Subject: Waco-Like Standoff Brewing in Texas: Please Forward to Protect Lives of Gray Family Fwd: [Texas Standoff] PRESS RELEASE FROM THE GRAY'S - Please pass it on
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2000 15:53:59 -0400

IAHF LIST: See the Press Release below my comments from the Gray family who are currently under Siege by the FEDSTAPO in Texas where they're holed up on their ranch, armed to the teeth and ready to send the FEDSTAPO home in body bags. Will the Fedstapo move in and kill them all a la Ruby Ridge and WACO? Will they all be burned alive like crispy critters, incinerated inside their own home, mowed down under a hail of machine gun fire, fired on by snipers, and assaulted by helicopter gunships and tanks just like the Branch Dividians or the Weaver Family?

Welcome to Amerika in 2000, hub of the "New Whirrrrrrld  Odor" where our Nazi government thinks they own our bodies, minds, and souls, (and yours too, regardless of what country YOU live in)! They wish to exterminate all dissidents, that was the message they attempted to give us via WACO!

When I lived in Florida I was subjected to battery, false arrest and false imprisonment after my car broke down and I refused to show the cop ID informing him that America was not Nazi Germany and I didn't need to show my "papers" when my car was broken down when what I needed was a hand, not a ration of SHIT! The cop disagreed, threw me in the Broward County Jail on trumped up charges, and impounded my broken down car having a kick back scheme going with the pound. I refused to be fingerprinted or stand for mug shots, and got out by posting bond, the charges against me were dropped by the state's attorney, I filed a letter of intent to sue but later elected to drop it because I moved out of state and it would have taken me about 3 years to finally possibly win a lawsuit against the City of Hallandale Florida. I just didn't have the time or money to make repeated trips from Virginia down to S.Florida to make court appearances plus there were death threats against me down there. I can thus strongly identify with the situation faced by Joe Gray and his family in Texas who is holed up on his ranch with his family in a standoff with the Feds. Will the MJTF storm in and murder Joe, his wife, kids, and grandchildren just like they murdered the innocent people at WACO?

They MIGHT unless more people from around the world read this and make an effort to oppose what is going on. The UN plan to disarm the American people simply will not work- and  if they persist in trying, there will only be a LOT of standoffs of the sort brewing in Texas, and a lot of Feds and UN troops will be sent home in body bags for disrespecting our fundamental, basic God given rights and freedoms including the right to ingest whatever we wish into our bodies! The only thing protecting our access to vitamins right  against the Global Pharma Cartel and their stooges in government is our unrelenting activism and our GUNS! Although many sources of information are provided below for more information on the Joe Gray standoff, the best sources are APFN (American Patriots and Friends Network),
and Alex Jones "INFOWARS" website at

At the UN Millenium Assembly and Summit (Sept 5-9) in NYC, about 500 Treaties will be signed as the UN convenes the largest gathering of heads of state in world history in an unprecedented push to shove a world totalitarian dictatorship down our throats. Expect a massive push in Congress after this UN meeting to try to ratify the Earth Charter. The Earth Charter is a genocide agenda intended to spearhead a radical culling of our numbers, but its time for we, the "useless eaters" to rise up in open rebellion against the UN and their puppets in government all over the world- especially with the UN CODEX Vitamin issue!
They don't WANT us to live a long time.... plays hob with entitlement programs like Social Security. Problem is the UN wants eradicate Christianity to impose a one world religion (GAIA WORSHIP) and they want to turn us into microchipped, mind controlled slaves: a "psychocivilized society". They have the technology to do this waiting in the wings. Much of it was developed through the CIA's MKULTRA Mind Control Program- which has direct ties to the Nazi eugenics movement via Project Paperclip where most of the top Nazi scientists were brought to the USA and Canada in the aftermath of WW2 by the CIA. See Advocacy Committee Human Experimentation and Mind Control also see article documenting human experimentation/Mind control experiments by CIA Also see website of Applied Digital Solutions re their injectable microchip technology and the spin control they're putting out so that people will accept it as "good". They have refused to establish an ethics board because it would limit their sales. I have communicated with them about this by email. How would you like to be monitored 24/7 and tracked by satellite? Go to the "digital angel" website and fill out their feedback form telling them you want them to establish an ethics board, and you want me to be on it. Don't tell me I'm "paranoid"- check out REALITY!  

Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2000 14:26:17 -0700
From: American Patriot Friends Network <>
To: Al Adask <>, TEXAS RANGERS <>,
        American Patriot Friends Network <>
Subject: [Texas Standoff] PRESS RELEASE FROM THE GRAY'S - Please pass it on


 Saturday, 19-Aug-2000 16:55:47



In order to clear up misinformation surrounding the Gray family we have chosen to release a statement of pertinent information regarding and in relation to the current circumstances. The following statement is true to the best of my knowledge.

1. Arrest warrant for John Joe Gray. According to the information we have, Joe has a warrant issued for him for the charges of disarming a police officer and assault on a police officer. The circumstances surrounding this are as follows.

On Dec. 24, 1999, an individual with whom we re acquainted named Curtis Hartin arrived at our house near Trinidad, Texas, and suggested we take a ride to Palestine to look at a cabin which Joe had built for a friend. When asked if he were going to carry a gun, Joe replied he thought it wasn t such a good idea as he thought the police were watching closely. When Curtis said he was going to carry and suggested Joe do the same, Joe agreed to do so. Other guns in the car belonged to Curtis.

During the trip, Curtis, driving, continued to exceed the speed limit and Joe cautioned him about it. Curtis insisted he had the latest anti-radar gear. As they approached Palestine, Curtis sped past a DPS car with two officers inside.

The officers turned around, followed, and stopped the vehicle in which Joe was a passenger. After being told to get out, Curtis quickly exited the vehicle and said to Joe, Sorry, Joe.

The other officer went around to Joe s side, opened the door, and asked Joe if he was armed. Joe sat there calmly and replied that he was. After the officer asked Joe if he had a concealed carry permit, Joe replied he didn t need one, it was his God-given right and confirmed by the constitution.

The officer shouted that it was not a right, drew his pistol, aimed it at Joe and screamed for Joe to get out of the car. As Joe reached up to move the automatic seatbelt so he could exit, the officer start shouting, He s going for his gun, he s going for his gun!

Joe calmly replied he wasn t going for his gun and sat back down with his feet on the ground as the officer continued to shout. The other officer at this time jumped in the back seat, grabbed Joe s right arm and handcuffed it.

As the officer started pulling on Joe s arm and trying to get his other arm, Joe pushed back against the officer. At some point Joe was hit in the side of the head by one of the officer and following that, both of them ended up on the grass with the officer s arm around Joe s head and face. At that moment, Joe bite down. The officer started yelling and the other officer started spraying Joe with pepper spray. Joe then quit biting the officer.

After first aid from an EMT who had arrived, Joe was taken to the county jail in Palestine.

Joe remained in the Palestine jail for two weeks without any charges being filed.

During the time he was in the jail they attempted to inject Joe with a white fluid in a needle and syringe Joe described as a size intended for large livestock, saying it was a TB test. Joe refused and was kept in solitary confinement much of the time. Joe was not allowed any phone calls for the first three days.

After two weeks, during which I paid my locally obtained attorney $1000 to file a writ, Joe had a hearing which he assumed was related to the writ. No writ was ever filed. The hearing was a bond reduction hearing.

Originally, Joe s bond was set at $300,000 & despite not being charged with anything. After Joe s bond was reduced to $52,000, again, no charges, we used a rent house we owned as collateral and bonded Joe out.

Some of the conditions of the release imposed by the judge included not being on any property with a firearm nor could he own any interest in any property on which firearms might be carried. Furthermore, he was to report to a probation officer weekly in Athens despite not being charged with anything. Joe came back to Trinidad and hasn t left.

Circumstances lead us to believe the bondsman was interested in the property used for collateral. We later found out Joe s attorney, who did not file a writ as he was paid to do (we have a receipt), was closely related to the prosecuting attorney.

We have been told there was a grand jury hearing in May. We weren t notified. From this grand jury came the charges, I assume.

2. Custody of children. This question is simple. While driving through town on our daughters birthday, she and her husband Keith were stopped by the police where it was discovered that Keith had three unpaid traffic tickets and a subsequent arrest warrant.

When they were taken in, although stating her name, Lisa chose not to reveal her date of birth. In any case, it was her husband, not her who was arrested. Lisa was held in jail for failure to identify. When Keith got out, he was supposed to get her out but failed to do so. When she finally got out they came to our house at which time Keith left again.

After two weeks, Keith filed for divorce. During the child custody hearing, Lisa, having no faith in the courts chose not to attend. She has never been served any papers related to the custody of the children.

3. Other contributing factors include Joe s distribution of constitutional information to local judges and police departments and sheriff s departments. None seem to have any interest in real law. By their very actions, they are outlaws & outside the law. So I guess we re known as some of those weird people who still believe in the constitution as well as the Bible.

God s word is the sole guide for our family. We are not members of the Kingdom of Heaven Church. We believe in God s Word as it is written. We also believe the constitution is the law of the land as it says and we believe and will follow it as it is written and as our founders wrote and intended it to be.

Our faith in God is strong and unbending & our resolve is without compromise. May God bless you and be merciful to you according to His will.

Alicia Nell Gray


August 18, 2000
Aug 18, 2000
Standoff continues amid attack rumors By JIM HENDERSON and MALLORY COUNTRYMAN
Copyright 2000 Houston Chronicle
Source: Many thanks to Alex Jones for driving over 500 miles in the middle of the night to expose an impending Federal raid on the Gray family farm. For all those who don't believe the Fed's were involved, you need to listen to this report! We should all be thankful that we have a patriot willing to go the extra mile for freedom! Click below to listen to the interview.
Ellis County Press
Click below more info about the Joe Gray family.
INFOWARS (Alex Jones home page)
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From: Michael Stracner -
Subject: Re: Militia activist becomes marshal of Texas town
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2000 00:59:46 -0700

I am a member of the Kentucky State Militia. I ran for and was elected as a Constable in my county. I also am untrained but since I have applied for and received my own ORI # I am a full fledged law enforcement agency.

Without Justice, there is JUST_US!

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