVES this is false and I'll be sending it out soon after making a few improvements on it. I won't be sending out the large volume of emails that I was in the past. After Sparklist cancelled my account, I gave some thought to my situation and decided that I was trying to do too much. I was trying to send emails pertaining to the entire NWO takeover campaign, and was not applying my energies where they most need to be applied: to the Codex vitamin issue. I was spreading myself too thin.

I have been focusing on putting the information together to produce a video that explains the Codex vitamin issue in a straight forward way so that people can understand it more easily, especially American vitamin companies who have been deceived by the pharmaceutically dominated vitamin trade associations such that they mistakenly think this is a "non issue".

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International Advocates for Health Freedom
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