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Subject: Vaccination Genocide Exposed in Canada: Sto:lo First Nations in the Dark About Vaccines
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 11:02:28 -0500

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The article below documents genocide via vaccination against First Nations aboriginal people in Canada who are not being told the truth about the immense dangers of vaccination, which is being forced upon them. Candace Hill was put in a "quit or be fired" situation due to her efforts to expose the truth. She quit. Despite warnings not to go public with this information, Hill has generated this article, and has appeared on many radio shows to expose this genocide. She also continues to help the Sto:lo and other First Nations people, as well as aboriginal people world wide. IAHF has received reports similar to this from numerous other countries, including Australia, S.America and Africa where aboriginal people are being genocidally expunged via a vaccinations as well. This is part of a global ruling elite Eugenics policy that must be further exposed and halted.

Candace Hill is a Cree First Nations woman living in British Columbia Canada where she runs "Walking in Balance" , a wholistic nutrition practice and is available for private consultation and interviews. Hill is a member of a group of aboriginal women from Canada who travel world wide to foster healing unity amongst aboriginal people, and all people.
Candace can be reached at

Sto:Lo First Nations in the Dark about Vaccines !!
by Candace Hill, Surrey, BC Canada

My story began six months ago as the first Wholistic Nutrition Counsellor for the Aboriginal Head Start program under Xyolhemeylh Health and Family services, in Mission and Chilliwack B.C Canada to educate the Sto:Lo First Nations people. The goal of this program is to help parents in a very positve, way empowering them to become the first teachers to their children. However the shocking truth is that the Xyolhemeylh Health and Family services program is in fact doing the opposite, to the point where it is actually engaging in GENOCIDE through the administration of highly dangerous vaccines,along with calculated withholding of information necessary for families to be able to make their own choices regarding whether or not to vaccinate their children. I don't make this accusation lightly.

I was blessed with the opportunity to work with families who have taught me so much.Yet it saddened me to see what little they knew about good nutrition,herbs, vitamins /minerals and other alternative medicines.

It was very apparent from the beginning that something was not right with the Xyolhemeylh Health and Family services definition of what constitutes good health. This programs health means drugs, vaccines, nix(pesticide) and an enviroment which selectively witholds information necessary for these people to properly educate themselves and in turn empower themselves with improved health, They simply are not taught about prevention and how to keep their immune systems strong. I define good health to using whole foods, organics, natural medicines and learning about the connection between body,mind and spirit and allowing the body to heal itself using whole foods,organics,natural medicines.

I observed too much secrecy in the program especially regarding vaccines.For the Sto:Lo families vaccines seem to be mandatory. No information was ever provided allowing them to make a choice despite the reported dangers. The nurses are told to make the families feel like bad parents if they do not vaccinate. The truth regarding the dangers of vaccines was intentionally suppressed, along with basic information about health and prevention. I provided a few families with some information: "Side effects from vaccines maybe due to the bacterial toxin or virus component of the vaccine, or to the chemicals used in the preparation and preserving of the solution. These chemicals include mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, and a variety of other known toxic materials."(1) "It was noted by by Dr. William Torch of the University of Nevada School of Medicine that the D.P.T(diptheria, pertussis, tetnus) may be responsible for SIDS. He noted in one survey that two thirds of 103 children who died of SIDS had been immunized with DPT vaccine within three weeks of each death"(2) "Indigenous people have been subjected to many vaccinations. (Let us be aware that they are difficult to beat into submission and they own vast tracts of land which the authorities would like to have for their own benefit”) (3)

Because of distributing this information I was threatened with losing my job. My response was that at least I would know in my heart I had done the right thing. I guess money means more to them than protecting human lives. (What upset me even more was when I was told not to discuss vaccines with Ida John of the Sto:Lo First Nation, she is the nutrition counsellor,prenatal and traditional birth counsellor, alcohol and drug counsellor and spiritual healer and leader and is very respected by her people and many others outside the community.

Now I realized that there was intentional deception towards these families. The secrecy, and unwillingness by the Health and Family services staff to allow me to communicate with Ida John clearly indicated that they had something to hide. My supervisor told me that these people really could not make clear decisions on their own, I was told to focus on nutrition, and not discuss vaccines .

She added that one person can not make a difference to which I replied that one is all it takes. Change happens if individuals are brave enough to go against the status quo by telling the truth.

A meeting was held with three nurses, two supervisors and Ida and myself. Ida was the only Sto:Lo person present, she felt outnumbered and spoke on behalf of her people. We did agree that families deserved a choice and I suggested we need to educate the staff and suggested we all go hear a few doctors speak on the dangers and side effects of all vacciness, but after distibuting vaccine literature I was told by my supervisor not to make this public, it was not mandatory for the nurses and was only propaganda.

I was ordered to stop communicating with the Sto:Lo families and also with Ida John, until they were back in a weeks time and then would decide what they would do with me.

Considering that I had observed a high incedence of deaths within the Sto:Lo communities linked to suicides, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and God only knows what else it saddened me that so much valuable information was being deliberately witheld from them. I realized that their accusations against me were false and it was wrong of them to attempt to prohibit me from communication with the families and Ida John but that was really their way of trying to fire me.. However I have too much dignity and respect for myself so I chose to resign and go public with my story in order to get the truth out. I once said to a man " no matter what happens I know Creator knows the truth and I have faith that I am doing the right thing".

I don't think they realized they had done me a favour because under our Canadian Charter of Rights I have the right to Freedom of Speech and Expression, and they have no legal right to suppress these rights, or the rights of the Sto:Lo people to learn the truth.

The day I resigned I was told that a nurse had quit because she could not keep administering the vaccines because she had seen too many adverse side effects and too much death. I had seen the adverse reaction reports from when the vaccines had been administered, so I guess that particular nurses conscience was getting to her and she just couldn't stand hurting people any more.

I really just want the Sto:Lo people to start to question and demand the truth and in doing so they will empower themselves to be as healthy as they once were before the white man drove them off their land, and corrupted them into using such toxic substances as white sugar, white flour, and alcohol and started killing them using pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines while suppressing their traditional use of herbal remedies. I strongly recommend to the Sto:Lo people that they hire an attorney and and proceed to sue Health Canada and Xyolhemylh Health Services as well to demand a complete investigation by their members of Parliament in order to stop these genocidal actions immediately.The truth shall set us all free! And I will never stop speaking the truth for the people.

(1) Vaccine guide(Making an informed choice) Randall Neustader OMO ISBN1556432151
(2) Vaccination and Immunization Dangers and Delusions and Alternatives
(What every parent should know) Leon Chaitow ISBN 0852071914
(3) Medical Mafia ­Dr.Guylaine Lanctcot ISBN 0964412608

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