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Subject: Forced Vaccination Bill Passed in WI House - Must Be Killed in Senate: Militias Nationwide Put on Alert: Letter to Rep. Underheim in Wisconsin
From: "I A H F"
Date: Sat, 09 Mar 2002 15:12:24 -0500

IAHF List and Militia Units Nationwide:"If someone has a gun and is trying to kill you, it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun. --The Dalai Lama, (May 15, 2001, The Seattle Times)

See for updates on Nazi model emergency powers act legislation moving in state legislatures

Dangerous Model Emergency Powers Act Legislation has been passed in Tennessee and Florida: This criminalizes refusal to vaccinate, and puts your thumbprint onto the state drivers license and turn state governors into dictators who can impose martial law at the drop of a hat.

These anti freedom Bills are moving in most state legislatures and stem from Model Emergency Health Powers Act legislation drafted at spook central: Georgetown U. School of Law. We must and can organize to kill these bills just like we already have here in Virginia.

The Model Emergency Health Powers Act can be read in full here:

Keep in mind that the 300 million doses of planned forced vaccines were grown on lung tissue taken from aborted fetuses and contain the usual compliment of toxins. Many will die from these vaccines, and if you refuse them, they can seize your house, your car, your bank account and put you in prison to boot. Numerous military officers have quit the military, losing all benefits, in order to escape the deadly, horribly dangerous anthrax vaccine, and now they want to force it on US.

Below this introduction please read the open letter to Wisconsin state Representative Greg Underheim and Rep Frank Urban: Sponsors of The Assembly Bill # 849, 850 (Mandated Vaccinations/Emergency Health Powers Act) which passed in the House in Wisconsin and must be killed in the WI state Senate, would criminalize refusal to be vaccinated by a mandatory $10,000. fine + 9 months in prison.

Check these websites for info on the dangers of vaccination

Here in Virginia we killed a similar bill by passing out flyers at the DMVs, posting them everywhere on public bulletin boards, and by alerting everyone we could and moving them to call the state legislature in opposition. Not enough people in Wisconsin bothered to do this and they all just got screwed. Don't let this happen in YOUR state! Check with your state legislature about status of this legislation in your state, and organize now to kill it as we did in Virginia.

We killed the forced vaccination/biometrics on drivers license bill here in VA, you can kill it in YOUR state, but if you live in WI, you'd better call your state Senators in opposition to this legislation and join 17th Wisconsin Militia if it passes to protect yourselves from the National Guard which will be attempting to quarantine refuseniks first in prisons til they're full, then in in concentration camps per orders of these Nazi swine because there won't be enough space in the Wisconsin prison system to house all of them. This is a genocide agenda intended to cull our numbers and to subjugate us to the dictates of the fascist NWO.

It is for this exact reason that just about every large military base in the country now has a "war town" a mock up of "any town USA" where the troops have been practicing door to door weapons searches and urban warefare training. We, the people are the official enemy of the New Whirrrrld Odor and their stooges in government at the Federal, State, and Local levels as even our sheriffs are now coming under control of FEMA. Russian Spetsnaz troops who did door to door weapons searches were trained at Ft.Polk, Louisiana, then sent to Chechneya, and the US army sent advisors there to monitor how well they did in order to fine tune their urban warfare training program.

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Militia Leaders/Concerned Anti New Whirrrrld Odor People Nation and World Wide Please Read

To: WI Reps Underheim (, and Rep Urban (

Dear Reps Underheim & Urban:

I have just put the Militia in Wisconsin on alert due to your criminal efforts to force deadly vaccines on people. If the Model Emergency Health Powers Act legislation is not killed in the WI State Senate, the Militia in Wisconsin will be people's only line of defense, just as it now is in Florida and Tennessee where this bogus legislation has already passed due to a lack of vigilance on the part of the people there.

The American Association of Physicians and Surgeons oppose forced vaccination, but apparently you goons in the Wisconsin state legislature (along with HHS Secy Tommy Thomson) pedantically and condescendingly think you know whats best for us as if we were little children who you think you have a right to manipulate and push around. How is that? See the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons website at They totally oppose this legislation, what makes you petty bureaucrat stooges think you know more than they do about "whats best" for us?

Due to your criminal act of attempting to force unwanted, dangerous vaccinations on the good people of Wisconsin with the threat of a $10,000. fine and 9 months in prison for refusal, a growing number of people are quite correctly not only calling the State Senate in opposition to your madness, but they're joining the 17th Wisconsin Militia in direct armed opposition to your tyrannical terrorist acts against we, the people. Contrary to what you dictocrats may think, WE are YOUR bosses and the National Guard will NOT be going door to door on us with impunity to collect our weapons and quarantine the "refuseniks" as you and they may THINK they will be.

Vaccines routinely KILL huge numbers of people and are VERY dangerous. No one should have them. See the anti vaccination section at

HHS Secretary Tommy Thomson has the attitude that he has a vaccine shot with all of our names on it, but that despicable Pharma Cartel lovin' swine better think AGAIN! As the ranks of the anti FDA, anti AMA/anti pharmaceutical crowd keep growing world wide, a huge groundswell of people totally oppose the medical/military industrial complex and will not take your form of control freak tyranny laying down.

If you Nazi swine in Wisconsin succeed in shoving this bogus legislation down the throats of the good people of Wisconsin, what will your NEXT criminal acts be on behalf of the Pharma Cartel/Military Industrial Complex/New Whirrrrld Odor?

Will you be appropriating money to build concentration camps to house the multitudes of "refuseniks" who will be quite correctly flipping you the bird and refusing to get vaccinated or pay your outrageous $10,000. fine? You don't have enough space in your prisons to house all the people for for 9 month sentences who are going to refuse as planned by your mindless law. Will you be sicking the National Guard on anyone who refuses to be vaccinated and will they be quarantining them in concentration camps now? Nothing would surprise me anymore when it comes to rampantly out of control fascist dictatorial government in what used to be America, but since the 911 CIA psyop against the world has become Amerika, the 4th Reich. See for complete expose on how we've been lied to about what allegedly happened on 911.

Here in Virginia we killed legislation identical to yours, and you can be certain that unless this is killed in your state Senate, the more intelligent people in Wisconsin will be strongly enough angered by your actions to move here or to other states where this mindless legislation has also been killed, while many will join existing militia units or form new militia cells for self defense.

If I lived in Wisconsin, I would quickly post flyers everywhere alerting people to call the State Senate in opposition to this legislation and I'd encourage everyone to join the 17th Wisconsin Militia to protect the people of Wisconsin from swine like you people and from the National Guard. Good luck trying to ENFORCE your UNENFORCABLE LAW if it passes. I sincerely hope a powerful militia is formed in Wisconsin to protect people from dictocratic swine such as yourselves in the Wisconsin legislature. If I were you I would tread a LOT more lightly, because the American people are NOT going to continue tolerating this form of tyrannical abuse. We ARE still VERY HEAVILY ARMED, there are 75 Million armed Americans you'd damn well better realize.

Who the hell do you scum in the Wisconsin House think you are? You are dangerous swine in my book and I am alerting everyone in Wisconsin to call the State Senate to kill your bill and throughout the USA to not only contact their state legislatures but to arm themselves against you,and against others like you. You have no right to tell us what we can or cannot do with our bodies. You have no right to force unwanted vaccinations upon us. We are not your property or the property of the swine at the International Monetary Fund even though I realize they do take the notion that our birth certificates have been monetized as collateral against the debt and that our SS #s are our slave numbers. Yours is a genocide/control freak agenda, but you will not succeed in getting your hypodermic needles into NEARLY all the people in your state, because there are PLENTY of rebels who will resist your form of tyranny to the death by force of arms if need be.

For Freedom,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
POB 625 Floyd VA 24091
800-333-2553 N.America
540-763-3051 world See report below from Wisconsin passage of this bad bill in the State House of Delegates (It can and MUST be killed in the State Senate:

WI: Mandated Vaccinations Bill Passes WI House- MUST Be Killed in WI Senate

By Pat Owens

Published 03. 4. 2002 at 18:14 PST

xxx This Emergency Health Bill - Mandated Vaccination and other demands, is in every state, but under different names. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson said that all Americans should know that they "have their name on a vaccine shot in our inventory." Hope you can stop this in your state-- we couldn't. Sponsored by Rep. Greg Underheim and Rep. Frank Urban-Wisconsin

The Assembly Bill # 849, 850 without a name or titled, (Mandated Vaccinations/Emergency Health Powers Act ) was passed under Rep. Greg Underheims directions. Underheim deserves all the credit for the passage hence we should call it the "Underheim Black Helicopter Bill." It his words, "We don't care what you think, the bill will be attached to the budget bill.

For those in states, in which this bill has not been passed, this is how they did it in [the house] in Wisconsin.[It still has not passed the WI Senate] Underheim sent out a fax approximately 3 weeks ago, calling it then the Bio-Terrorism Bill relating to the Emergency Health Bill. However, the bill did not come out of the Legislative Bureau until Monday night, 2/25. It was posted on the Internet on Tuesday, 2/26. On Wednesday morning 2/27 it passed.

The hearing started Wednesday morning with Underheim waving people into two groups, one the professionals, made up of public health officials, funeral directors, and attorneys. With a sardonic, arrogant tone and temper by Underheim, the mood was set. "For those who believe in Black Helicopters sit over there." Underheim kept dashing in and out of the hearings, and at the end of the short hearing, again he cited, "It doesn't matter what you think, it's going to be attached to the budget bill." This is how the bill was passed in Wisconsin. No further hearings, it's cut and done, not any of the other elected representatives and Senators will vote on it.

One of the requirements of this bill is: "The Wisconsin Department of Health Services may order any vaccination series and may isolate anyone who does not take the vaccinations, or unwilling to take them. It calls for a $10,000 fine and/or nine months in prison for those who do not get vaccinations."

For those of us who wonder who some of these elected representatives are and what they represent, well they answered this question. Perhaps Rep. Underheim should appear on statewide television and tell the people that they will received vaccines or face mandatory prison and/or $10,000 fine if they refuse. But like pre-war Germany, there will be no announcements, only dictates. Underheim alluded to the fact that he was being called a Nazi. Well whoever called him, well they're close to that mark.

Being caught up in political correctness, one has to be attuned to the fact, that emergencies to one group may mean the complete loss of freedom to another. There are many questionable programs initiated by the Federal Government, and when our government uses terrorism to remove our Constitutional ways of life, and our legislators accede to their demands, well then the terrorist have won.