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Subject: What to SAY When they "JUST DON'T GET IT": KEY Points For Pro Vitamin Activists Against Codex:
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 18:22:38 -0500

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Dear Gary and John,

Any sugestions on how to talk to health care professionals. My chiropractor said this codex thing won' t happen because they have been trying to do this for 10 years. Besides California won't let them. Donna Anderson

Donna and IAHF List:

Sometimes ONE PHOTO is worth more than a THOUSAND WORDS Go to and Download the Photo there of a jack booted cop who looks like Darth Vader wearing a gas mask, and aiming a rubber bullet gun into a crowd of typical freedom loving Americans who attempted to defend our Constitution on the Streets of Seattle. We are from all walks of life and all sides of the political spectrum. Our common bond? A love of FREEDOM. A desire to ingest the vitamins and herbs of OUR choice into OUR Bodies, which WE and NOT THE STATE, are sovereign over. Inspire yourselves further to go out and educate by viewing the videotape and photos from our Pro Vitamin Anti Codex Demonstration in Berlin last June at I was in the Battles of Seattle and Berlin.

A large number of us were seriously injured (snapped off teeth and damaged corneas) arrested and jailed in Seattle without due process, we were not allowed to see a lawyer, and our constitutional right to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly were trampled by our current police state which defends the multinational corporations over all of our rights, and now an effort is underway to literally DISMANTLE our sovereign laws, INCLUDING THE VITAMIN LAW WE ALL FOUGHT SO HARD FOR IN '94. (DSHEA)


Over 13,000 vitamin consumers from over 93 countries, including over 8,000 Americans have signed a petition against the Codex and the EU Vitamin Directive because they have studied this issue, and REALIZE that NONE of our domestic laws are safe from harmonization to these grossly restrictive international standards.

Your chiropractor can VIEW this petition and SEE these signatures for himself at but if he REFUSES to believe this, you can download the petition and attempt to at least get him to read it. I know some people don't have access to the internet or world wide web. Show him the Backgrounder on Codex off Gary Null's website tell him about the petition there and urge him to sign

Your chiropractor doesn't understand what is going on in the world today vis a vis Globalisation and so called "HARMonization" He is not alone......

(That word "HARMONY" is beautiful when it comes to MUSIC, but when it comes to MAKING ALL THE LAWS THE SAME ALL OVER THE WORLD regardless of the will of the PEOPLE then you have CIVIL UNREST in places like SEATTLE, BERLIN, DAVOS, PHILADELPHIA, DC

See the video and photos from our Anti Pharma Cartel Pro Vitamin Demonstration in Berlin Germany last June at I was there in the street because I had been thrown off the US Delegation as a Whistleblower, and the German government would not honor my VALID PRESS PASS. I am a card carrying licensed member of the American Media Association. Since they refused me in writing to attend as a member of the press, demonstrating in the STREET was my only option.)

He probably doesn't even realize that a Congressional Bill was introduced in the last Congress called the American Sovereignty Restoration Act HR 1146 (see for details, it will be reintroduced this Congress, same bill #)

This bill HAD to be introduced due to GENUINE threats to our domestic laws by international HARMONIZATION

In a NUTSHELL: The whole issue boils down to SAFETY: An effort is being made to UNDERMINE our Vitamin laws by the FDA, and they're attempting to do this through a FALSE DEFINITION OF VITAMIN SAFETY which Congress told them in WRITING not to put on the table at a UN meeting (CODEX) where the issue is being discussed, far from our shores (in Germany) where they don't even let people VIDEOTAPE because they're trying to HIDE WHATS GOING ON. (See the videotape where the German Chair of the meeting forced me to turn my camcorder off at in the Media Section.)

FDA IGNORED CONGRESS at this UN meeting, and is trying to SET US UP to lose in a WTO Trade Dispute through which ENORMOUS trade sanctions can be imposed on broad segments of our economy (enough to cripple any country's economy) by the WTO unless Congress agrees to change our laws by harmonizing to the far more restrictive regulations coming from Europe.

Tell him the SAME DEGREE OF PRESSURE that enabled the multinationals to push NAFTA AND GATT through Congress, can thus be exerted on ANY congressman who attempts to defend ANY of our sovereign laws against the threat of HARMONIZATION.

If he STILL refuses to examine further, at least you have planted a seed and may be able to go back to him later. Something in the meantime might break through his rigid mindset to enlighten him or it may not. He might be one of those people who are just not easy to convince, if so, deal in VOLUME and move on to as many others as you can reach, never let it get you down if a few ignore you, thats par for the course, you must deal in volume.


DSHEA (the bill that we got through Congress in '94) is not protecting us the way people like this chiropractor think. Tell him that stealth efforts are underfoot to undermine our ability to defend our sovereign laws from harmonization to grossly restrictive international vitamin standards. Tell him the vitamin trade associations themselves have been corrupted by pharmaceutical influence. This is very easy to show anyone. Just download the membership list of Council for Responsible Nutrition from and go over it with a yellow highlighter to highlight all the multinational pharmaceutical companies dominating this supposed "vitamin" trade association. These companies include Hoffman La Roche which was fined a record fine of $500 Million in '99 by the US Justice Department for engaging in illegal price fixing in the sale of vitamin raw materials that was ripping off manufacturers and consumers for 10 years.

Some other CRN members were also fined for this scam including Daiichi Fine Chemicals. This shows motive. These multinationals have devised a scheme to get past the US Dept of Justice to rip us all off- its called CODEX, and CODEX is an outrage because it goes diametrically against our whole system of representative government. We are allegedly being "REPRESENTED" at Codex by a bureaucrat from the FDA, and this individual, has been nailed ON VIDEO by a whistleblower attempting to violate US law at a Codex meeting in Germany.

The whistleblower, in turn, has been kicked off the US Codex Delegation due to his efforts to expose this crime. The whistleblower would be happy to talk to him on the phone. (Give me his phone number and best time to call.)

Explain that the only legal basis by which any country can refuse to harmonize its dietary supplement laws to the very restrictive international standard that is under rapid development in the EU is on a basis of SAFETY.

Tell him a whistleblower (thats me) caught someone from the FDA at a UN Meeting in Germany violate US law, via an action intended to SET US UP to lose in a WTO Trade Dispute by falsely defining the SAFETY of Vitamins.

Tell him a Congressman (Burton) backed by 4 other Congressmen told the FDA not to put this biased, unscientific, pharmaceutically funded paper on the table at CODEX, that he can view a gif file of this letter with Burton's signature on it at in the letters from Congress section, then in the Media section at he can see a video clip of Dr.Yetley of the FDA totally ignore the letter from Congress, thereby ignoring the will of the people, thus SETTING US UP for the repealment of our dietary supplement laws. FDA is attempting to set us up to lose in a WTO trade dispute via a PHONY DEFINITION OF VITAMIN SAFETY.

Tell him he can READ the unscientific National Academy of Sciences paper in question at under "NAS PAPER" Tell him right UNDER it, he can read several rebuttals, including one that was published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine by Dr.Richard Malter. Another rebuttal is by the late Brian Leibovitz, PhD, former editor of the Journal of Applied Nutrition, and the man who formulated most of Twin Labs products

A Group called the TABD, Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue, is hard at work trying to harmonize American dietary supplement laws to the grossly restrictive regulations currently under rapid development by the European Union. This TABD has a "Dietary Supplement Working Group" comprised of multinational pharmaceutical interests who wish to monopolize the market in dietary supplements, while simultaneously STOP THEM from competing with prescription pharmaceutical drugs by making high potency vitamins available only by Rx. The most politically powerful vitamin trade association in the world has several of its member companies on the Dietary Supplement Working Group of the TABD, and these multinational pharmaceutical companies are engaging in a STEALTH CAMPAIGN to dismantle our vitamin laws.

Over 13,000 vitamin consumers from over 93 countries, including over 8,000 Americans have signed a petition against the Codex and the EU Vitamin Directive because they have studied this issue, and REALIZE that NONE of our domestic laws are safe from harmonization to these grossly restrictive international standards.

Show the chiropractor the article titled U.S. and European Leaders Agree on Principles to Harmonize Dietary Supplement Regulations

Then Show him the Petition on the web which over 13,000 people including over 8,000 Americans have signed at If you are unable to physically get him to look at a computer to see this, download the petition itself which people have been signing, and also download my BACKGROUNDER on the issue which you will find at Show these to him.

Look at the "US Laws Not Safe" section of my website. In every instance where we have lost in a WTO trade dispute, the decisions have gone against the environment, against public safety, against the public health, against workers rights, because in every case the common denominator has been CORPORATE PROFIT. MONEY. MONEY has been places above all of our needs as PEOPLE. The WTO has been assisting multinational corporations in a process of literally dismantling our democratically enacted laws, and this is a GLOBAL PROCESS that is REALLY apparent in the EU.

If you sense at ANY POINT that he just DOESN'T GET IT, don't waste too much TIME on any one person.... DEAL IN VOLUME! You can always return later to anyone if you can at least plant one seed in their mind. Some people, for whatever reasons, have blind spots. You can't always reach someone on your first try, sometimes it might take a few tries, but only you can judge when any given individual is wasting your time. Personally, if I can't reach someone with my first 3 main points, I just move on to someone else, because otherwise its too draining on your energy. DEAL IN VOLUME! By dealing in volume in your efforts to reach out to people on this or any other issue you will rapidly locate more people who can REALLY HELP by becoming activists themselves, but sometimes you have to bounce the issue off 10 or 20 or even more people before you can locate OTHERS as concerned as yourself.

Meanwhile, THANKS for all you're doing, Donna! Without the help of good people like yourself, we'd all be in SERIOUS trouble! Our main goal now is to keep the Oversight Hearing on Feb 28 from being stacked against us. Signatures on those petitions would help me at this time. Please get as many health food stores and alternative practitioners offices as possible going in getting signatures, and please send the filled in petitions back to me at

John Hammell
IAHF PO Box 625
Floyd, VA 24091 USA