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Subject: Bush to Ship Nuclear Waste in Trucks/Railcars Through 43 States Creating Nice Big Target for Terrorists - Intentional? More Psyops???
From: "I A H F"
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 21:29:04 -0500

Senators Warner, Allen and Reid, and Congressman Boucher- Please see my letter to you below. Note Warner, Allen, Boucher, I am a VA resident.

IAHF List: Please lob this same message in to your own Senators and Congressmen and forward it widely.

From: John C. Hammell,
February 16, 2002
International Advocates for Health Freedom
POB 625 Floyd VA 24091

Dear Senators Warner and Allen, and Congressman Boucher: (also Nevada Senators Harry Reid, and John Ensign):

See the article below. I strongly question the sanity of Bush's intention to ship 77,000 tons of nuclear waste across the entire country to store it at Yucca Mountain, Nevada. Would this not create a huge target for terrorists as he intends to ship it in trucks and on trains that could be targetted? Or is that just part of an ongoing effort to set us up for more CIA psychological operations to manufacture consent for the ongoing RAPE of our civil liberties via this huge push for Model Emergency Powers Act legislation in all 50 states which turns our state governors into dictators via very loosely worded language, and which threatens to lay biometric identifiers on us via drivers licenses along with mandatory vaccinations? See

Come on! Do you think we're STUPID? Please read the expose on 911 by Mike Ruppert at and tell me in detail what you think of it, and what you think of the mindless intention of Bush to ship this nuclear waste across the country this way? Do you think this is a good idea given current events? Please explain your answer in detail. Also please tell me what you intend to do to get a congressional oversight hearing regarding the events of 911 since its painfully apparent that we're being lied to about what REALLY happened on 911 by the Bush Administration?? Be mindful of the fact that Mike Ruppert is giving lectures nationwide about this, and that people nationwide are reading his expose on 911 at his website and are ordering videos of his lectures.

Is it the intention of the shadow government to destroy our confidence in our government as part of a calculated effort to manufacture consent for the UN to send troops onto our soil to "restore order"? Just what in the hell exactly is REALLY going on here? Please let me know your thoughts on this, in detail, and don't send me some damn blow off form letter that only PRETENDS to answer my questions.

With Serious Concern,
John C. Hammell

t r u t h o u t | Friday, February 15, 2002
Statement Senator Harry Reid on President Bush's Yucca Mountain Decision.

"Today President Bush has betrayed our trust and endangered the American public by deciding to ship 77,000 tons of nuclear waste across the entire country and store it at Yucca Mountain, Nevada.

As a candidate for President, George W. Bush declared, "I believe sound science not politics, must prevail in the designation of any high-level nuclear waste repository. As President, I would not sign legislation that would send nuclear waste to any proposed site unless it's been deemed scientifically safe."

He said this while campaigning in Nevada in May of 2000. He didn't ask us to read his lips, but he asked us to believe him. Nevadans did, and George W. Bush would not be President without having received Nevada's votes in the Electoral College.

The President just last week in a meeting with Senator Ensign, Governor Guinn and me at the White House again vowed to wait until he received and reviewed all of the scientific evidence on Yucca Mountain.

Today President Bush has broken his promise.

All Americans should be concerned, not just because he lied to me or the people of Nevada and indeed all Americans, but because the President's decision threatens American lives.

Let's be clear: Before getting on a plane to fly over to Asia, President Bush has dropped the equivalent of 100,000 dirty bombs on America.

I say this because to carry out President Bush's plan would require shipment of nuclear waste on 100,000 trucks or 20,000 rail cars through 43 states.

The President has created 100,000 targets of opportunity for terrorists who have proven their capability of hitting targets far less vulnerable than a truck on the open highway.

President Bush wants to bury toxic waste in Nevada, but he will not be able to bury the problem of nuclear waste or hide the dangers of transporting it from the American public.

Coming soon to a highway near you...the deadliest substance known to humankind! It sounds like a Hollywood thriller, but this is not just a plot for a scary movie. This is President Bush's plan one that could feed plots for terrorists hell-bent on destroying America.

Just a day after Valentine's Day, the President has given the Osama bin Ladens of the world a big box of chocolates and a bouquet of roses. He has given the American people some empty wrappers and a handful of thorns.

This day will be remembered for a long time as a tragic day in American history. Some people think intelligence failures allowed September 11; others say we couldn't have known or been prepared. Nobody will be able to say that should a terrorist get hold of just one of the hundred thousand shipments or if just one of the containers leaks following an accident."

: t r u t h o u t 2001