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Subject: Help Kill EU Vitamin Directive: Easy Instructions Below: Form Letter to Send to Specific EU Officials listed here
From: "I A H F"
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 12:53:56 -0500

IAHF List: Vitamin consumers world wide along with vitamin companies and health food stores must send the form letter below to the email addresses that follow it to help kill the EU Vitamin Directive on Feb. 20. The instructions below are from IAHF's European Allies who will be in Brussels from now til the 20th in a last ditch lobby campaign to save health freedom world wide due to how the EU Directive threatens to impact Codex. They are urging the EU Parliament to kill the EU Directive and to harmonize Europe to the USA, not the other way around, because nothing else makes any sense from a public health standpoint. Please forward this widely world wide and call all friends to ask them to help!


I suggest the following for US Citizens to use as the basis for their faxes and e-mails: see list of specific EU officials that Americans and others living outside the EU should send to the EU to urge that the Vitamin Directive be killed by voting for amendment #1 which kills it. It makes more sense for people outside the EU to do this rather than formally petition the EU on a whole because that should only be done by people in the EU, while people not in the EU should only send to the specific officials who have the MOST to do with the Directive (see list below this form letter and please send to them!!!

Paul Taylor, UK/Josef Hasslberger, Italy- La Leva Di Archimede

EU Food Supplement Directive

In order to preserve the future availability of supplements in the USA, it is now vitally important for US citizens to fax or e-mail the following people requesting that the EU Food Supplement Directive be abandoned. If this directive is not stopped it will strongly influence the deliberations of the UN Codex Alimentarius committee, who advocate similar tight restrictions on the sale of supplements. The USA would then come under strong international pressure to implement these Codex recommendations because of its' having signed up to the NAFTA and GATT international trade agreements.

Romano Prodi (President of the European Commission)
Fax number 011 32 2 295 8532

Robert Coleman (EU Director-General for Health and Consumer Protection) Fax number 011 32 2 299 6298

David Byrne (EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection) Fax number 011 32 2 298 1499

Basil Mathioudakis (whose job it is to steer the Directive through the European Parliament) Fax number 011 32 2 296 0951


Dear Sir

I am an American citizen and a consumer of food supplements, and am following with great concern the progress of the EU Food Supplement Directive. Quite apart from the fact that the directive completely ignores both individual freedom of choice and individual nutritional need, I am disturbed to learn that should this restrictive directive be implemented it will influence the deliberations of the Codex Alimentarius committee. Thus, your legislation will therefore be having an influence not only on Europe but on world-wide trade, and in non European markets such as the USA. My own rights to buy the food supplements of my choice could therefore be directly affected by this directive.

The Food Supplement Directive as it is currently proposed does not treat consumers and food supplements in a way that encourages good health; unlike the US DSHEA for example, where President Clinton himself attributed the move toward legislative and regulatory reform for dietary supplements to a growing interest on the part of the American public in the use of dietary supplements. In signing DSHEA into law, he stated:

. . . in an era of greater consciousness among people about the impact of what they eat on how they live, indeed, how long they live, it is appropriate that we have finally reformed the way the Government treats consumers and these supplements in a way that encourages good health.

President Clinton's statement, and the US DSHEA itself, are in stark contrast to the proposed EU legislation, which rather than protecting the rights of consumers to buy and consume the supplements of their choice will instead tightly restrict both the availability and dosages of all nutrient ingredients. This goes against all of the latest nutritional and scientific research, which shows clear and unequivocal benefits to human health and longevity from the consumption of high-dose food supplements.

I therefore urge you to now abandon this directive, and consider the rights of consumers of nutritional supplements, who have not asked for, nor do they want, their individual freedom of choice in health-care to be restricted by this directive.

Yours sincerely,

Also, THIS IS FOR ALL THE MARBLES: if you can wire any money to help with
this last ditch lobby campaign in Brussels, please wire it to:
La Leva di Archimede
Banca Popolare di Bergamo - 117 Roma Aurelio
Account number: 32201
Bank routing number: 5428 3204
Swift Code: BEPOIT 21117

I strongly urge EVERYONE on the IAHF list to wire some money to these courageous European health freedom fighters, because their battle is OUR battle, we have a CHANCE here to pull of a MIRACLE and KILL the EU Vitamin Directive, and we MUST do so to protect American vitamin laws due to how the EU Directive threatens to impact Codex, and through Codex and WTO, OUR VITAMIN LAWS! Do not wait for your neighbor to wire money, please take it upon yourself to DO WHAT MUST BE DONE!! Our allies are grass roots vitamin consumers, THEY got the amendment in place that has a CHANCE to kill the Directive, while the vitamin trade associations world wide have been SELLING US OUT due to the influence of drug companies on them. PLEASE forward this alert far and wide!!

John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom 800-333-2553, 540-763-3051 home and work POB 625 Floyd, VA 24091 USA
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