To: Health Freedom,Codex Issues
Subject: Mandatory AIDS Vaccine Coming Soon (Unless We Band Together to OPPOSE it!!!
From: John Hammell
Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2001 21:11:19 -0400

IAHF list: I just had a good conversation with Cliff Kincaid at who wrote the well researched and shocking report below my comments.

An effort is being made by the ruling elite to take out all of us "useless eaters", and we must oppose mandatory AIDS vaccinations as well as all other mandatory vaccination.

We must push for hearings on this, and do everything in our power to warn more people. There is a wealth of anti vaccination information from solid sources on the IAHF website at and you don't have to let the schools vaccinate your kids either, you can keep them from doing it, and there are lots of groups that you can learn about from the anti vaccination section of my site that can help you with all of your questions on this.

Also, re Codex, IAHF has finally gotten a reply from the US Trade Reps office to questions asked pertinent to how they would handle a future trade dispute filed against us over not harmonizing our domestic laws to Codex standards for vitamins, and they adroitly ducked all of my questions merely going through the motions of responding, but thats Washington. I will be scanning their reply along with my original questions, and am now writing another letter to them even though I know they'll attempt to duck those questions too. My correspondence to and from them will be going into the book I am writing about the Codex vitamin issue. We CAN expose and stop these crooked agendas. Where there is a WILL there is always a WAY.

Yes, you may only be one person, but you ARE one!! Never underestimate the power of a single committed will to monkeywrench a greed driven agenda. All kinds of mayhem can be launched by one person if they have a devious mind like I do. - So ya'll can slide more donations into IAHF to help me get backover to Germany to keep monitoring the Nazis at the end of November at the next Codex meeting. Vee haff vays uff delink viss such peoples! Ya! Vee haff vays und vee haff vays!

Now THATS what I call raising serious hell and pushing the outer edges of the envelope! Who SAYS you can't swim against the tide all the time? See Mandatory AIDS vaccine article below, and please forward this cutting edge alert to more people! Anyone can become a thorn in the side of the elements of coersion by joinin' the IAHF list at ......

From the August 2001 Idaho Observer:

Mandatory AIDS Vaccine Coming Soon

by Cliff Kincaid

The United Nations, which just had a big conference on AIDS, has a plan to infect the American people with the AIDS virus through what they call an "AIDS vaccine." They say this will stop the epidemic and "protect" us. They first want to use these AIDS shots on children and our military personnel. No one will be spared if their plan goes through. One AIDS vaccine could be on the market soon.

Back in the 1970s, the government used a swine flu vaccine on millions of people, only to find out later that it was causing health problems and even death. The program was cancelled -- but only after 50 million people got their shots.

We can't take a chance on an AIDS vaccine. Millions could be infected before they realize they made a mistake. The Committee to Protect Medical Freedom ( has uncovered evidence that newborn babies are being given AIDS shots in federal experiments underway RIGHT NOW. The committee released a 25,000-word report examining the role of the U.N., the U.S. Government and billionaire Bill Gates in pushing the AIDS vaccine. This report is available on the committee's web site.

With few exceptions, our media won't tell you the awful truth. They tell us that the recent UN conference on AIDS was designed to spend more money on poor victims of the disease in far away places such as Africa. But buried in the official UN declaration was that they want to "accelerate" the development of AIDS vaccines and "facilitate rapid access" to them around the world, including HERE in the United States. That means the UN will pressure our government -- the Centers for Disease Control -- to require that everybody take an AIDS shot.

So if you thought AIDS didn't affect you or your loved ones, please think again. If AIDS doesn't kill you, this AIDS vaccine will. The AIDS vaccine gives people a form of the virus that causes AIDS on the assumption that we won't develop the entire deadly disease. Experts and scientists at the Committee to Protect Medical Freedom conference on June 20 said this is just too risky and dangerous. The conference included Barbara Loe Fisher of the National Vaccine Information Center, Dr. Howard Urnovitz, and attorney Walter Kyle, who explained how contaminated polio vaccines may have led to cancers and AIDS in humans. A two and one-half hour tape of the event is available for $34.95 (shipping & handling included) by calling 1-800-787-5246.

We need to encourage Congress to hold hearings on the HIV/AIDS vaccine project. Please contact:

* 202-225-5074 Ask for Beth Clay of the House Committee on Government Reform. Ask that Congressman Dan Burton conduct hearings into the HIV/AIDS vaccine project.

* 202-224-4721 Ask for John Bonsell. Ask that Senator James Inhofe, chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Readiness and Management Support, conduct hearings into plans by the U.S. Military HIV Research Program to use an AIDS vaccine on the troops.

* 202-225-2132. Ask for Dr. William Duncan. Ask that Congressman Ernest Istook seek hearings into the HIV/AIDS vaccine project.

We must draw the line against the U.N. on the matter of a mandatory AIDS vaccine. We can avoid AIDS if we just live a normal lifestyle. But we may not be able to avoid their AIDS vaccine.


Mr. Kincaid is director of the Committee to Protect Medical Freedom. He can be contacted at:

P.O. Box 146, Owings, Maryland 20736
(301) 855-2679/ fax 301-855-3732