Subject: Banner to Lead People to the IAHF Website: Please Post on Your Site!! Powerful Alt. Med Search Engine You Can List Your Site On IAHF Reaches Out for Reciprocal Links To Destroy Pharma Cartel - Pass the Word!
From: John Hammell
Date: Sat, 08 Jul 2000 16:26:44 -0400

All Webmasters: Please post attached IAHF banner on your site - will make reciprocal links.

Everyone: Please forward, also examine new search engine for alternative health websites. List your site on it.


Please help lead people to the IAHF site, by putting the attached IAHF banner on your site!!

When fighting the Pharma Cartel, FDA, their international counterparts, sold out controlled opposition groups,corrupt vitamin trade associations, & their despicable stooges in government there is safety in numbers!!

The more people who can reach the IAHF site in order to see through the spin control of the Cartel, the FDA, their international counterparts and the Controlled Opposition Groups, the better!!!

If you put my banner on your site and want a reciprocal link, please let me know! Throughout the summer, IAHF will be reaching out deeper and deeper into the vast uncharted regions of cyberspace creating more and more reciprocal links!! By doing this, traffic to the website will increase radically, and multitudes more vitamin/herb consumers, manufacturers and health food stores will join the IAHF email list, make contributions and sign on as regular paying clients so that whenever we need to pull the trigger, we'll be able to make fax machines run out of paper and ink, we'll be able to lay siege to whoever needs to be reasoned with or feel the knife to their throat, we'll be able to get the meeting or generate the flood of email, faxes, letters and phone calls that we need in order to get the bloody job done!

The Cartel may have more money than we do, but they'll never match IAHF's numbers, our energy, our truth or our fighting spirit! Whenever they do ANYTHING we must be on them LIKE GLUE. Sold out controlled opposition groups and other bastions of mewling puking babes waste time playing diplomatic games - but ONLY IAHF goes straight for the Cartel's THROAT with the ruthless vengeance of a pack of heat seeking pirranhas having learned from Neville Chamberlain's example prior to WW2 that you CANNOT negotiate with Nazis and expect to beat them, the ONLY thing they respect is raw naked unrestrained balls out aggression coupled with guile and an ability to get the inside story which ONLY IAHF provides in abundance! We can't win by playing their game, we WILL win by making THEM play OUR game, firm in the belief that they have a COLLOSAL NERVE daring to offend us as they do! Our best DEFENSE is a GOOD OFFENSE!

You might also enjoy browsing alternative health websites via and if you have a website, you can list it with them at no charge like I just did. This seems like a very useful website to me.

I browsed through several very interesting sites that I found with it including Dr.Bates Orthomolecular Website at
I just asked my webmaster to put a banner for their site on the IAHF site to help more people find it.

From: Good Health Directory
Subject: Powerful Health Search Engine
Organization: Good Health Directory
Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2000 19:59:23 -0400

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