Subject: To UN People's Assembly Re Codex Vitamin Issue from IAHF
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 02:27:03 -0400

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Everyone: Please don't bury Sue with email, lets give her a chance to respond.

I especially encourage everyone who hasn't yet to read Dr. John Coleman's Book: The Ruling Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300
See the link at the end of my letter to Sue. You can download the whole book at no charge, and its well worth the effort to do.

Sue Zipp North American Vice Chair
UN People's Assembly Network


Dear Sue,

Thank you for calling me back today in response to the email I sent prior to the UN's Millenium Assembly. It was good talking with you, however briefly.

It is most disconcerting to me as an American to have no choice but to travel to Germany in an effort to defend my rights as an American, only to find that we have been railroaded into a UN system that can only truthfully be described as running diametrically opposite our whole system of representative government. Please explain the electoral process by which you became the Vice Chair for N.America at the UN People's Assembly Network since I never had the chance to vote for you and don't know anyone else who ever did either from either the USA or Canada? Please tell us something about yourself. What is your background and experience?

How you, as an American, can feel the level of comfort that you apparently do embracing the UN system is very hard for me to understand given my completely negative experiences with the UN and WTO. In an effort to try to understand your perspective, I just visited "" the website of the Global People's Assembly to the UN on which you are the Vice Chair from N.America.

At UN Codex Meetings, the American people are allegedly being "represented" by an unelected bureaucrat from the FDA, Beth Yetley. Yetley has violated US law at the Codex meetings, yet I can't get a congressional oversight hearing which would expose her criminal wrongdoing because Congress is so heavily controlled by multinational corporate interests as evidenced by the Federal Election Commission website at which shows the staggering amount of PAC donations which are destroying this country (as well as dominating the UN.)

Please explain to me how you think a "Global People's Assembly" could possibly reform the UN Codex "system" in such a way that American dietary supplement consumers could ever accept it when the following intolerable situation exists:

1. An unelected bureaucrat from the FDA "represents" the American people at meetings of the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Use.

2. Zero consideration is given to the population of each country present at the meeting, or whether or not they even MANUFACTURE dietary supplements. Its one country, one vote, so any tiny little country has as much voting power as the USA regardless of the size of their population. In the third world votes can be bought with a blonde and a case of scotch.

3. Consumers on the US delegation are totally ignored by the US delegate due to the FDA's long held bias against dietary supplements. (The same is true on all other countries delegations.)

4. There is no freedom of the press in Germany. As a licensed member in good standing of the American Media Assn, I was denied entrance to the most recent meeting of the CCNFSDU (Codex Committee on Nutrition and Food for Special Dietary Use) by Jurgen Kundke, Press Officer for the Bgvv (German FDA) which hosted the meeting.

I had been kicked off the American delegation by Yetley for being a whistleblower, and was denied entrance to the meeting by the Bgvv who ran it, so I had no choice but to assist Dr. Matthias Rath with his street demonstration and counter meeting in Berlin. Doing so made me feel just as disenfranchised as I did in Seattle when I demonstrated at the WTO meeting. While there, I and a group of anarchists seized an abandoned building which we held throughout the protest and it served as home base for about 70 people who needed a place to crash. Afterwords we turned it over to a homeless advocacy group. If you visit, you will learn that pharmaceutical drugs have been rendered superfluous by dietary supplements, yet it is apparent to me that the UN Codex Commission is utterly incapable of ever accepting this fact.

Presumably you feel that the People's Assembly can somehow provide the dietary supplement consumers of the world with a voice in these proceedings which we currently lack. Please expound on this subject to the best of your ability. IAHF is comprised of dietary supplement consumers world wide who currently have zero trust in the UN, and universally think world government is a truly bad idea hatched by the Committee of 300 to enslave us. (Read The Ruling Hierarchy- The Story of the Committee of 300 by former MI6 operative Dr.John Coleman which you can download from

Please put forth your best argument for our consideration as to why we should think the multinational pharmaceutical industry would ever care what the "UN Global People's Assembly" thinks especially when none of us from N. America ever had any chance to elect you or anyone else currently on the (so called) "People's Assembly"? In your mind, have the sovereign nations of America and Canada been dissolved?

Thanks again for calling me today, Sue. I hope you can grasp the fact that I have a genetic need for the vitamins which the UN Codex Commission is in the process of trying to ban. For me, that would be a death sentence, and the same for many other people world wide. Does this concern you, and can you understand why I totally oppose gun control when the UN is directly threatening my life and the lives of millions of others world wide? I am ccing this to Congressman Ron Paul, Sponsor of the American Sovereignty Restoration Act, so please also send your reply to him

c/o Norm is on Congressman Paul's staff. Congressman Paul is the only member of Congress who I trust because he's the only one who refuses to accept campaign donations from the PACs.

John Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom