To: IAHF List
Subject: Denmark, Sweden Lead on Anti Codex; EU Vitamin Petition Canada 3rd, USA 4th: Motivational Ideas
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2001 19:41:03 -0500

IAHF List: On a per capita basis, Denmark now leads (up from #2 last month) in signing the Anti Codex Anti EU Vitamin Petition at Sweden, which wasn't ranked at all last month moves into number 2, Canada is still 3rd, USA is still 4th, New Zealand is still 5th, Ireland has fallen from first to sixth, UK has fallen from 6th to 7th, Australia has fallen from 7th to 8th.

See percentages signing based on population below


Tamara Theresa Mosegaard of Mayday in Denmark says several orthomolecular doctors there are writing articles/being interviewed talking against the paternalism of the EU-directive and Codex. This is great news!! Dr. Hoffer in Canada, and orthomolecular physicians world wide, please take note!!

Tamara in Denmark is looking for ideas on civil disobediance, and I sent her several from our drive to pass DSHEA here in the states including Black Out Days where you black out products in health food stores with black crepe paper that stand to be banned and don't let anyone buy them a couple days a month where you really push hard for signatures on petitions. Also suggested a demonstration and fax protest against the Danish FDA or out front of a pharmaceutical company there. If any Americans have any ideas for Tamara in Denmark, please email them to her at

Tamara is hooking up with other anti globalisation protestors in Denmark, and we ALL must do this, world wide! We must let the anti globalization groups know about the VITAMIN issue! To network with more activists I will be going to New York City for a Teach In sponsored by the International Forum on Globalization from Feb 24-25 in NYC


Americans: We have an Codex Vitamin oversight hearing on Feb 28th, but the deck will be stacked against us and all of our witnesses shut out unless you work harder to get more people to sign both petitions, the one listed above, and

Suggestions for Anti Codex videos to watch on the web for inspiration, documents to view, audio files of Gary Null Anti Codex Radio Shows to hear on the web follow at the end.

Current standings per capita are:

#1 Denmark: .00117 - Good job Mayday! You taken a HUGE lead, moved way
past ALL COUNTRIES including Ireland, Ireland was first last month but has fallen into 6th place.

#2 Sweden: .00003809 - Great job Sweden! You weren't listed in the standings at all a month ago, and you've zoomed past several countries!

#3 Canada: .00003481 - Canada- you're still in third, same as a month ago, but USA is catching up, you don't want that, right? Keep it up!!

#4 USA: .00002959 - USA- Most overall signatures but due to large population we're Still in 4th on per capita basis same as a month ago, we're catching up to Canada, but New Zealand could pass us, its getting close! Americans- DSHEA will NOT protect us, Neither will USC 19 3512 (a)(1) and (a)(2). we MUST work!!

#5 New Zealand: .00002827 - New Zealand Still in 5th, but you're catching up to USA, keep at it!

#6 Ireland: .0000255 - Ireland: Martin Forde- please work HARDER! Ireland was #1 last month, has fallen into 6th!

#7 UK: .0000195 - England: You were 6th last month, now you're 7th, and you're the 2nd largest vitamin producing nation: please WAKE UP!

#8 Australia: .0000160 - Australia: New Zealand is embarrassing you, please work harder! You have slipped into 8th, from 7th last month!

Italy, France, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland,Germany, Holland, Spain,Portugal: - If you live in one of these countries, and value your access to vitamins, you'd better take some serious measures to alert more people. Don't put this off! Make a list right now of people you intend to contact about this, then do it! Make some flyers and get them around to the health food stores.

Canada, USA, New Zealand and Australia aren't even in the EU and are doing far better at signing the Anti Codex/Anti EU petition than you are.

Actually, I'm disgusted, which is arrogantly asleep, the world's number one vitamin producer and we're only 4th on this petition- we HAVE to work harder. I am sure the Pharma Cartel and MEPs are monitoring this petition, and the overall low number of signatures on it indicates to them that we, the vitamin consumers of the world, just don't care very much if they take our vitamins away. We will HAVE to do MUCH better, and it will take WORK.

Get energized by watching the video and see the photos from our Anti Codex Demonstration in Berlin last summer at

See Grossklauss Force me to turn my camcorder off at Media section

See Yetley Ignore the Written Request from Dan Burton Not to Put the Pharmaceutically Funded, Unscientific NAS paper "A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Safe Upper Levels for Nutrients" on the table at Codex "Media Section"

See the gif files of the Letter from Congress that Yetley Ignored at "Letters from Congress"

Hear the Anti Codex Radio Broadcasts of Gary Null with Guests from Around the World at Media Section

Standings One Month Ago January 7th
#1. Ireland
#2. Denmark
#3. Canada
#4. USA
#5. N.Zealand
#6. UK
#7. Australia
#8. Italy

John Hammell, International Advocates for Health Freedom
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