To: IAHF List
Subject: Report on Drive for Gen-u-ine CODEX VITAMIN Oversight [D-Day FEB 28th in D.C.]: IAHF Hits Top of Search Engines - #1
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 01:42:54 -0500

All Webmasters: Please post.

Health Freedom Fighters:

Please keep distributing the paper petitions through area health food stores, this will help prevent the Codex Oversight Hearing from being whitewashed on Feb 28th.

Download Backgrounder and Paper Petition from

Make list of all area health food stores and please circulate these materials to offset massive spin against the truth. Send filled in petitions back to me, address below.

Be sure to sign the online petition calling for Codex Oversight. They're going to give us Oversight, the question now is will they try to whitewash us or not? We're only up to 1,540 sigs on that one which is a start, but tell your friends!!

Also, be sure to sign the Anti EU Vitamin Directive Petition-- Its safe from hackers now, We're up to 13,029 signatures, but Denmark and Canada still lead the USA in number of sigs as percentage of population so Americans- PLEASE......GET......BUSY - WHAT U CAN DO:

And tell your friends, take the Codex Vitamin Issue Backgrounder and paper petition from Null site to health food stores!!: sign online petition for Genuine Codex Oversight on Null site and: Petition Against EU Vitamin Directive and Codex

IAHF #1 on Major Search Engines!! THE _WORD_ is Gettin _OUT_!!>>>> The TRUTH is UNSTOPPABLE!!! The ONSLAUGHT of TRUTH will be FELT!! People are watching the videos on the site of Yetley breaking US law at Codex in '98 in media section They're seeing the video of Grossklauss force me to turn my camcorder off at Codex in '98 NO TRANSPARENCY!!! (media section) They're seeing the Gif file with Burton's signature on it which Yetley WRONGLY ignored (letters from congress)

They're learning of the scientific fraudulence of the NAS "risk assessment paper" (NAS Paper and Rebuttals) They're learning the AWFUL TRUTH about harmonization, and why we must get cosponsors on the American Sovereignty Restoration Act HR 1146 to pull us OUT of the World Trade Organization...... Where the Cartel Can Read it and WEEP!!

Try going on or any search engine and type in "Codex Vitamin Issue", "Anti FDA", "Health Freedom" and see how IAHF stacks up.

Under those search terms IAHF occupy slots number one and two on Excite. We're number one on Alta Vista. Number one and two on Google. Number 1,4, and 5 on Hotbot, and #2 is a mirror site of IAHF's in Australia.

Do similarly well on other major search engines. That $30 per month is money well spent. Company lists me with search engines 2x per month. Site traffic has gone from avg of 700- to over 3000 visitors per day.

Email Distribution list growing fast too, so tell your friends! Free subscription, sign up at listbot underneath my story at

Will be putting more audio files in Media section soon. On Gary Null show this coming Thursday AM out of Los Angeles when Null takes over Roy Tuckman's timeslot again on KPFK Will have exact time and where can hear on the web, but will have audio file in website.

Will be submitting some articles soon to major magazines on Codex vitamin
Anyone help get me on some more radio shows?
Got contact with Rense, Siegal, Art Bell?? Others??

Your donations always badly needed- the life you save might be your own!
IAHF POB 625 Floyd VA 24091 USA

John Hammell 800-333-2553 for N.America
540-763-3051 local or overseas