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Subject: American Assoc. Pharmaceutical Scientists To Hold Dietary Supplements Forum June 28-30 in Virginia As Drug Cartel Makes Move on Supplement Industry. Globalists Seek to Radically Expand NAFTA as Chinese are Given Control of the Panama Canal (Still think DSHEA is protecting us??? How Much Longer Will There BE an America?)
From: John Hammell
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2000 22:32:34 -0400

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IAHF List: See the url above. This is not a good sign, but it shouldn't be surprising either.

The AAPS (American Assoc of Pharmaceutical Scientists) are not people who think the way dietary supplement consumers think.

They would like to get dietary supplements legally redefined as "drugs" so that they can be "patented" and exclusivity rights granted... just like with the drugs that they help develop right now. The patent process helps them earn big bucks as pharmaceutical scientists.

They want to push things to full Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (Pharmaceutical) Good Manufacturing Practice Standards, and they don't think herbal products should be allowed to be sold unless they're "standardized" which is a process that turns a whole herbal product into a "drug" by "potentizing" one or more of the constituents of the herb. This wrecks the synergy of the whole herb. Man is not smart enough to second guess God, but members of the AAPS don't take this few, so extreme is their arrogance. A push to full HACCP standards would destroy the supplement industry by driving all the smaller companies out of business, as the dog eat dog process of mergers and acquisitions occurrs at the top of the food chain.

Beth Yetley, that criminal from the FDA who has refused to listen to Congressmen Burton, Paul, Stump, Cook, and De Fazio when asked in writing to NOT PUT the NAS "risk assessment" paper on the table at Codex did so ANYWAY will be speaking at this AAPS meeting.

So will industry whores from CRN, and AHPA who no consumer should trust because they're the sort of people who would sell us out in a heart beat.

Please join me in scrutinizing their Program. We need to monitor this meeting if possible. The enemy definitly has BIG PLANS for our dietary supplements, and they really don't give a DAMN how any of US feel about our access to them.

I'm continuously amazed by the naivety of some people in the supplement industry, as well as many consumers who don't think that what is happening in Norway,Germany and other countries where the pharma cartel dominates and heavily restricts consumer access to supplements, could happen here.

Efforts are underway to massively expand NAFTA in order to form an "American Union" of countries to include USA, Canada, Mexico and all of Central America. This is to be similar to the European Union. Once they've accomplished this, they intend to merge the two together by forcing us into a world government. They intend to do this by allowing the Chinese to control the Panama Canal, and they intend to have China and Russia launch a nuclear strike against the USA sometime within the next 4 years. PDD 2525 which Clinton signed orders the US to absorb a first strike.

Their goal is to decimate the USA in order to force us into a world government.

See the following email which corroborates the truth of these heavy assertions:

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Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 23:12:24 -0400

(From Jim Hardin - PLEASE READ!!!!!!!) Friends,

First, an update on Freedom Page responses. Although I respond to many of you each night, time does not allow me to respond to everyone each night. I try to respond to each of you that need a quick response. If I can't add anything to a response, it is discarded after reading the input. Others, I flag for a response. I am currently up to March 16th, 2000 (about a month behind).

Since many of these require some research or additional verification for articles sent to the list, a lot of time is required. While the delay is a problem, it is a good problem because it shows interest, support, and a desire to verify articles before forwarding my messages.

I thank each of you for forwarding my articles, but please understand that I receive a couple of hundred responses per night and it takes a lot of time to respond to everyone.

Regarding this article, something to keep in mind is now that China controls the Panama Canal, we will see China's imports "sneaked" into the US via NAFTA through Mexico. And, this will not show up as a trade imbalance with China.

In addition, I see in the south, thousands of jobs in the garment industry lost to NAFTA . I also see thousands of jobs lost to Mexicans coming into our country. It is getting so bad in Alabama, that there is discussion of state forms to be in Spanish and some companies are beginning to advertise in Spanish.

While I'm not opposed to immigration, I am opposed to a government policy that hurts Americans.

Jim Hardin

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Alabama Committee To Get Us Out of the UN


NAFTA - No American Factories Taking Applications
The NAFTA Corridors And The Panama Canal Connection By Tim Shaw <<> - Reform Party US Constitution Sub-Committee Team Leader 4-8-00

"Indeed, the great sucking sound that was so feared during the negotiations for the passage of NAFTA in late 1993 is being heard and cheered today...for it is the sound of corporate America gravitating toward this international trade corridor. It is the surge of products moving to market and the sound of money filling coffers. It is the free enterprise system at work." North American Superhighway Coalition (NASCO) "They'll want to demonstrate to a distant part of the world that they can be a responsible partner...And I would be very surprised if any adverse consequences flowed from the Chinese running the [ Panama ] Canal." President Bill Clinton Oval Office interview November 31, 1999 "Seen from the changes in the world situation and the United States' hegemonic strategy for creating monopolarity, war is inevitable...We cannot avoid it. The issue is that the Chinese armed forces must control the initiative in this war....We must be prepared to fight for one year, two years, three years or even longer." Chi Haotian, Chinese Defense Minister Cheng Ming, Hong Kong's newspaper January 11, 2000

INTRODUCTION What you are about to read will shock you. While the Reform Party has been embattled in a bitter fight for control of our party, NAFTA's expansion is about to get a boost beyond anything we have ever envisioned. The following began with a phone call from a Reformer in Kansas City, Missouri named Dennis Carriger to myself a few weeks ago. He explained to me that there were plans to build a "NAFTA Corridor" between the United States, Canada, and Mexico and that this Corridor would be I-35. The NAFTA Corridor would run from the southern border at Loredo, TX right to Kansas City, MO where an international hub would be built on the Richard-Gebaur AFB. From this hub, the rest of our nation would be serviced. Dennis was quite concerned about this but was not online. He asked me to research it for him and what I discovered was astounding. This is truly the "mother of all issues" and spells out a not only a free trade disaster for our nation, but a incredible threat to our country by the communist Chinese.

As you will see, when the pieces are put together, the puzzle begins to make sense. NAFTA expansion, defense cutbacks, campaign finance violations, the Panama Canal transfer, and a hostel threat from the Chinese are all rolled into one here....including perhaps the reason the Reform Party is in a fight to the death over our very principles. This information below will be posted on the National Reform Party's U.S. Constitution Sub-Committee page at as well as sent by e-mail to whoever will take the time to read it. While we will continually update you on this issue, the following is intended for use as a convenient format for handout or mailout.

OVERVIEW 1.THERE WILL BE 43 NAFTA CORRIDORS ALL THROUGHOUT THE U.S. Dennis had stumbled upon the "main Corridor" which was indeed I-35. What I discovered is that there are 42 other NAFTA Corridors in the works all over our nation. From east to west, north to south they have us covered and Kansas City will be the homebase hub for the project. From San Diego to Maine and Seattle to Florida, goods will be shipped duty free out of Mexico. You may view a map of them here: or on the attached page if this is a printed copy. The Corridors have received $700 million in federal funding from the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21) which was lobbied heavily by such pro-NAFTA organizations as the North American Superhighway Coalition (NASCO). TEA-21 is split into two funding categories: The National Corridor Planning and Development program and Coordinated Border Infrastructure program. These programs use highway improvement and traffic relief as a cover for more convent passage for NAFTA transport.

2. THE ORIGIN OF THE CORRIDORS WILL NOT BE MEXICO BUT THE PANAMA CANAL WHICH IS NOW CONTROLLED BY THE COMMUNIST CHINESE. On December 31st 1999, the Panama Canal was signed over to the country of Panama. Panama has in turn leased the Canal to the Chinese company Hutchison-Whampoa, a subsidiary of COSCO (The Chinese Overseas Shipping Corporation). Both COSCO and Hutchison-Whampoa are front organization for the communist Chinese. We will now have Chinese made goods (as well as drugs and perhaps bombs or terrorists) being shipped duty free all throughout our nation. Fewer then 1% of the trucks crossing the border at Loredo, TX are searched. Kansas City Southern Railroad, who will run the Kansas City NAFTA hub when completed, is entering a joint venture with Mi-Jack Products Inc to begin construction of a rail line parallel to the Panama Canal and has been buying up Mexican rail lines for improvement. Funding for this project will come from none other than the International Finance Corporation, which is the private lending unit of the World Bank. This would give the Chinese the capability to ship whatever they want, wherever they want within the United States and make the NAFTA Corridors a "red trojan horse" of communist aggression. You may view a map of the I-35 NAFTA Corridor showing the origin of the Panama Canal here:

3. A CHINESE CONTROLLED PANAMA CANAL WILL LEAD TO UNTHINKABLE CONSEQUENCES. China will effectively own, operate, and control the Panama Canal. They will indeed have the ability to shut the Canal down. Under Panama Law No. 5, passed in 1997, the United States military cannot intervene in such a case unless the Panamanian government first grants us permission. The Panamanian government will undoubtedly be bribed by COSCO. China will control both anchor ports, Balboa on the pacific end and Cristobal on the atlantic end. China will take over the Rodman Naval Base on the pacific end capable of handling, supplying, refueling, or repairing just about any warship. They will be permitted to hire new "pilots" for the Canal. Pilots are responsible for complete control of who or what passes through the Canal and in what order. The U.S. Navy would therefore lose its primary passage status in the Canal and be forced to wait in line with everyone else. In the event of war, our supply ships would not be able to reach our warships. Unloading will be completely controlled by the Chinese and reloading for passage into America will go unchecked. Using the NAFTA Corridors, drugs, bombs, and no telling what else would be shipped across our borders. Chinese Defense Minister, Chi Haotian, has stated as late as January 11, 2000 that war with the United States is inevitable and that China must control the "initiative" in that war. As late as March 1, 2000 the Chinese government has vowed to target American cities with missiles should we intervene in an attack on Taiwan. We were told that the Japanese would never attack Pearl Harbor. We were told the Russians would never be in Cuba. Today, we are being told the Chinese would never shut down the Panama Canal and use their Corridors to attack American cities. Even without Corridor access in place, a Chinese presence in the Canal poses a dangerous threat to the American people.

4. COSCO's LONG BEACH SHIPPING PORT PART OF CORRIDORS. Bill Clinton personally intervened in an attempt to lease the Long Beach Naval Base in Long Beach, California to COSCO back in 1997. We were able to defeat this treasonous act but the NAFTA Corridor connection begged to be looked into still. Sure enough, going east from southern California will be a "Transamerica Corridor" using a number of corridors with Kansas City access partway before heading onward to Virginia. Clinton shut down the Long Beach Naval Base by 1996 and Kansas City's Richards-Gebaur Air Force base officially closed in 1994. Since 1989, a total of 163 bases nationwide with 119,000 military and civilian personnel have been marked for closure. California saw over 21 bases closed by 1994 alone. This is NAFTA expansion at the expense of our national defense and the Chinese are taking advantage.

5. CHINAGATE CONNECTED TO THE CORRIDORS. During the NAFTA battle in 1993, Ross Perot warned us that the Chinese would soon be in Mexico and people scoffed. That same year, Clinton must have known that China would acquire the Panama Canal in 1999 and with the Corridors in mind, took campaign donations. This explains his eagerness to give them the Long Beach Port, as well as his shutting down various military bases which will be used as minor hubs all around the US for NAFTA expansion. Chinagate gives credence to this connection and would certainly explain why both China and Clinton/Gore had a vested interest in one another. This alone was the proper reason for impeachment, yet Congress refused to focus on the Chinese connection.

5. NAFTA CORRIDORS STALLED BY REFORM PARTY AND OTHER PATRIOTS. In 1993 United We Stand America, led the fight against NAFTA. Since it's passage we have continued to fight (now as the Reform Party) and have been a thorn in the side of the globalist plan for free trade expansion. So far, we have stalled them in Kansas City, costing them millions. If you remember, NAFTA was supposed to have depleted our tariffs by 2000. The I-35 Corridor was scheduled to be completed by 2000. The Chinese were to have control of the Long Beach Naval Base and the Panama Canal by 2000. They had it all planned to go for 2000--but have only secured the Canal so far. They are behind schedule. What to do about the Reform Party which has been such a burden to them? Enter Jesse Ventura and Jack Gargen.

6. VENTURA CONNECTION. Looking at a map of I-35 one can't help but notice that the interstate runs straight to none other than Jesse "the free trader" Ventura. Duluth, Minnesota is the last stop on the line before it passes into Canada. I-35 also runs right to Minneapolis/St. Paul. During the Seattle Riots, Ventura became a poster child for free trade praising NAFTA, GATT, and the WTO. He called for China to be admitted into the WTO along with President Clinton during his recent trip to Washington DC. In 1998, as their scheduled deadline of 2000 was fast approaching and with the Reform Party still a viable threat, we were graced with the presence of Jesse Ventura. Since soon after his inauguration, he became a source of infighting and bickering within the party, primarily created by his hand picked (and now ousted chairman, Jack Gargen).

As this report is written, the Reform Party has been completely stalled and bogged down with fighting his people who clearly have no goal in mind but to wipe the party from the face of the earth in 2000. Ventura's support of NAFTA as being good for "BUSINESS" in his state and his vow to remove the planks, which object to free trade triggered an urgent battle for our very principles. According to Charles Sanft, Minnesota's Planning Director of Transportation, "Governor Ventura's proposed 'Moving Minnesota' transportation investment strategy contains specific additional funding for Minnesota's Interregional Corridors, and improvements to Twin Cities bottlenecks. Both of these categories include I-35. Given these facts, I think you can see that Governor Ventura, via our Department and Mn/DOT Commissioner Tinklenberg, is very interested in the future of I-35 and how it can continue to serve our local, regional and international commerce needs." While we are winning the battle for our party, the Establishment has us right where they want us--arguing, infighting, and focused away from them. Their goal is to discredit the party so they can complete their goals without the threat of the Reform Party to hinder them. Ventura has since left the party and anti-globalist, Pat Choate has been elected in place of Jack Gargen. While the free trade takeover of the party was a failure, we expect Ventura's people will no doubt continue to tie up our time.

7. SOLUTION: IF CONGRESS ACTS ON THE ILLEGAL TRANSFER OF THE PANAMA CANAL WE CAN SAVE AMERICA FROM DANGER. All Congress has to do to reclaim our Canal is simply to exercise the separation of powers. The 1903 Hay-Buanu-Varilla Treaty between the United States and Panama has never been constitutionally terminated and is thus still in effect. This makes transfer of the Canal to the country of Panama illegal. The 1977 Carter-Torrijos treaties are null and void based on the fact that the United States and Panama did not agree to the same text of the treaty and even stipulated to conditions that are in fundamental conflict with one another. Although the United States still legally maintains sovereignty in perpetuity over the Canal and the Canal Zone, the executive branch of our government since 1977 has continued in the process of illegal transfer. Finally here in 2000, our Congress has stood back and allowed transfer of the Canal to communist China who claims that "War is inevitable with the U.S." and that they must "control the initiative in this war". Rep Helen Chenowroth has proposed H.J. Res. 77 "The Panama and America Security Act" to take our Canal back but needs our help. This is an election year and if enough voices are heard, this could become a hot issue in Congress resulting in the reclaiming of our Canal. President Clinton could not veto the resolution if Congress terminates the 1977 Carter-Trorrijos Treaty (though he may try). By termination of that treaty and taking back our Canal, the plan to expand NAFTA Corridors all though out the United States would be dealt a major setback. Though China could still operate out of Mexico just as easily, the acquisition of the Canal played a major role in the NAFTA Corridor Connection. The Corridors are already behind schedule and passage of H.R. Res 77 would deal them a deathblow. Please call your congressman today and ask them to support the resolution. Please pass this information on to a friend. Together we can protect our Republic.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SPEAK TO ME OR RECEIVE A "SAVE OUR PANAMA CANAL BUTTON!" CALL Tim Shaw - Reform Party U.S. Constitution Sub-Committee Team Leader (215) 324-1906

Global Fascists to Take Over U.S.

Protests, Demonstrations Planned 3-27-00

The Global Fascists of the World Trade Organization are about to maker a major play for the complete overthrow of the united States and its submergence into something the WTO calls the "American Union." Unsurprisingly, this news has motivated groups as diverse as the rightist Buchanan supporters, "old-left" pro-labor groups and environmental organizations as well as those opposed to multinational corporate globalism to announce they will hold MASSIVE street demonstrations in Washington D.C. during the upcoming WTO coven in the U.S. capital, beginning April 16. The timing of the blatant, frontal WTO assault upon American sovereignty coming as it does when G. Dubya Bush is convinced he's about to become the first Emperor-in-Chief of the U.S. cannot be overlooked or dismissed. This WTO event calls for a HUGE, WIDE-SCALE and HARD-CORE action on the part of the PEOPLE of this country; and by God, NewsHawk will do all we can to ensure that is exactly what happens. This could be our final chance to stand up for our national and PERSONAL sovereignty, before global fascists puts a lock on the situation. NewsHawk WILL BE THERE, in the streets of Washington D.C., on April 16!!! Our intention: To shut the WTO DOWN in this country, PERMANENTLY!
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Another WTO Protest Planned Exclusive to The SPOTLIGHT

By James P. Tucker Jr.

Organizers of the WTO protests in Seattle are gearing up for similar massive anti-globalist demonstrations in Wash ing ton, D.C., when the world's financial leaders gather this April. More than 60 organizations, ranging from the ideological left to followers of Pat Buchanan, plan Seattle-style demonstrations April 16 when the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) meet in Washington. It is to be a "strong stand against corporate globalization," said Mark Weisbrot, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington. His latest conclusions were presented at a press conference by the umbrella group, Mobilization for Global Justice, on March 14. The groups plan to lobby Congress, hold educational forums and conduct peaceful demonstrations during the annual joint meeting of the World Bank and IMF.

Police said they are prepared to block the type of violence that shut down a meeting of the World Trade Organization last November in Seattle. Many of the participating groups object to the World Trade Organization (WTO), World Bank, IMF and such trade agreements as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). And they point to victories attributable to their popular resistance.

"Although NAFTA was ratified, more recent efforts to extend this model have so far been defeated," Weisbrot said. He cited Congress' rejection of the Free Trade Area of the Americas"a 34-nation extension of NAFTA. David Rockefeller, a power in Bilderberg and its brother group, the Trilateral Commission (TC), has publicly called for expanding NAFTA to include all the Western Hemisphere, a preliminary to establishing an "American Union" similar to the European Union.

The Multinational Agreement on Investment, another NAFTA-expander, and "fast track" authority for the administration to negotiate trade deals that could be voted up or down "but not changed by Congress" have also failed to pass, Weisbrot said. "Although most people don't know much about it, there is an institution that causes more harm to working people than NAFTA: that is the IMF," said Weisbrot, a Ph.D. in economics who has written on the subject for the Cornell International Law Journal and other publications. "This is not a conspiracy theory; almost all of what we know about the IMF is in the form of publicly available information," Weisbrot said. "The information is there, but there are a couple of reasons that the IMF and its practices receive little attention. "First, the IMF deliberately tries to keep a low profile: its practices are as secretive and unaccountable as it can get away with," he said. "And second, the IMF hides behind a veil of 'technical expertise,' with the result that most people don't try to find out what it does."

The IMF imposes NAFTA-like conditions on countries. Just as NAFTA made it easier for U.S. corporations to move their operations to Mexico, he said, the IMF makes it easier for them to move almost anywhere in the world. "It forces governments to rewrite their laws, as NAFTA did to Mexico, so that they are more favorable to foreign investors," Weisbrot said. "This drives down wages everywhere and especially in those countries like the United States where businesses can threaten to move when workers try to unionize or demand higher pay. It also leads to job losses when these employers actually move their operations out of the country."

The IMF also forces countries to produce for export instead of domestic markets, causing global gluts that drive down prices and wages and encourage "dumping," he said. "Many of the 12,000 [U.S.] steel workers who lost their jobs over the last year are casualties of IMF policies in countries like South Korea, Russia and Brazil."