To: "Health Freedom, Codex Issues
From: John Hammell
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2001 02:49:34 -0500

IAHF List: Please join me in petitioning the FDA by sending the legal petition below to them at the above email address (


This is a legal petition, and the FDA cannot ignore it. The petition was generated by attorney Jim Turner, a long time defender of the public health.

The Anthrax vaccine is a killer and the facts below prove it. The FDA must revoke Bioport's license to manufacture it before this dangerous vaccine kills any more people. They must abandon their intention to fraudulently approve it for general use by the public and military troops must be stopped from having it forced on them. We do NOT have to allow Big Brother to genocide us. This is an effort to cull our numbers. The Club of Rome does not like this: I don't like the fact that the world's population is exploding either, but it does not give the shadow government the right to murder us with untested, clearly dangerous vaccines under the guise of "helping" us. See Club of Rome's Report "The Limits of Growth"

Forward this to everyone you know, post it on your websites, and join me in sending the complaint below to the FDA and to Congress.

cc Congressman Rick Boucher

From John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
POB 625 Floyd VA 24091


In light of the points below, I agree with the Anthrax Vaccine Network and totally oppose the Anthrax vaccine. I would like the FDA to ban this dangerous vaccine and revoke Bioport's license to manufacture it. It is clearly a very dangerous drug. You cannot legally justify approving this drug for use by the public, and it is wrong that members of the military are forced to take it.

I would like to know how you intend to handle this matter, and am forwarding this to Congressman Rick Boucher, my congressman, as well as to my email distribution list. I am also posting this letter to you on my website in the Anti Vaccination section.

I regard you to be terrorists. Many other armed Americans also regard you to be terrorists. In light of the points below, how can we possibly come to any other conclusion? If you dispute this information, and feel that it is incorrect in any particular, I would like to know your specific views on this issue. Any lack of response on your part will be construed by me to be tacit agreement on your part that you are indeed terrorists, and that you are on a genocidal mission to kill as many Americans as you possibly can via this improperly tested, clearly dangerous vaccine.

1. The vaccine's manufacturer, Bioport of Lansing, Michigan, has never passed an FDA inspection. Numerous problems include lack of sterility, contamination problems, quality control problems, lack of consistency in manufacturing, falsification of the expiration dates on some lots of the vaccine (labels were switched), and the presence of squalene, an adjuvant which is illegal in the United States.

2. Adverse reactions to this vaccine range from 40% in men to 70% in women, according to an Army study. Yet when the program began the FDA-approved product label admitted to only a 0.2% adverse reaction rate; now it says 5-35%. Adverse reactions range from severe bone and joint pain, to loss of vision, severe skin problems, blackouts and loss of consciousness (crashing from a standing position leads to other injuries, of course), grand mal seizures, internal organ problems, ALS, multiple sclerosis -- and death. If this was a civilian vaccine, it would long ago have been taken off the market.

3. The current vaccine, licensed in 1970, failed to meet federal requirements to prove efficacy in humans prior to licensure; the required trials to prove safety were conducted, but were of limited scientific validity. The only trial of an anthrax vaccine in humans, in the late 1950's, was for a different vaccine and showed efficacy only for cutaneous, or skin contact. The Dept. of Defense wanted a vaccine against aerosolized anthrax - that which would be "weaponized" - and for mass inoculation, and in 1996 submitted to the FDA an Investigational New Drug (IND) application requesting permission to use it for this purpose. By law (10 USC 1107), an IND requires informed consent, or a Presidential waiver of that consent, neither of which currently exist. Absent either, a military order to take the vaccine is illegal. Yet, if troops refuse the vaccine, they are most often fined, court-martialed, jailed, and separated from the service under less than honorable conditions.

4. The General Accounting Office last year (October, 2000) came out with a report that in the the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve units that were required to be vaccinated, 25% of its pilots resign rather than take it.

5. Even if this vaccine were not so dangerous, it may be of limited value in the short-term. The FDA-approved protocol for taking it calls for three shots each spaced 2 weeks apart; then three more shots at 6, 12, and 18 months, then annual boosters for life.