Subject: MKULTRA CIA Victim Tortured in Mental Hospital: Needs Our Help: Update - Brice Taylor's daughter, Kelly Ford Legal Defense Fund
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000 15:35:04 -0400

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Background information to introduce Sue Ford's heartfelt plea to help her daughter Kelly:

In my effort to oppose and expose the Pharma Cartel's UN Codex Vitamin agenda to railroad our access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range (except by prescription). See for the sake of a really solid understanding of what we are up against, I have delved heavily into the much broader Pharmaceutical-Military Industrial Complex UN globalist agenda to manipulate and control us. That led me to examining the CIA's MKULTRA Mind Control program, via which people are being subjected to outrageously inhumane human experimentation and control every bit as horrific, and even WORSE than Josef Mengeles experiments inside the Nazi Concentration Camps. Our would be controllers have a long range plan to subject us all to this same level of manipulation and control as they seek to force us into a psychocivilized society. The MKULTRA program is only the prototype for what they someday hope to subject us all to. They are not only grossly violating our Constitution, but internationally they're trampling the Nuremburg Code which set limits on allowable human experimentation.

People mistakenly think human slavery ended with the end of the American civil war. It did not, as you will see from the information below.
I encourage you to visit the Advocacy Committee for Human Experimentation Survivors & Mind Control

Sue Ford has sent us an urgent plea, (below) on behalf of her daughter Kelly but since many of you are unfamiliar with what she is discussing, here is some background information: Sue writes under the pen name "Brice Taylor" and earlier this summer I visited her for a few days in South Carolina in order to pick her brain about the CIA's MKULTRA Mind Control program from which she has made a very courageous escape - but her daughter is still trapped and needs our help. (See her mssg below my comments.) I encourage more people to read Sue's book Thanks for the Memories- The Truth Has Set Me Free which you can get at The CIA has tried for years to silence Sue Ford, but they have failed, and now they have taken her daughter away from her custody and are subjecting Kelly to improper treatment in a mental hospital. They're ignorantly depriving her of the proper treatement needed for her to heal. The ruling elite have set things up so that Kelly won't be able to team up with her mom to help in her valiant efforts to expose what is going on. For a while, Sue (who has a masters in Psychology and is a licensed neurobiofeedback technician) was helping other MKULTRA victims to heal through an alternative medical clinic that she ran along with a naturopath in Landrum SC, but the CIA burned her clinic to the ground and left two bags full of the ashes from the fire on the front porch of her house as a warning, but that hasn't stopped Sue from continuing to speak out in an effort to warn us all about the plans the ruling elite have in store for all of us. With the UN's Millenium Assembly coming up fast on September 5-9, there is an urgent need to rapidly absorb this information, and forward it to more people.

Please join me in doing anything you can to help Kelly Ford. Please read Sue's heartfelt plea:

From: Susan Ford
To: Claire Reeves
Subject: Update-Brice Taylor's daughter, Kelly Ford Legal Defense Fund
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2000 15:01:02 -0400


RE: Brice Taylor (Author of Thanks For the Memories the Truth Has Set Me Free) and her daughter Kelly Ford are survivors of the CIA's mind control project MKULTRA.

Dear Friends,

My daughter Kelly is being subjected to treatment in a mental institution, (via drug treatment and 'behavioral mod') that is not appropriate for a person who has multiple personality disorder (DID) and mind control programming. The county, unwilling to look at her prior diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), has her misdiagnosed as Skitzoaffective Disorder and she unfortunately remains in a closed locked psych unit, on state welfare, where she is denied the specialized care that could truly help her recover.

As many of you already know, I lost the conservatorship, (and thus my rights to help Kelly), in court on June 22-23, and Kelly has now been transferred (by the county conservators office) to a more restrictive unit where they are subjecting her to 'behavorial modification'. It is tough to watch as her vulnerable, one to two year old personalities surface involuntarily, only to be met by staff who are uninformed, misinformed, tired, unskilled and untrained to deal with SRA/MC.

Instead of expressing tender kindness, compassion and love, toward someone so tortured, Kelly's little personalities are met with further injections, restraints, and other punitive responses for behavior's that are misunderstood. At times, when she is in these child states, she cannot even talk due to the fact that she is switched into infant personalities and therefore cannot communicate what is happening. At other times she is switched into prostitute personalities who remove their clothing because that is what they were programmed to do.

Someone under mind control, with programming still in tact, is incapable of changing their robotic programmed behavior because their actions are hardwired into the brain by unconsciously driven mind control programming. The staff at the institution does not have the information to help them understand and should I provide it to them, once again, I will be seen as crazy and may risk losing my visiting privileges. It is so heartbreaking.

Yesterday, I went to see her in the early afternoon and called her from the car on the way. She was crying and sniffling and told me she was frustrated. By the time I got there she said they had given her three injections. What happened next was out of the twilight zone.

We were visiting in a side room and a male staff member came down the hall outside the door saying, "Follow the yellow brick road!" Then he began singing it repeatedly as he went by. It was so clear to hear those words and I was unable to believe what I was hearing. I thought, this must be a coincidence but later on, after I thought more about it, I think it was on purpose. Kelly had been drawing with me and in response to the 'Oz treatment' she began to draw a rainbow ("over the rainbow") and a dolphin--which are programming reinforcements. God when does this stop? The only answer I know of is that it will stop when people do something to stop it and until then horrors will continue being visited on already tortured, innocent victims who cannot yet help themselves.

Kelly told me that she's scared a lot there in the institution and that she is shaky. Her body does visibly shake at times. I reached over to feel her arm and she was shaking and her body was cold in spite of the fact that it was so hot outside that they wouldn't let us visit on the patio. Then she became so sleepy from the drugs that her eyes began to close involuntarily and she said she had a very bad headache and wanted to go to bed.

I am so concerned and don't know what to do. Unless the county system recognizes and treats Kelly for DID and helps her dismantle her programming she will never recover. They are asking her to do things she clearly is not capable of yet. She asked me innocently, "Mommy, is it really okay for me to be in here? Can't you just take me home now?" or, "If they take me somewhere else how will you find me?" Her comments and questions just rip me up. I am praying for a miracle.

We really need to get organized and get the word out on the reality of mind control programming, ritual abuse, etc. Since the court system, lacking information and filled with the possibility of corruption, is not a place to win for these victims, I think a documentary is the most efficient, productive and timely way to get this information to the public. This would be a way to counteract the propaganda campaign by the FMSF and others whose political agenda is to keep secret these atrocities. I am envisioning the documentary being made effectively, reaching lots of people with the information and being powerful in waking people up! Entertaining, thoughtful education, providing vital documented information, is the only way I know to change the current status of Kelly's situation and these actions taken to help Kelly will also pave the way for more humane care for other victims of mind control and ritual abuse who might find themselves in the system or requiring hospitalization during times of crisis.

An appeal has been filed in an attempt to turn Kelly's situation around. My intent is to have someone other than the state named as conservator. I have only 4 more months to strategize in order to legally make Kelly's way toward more humane and effective treatment. Kelly desperately needs a conservator who will insure that she is not subjected to treatment that is not appropriate for her condition and can protect her from receiving electroconvulsiveshock therapy (ECT). I believe at this time that Kelly's life is in jeopardy, due to her constant emotional distress, risk from program dictated suicide, improper treatment due to wrong diagnosis, mass amounts of drugs which are causing her to deteriorate (severe nosebleeds, incontinence, increased dissociation and emotional devastation), and the possibility of someone accessing and harming her while she is in the institution.

Please help Kelly in any way you can.

If you or anyone you know would like to help, please send a tax deducible donation made out to Mothers Against Sexual Abuse and send to:

Mothers Against Sexual Abuse
503 1/2 Myrtle Avenue, #9
Monrovia, CA 91016
Please write on your check: Kelly Ford Defense Fund

God Bless you,

Brice Taylor (Sue Ford)