To: IAHF List
Subject: Pharmaceutical Shill Totally Exposed- Resorts to Ad Hominem Attack Final Nail Driven Into Dag Poleszynski's Coffin
From: John Hammell
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 14:15:12 -0400

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IAHF List: All over the world pharmaceutical interests are making use of double agents and controlled opposition groups as they seek to get control of the dietary supplement industry. We must all get to a point of being able to recognize who these people are. Ron Birckhead in Norway appraised me of nutritionist Dag Poleszynski's treacherous sell out actions years ago after Dag helped drive him out of business by running a protection racket on behalf of pharmaceutical interests who seek to dominate the industry, not only in Norway, but throughout the world!

As an American who moved to Norway in the late '80s, Birckhead set up a vitamin distribution business in Norway which enjoyed the same level of health freedom that existed in the USA at that time. He has since seen health freedom totally destroyed in Norway, and Dag P. played a major role in its destruction. Today, Polesynski is STILL pretending to fight for health freedom, but he will fool fewer and fewer people as more people read his ad hominem attack below and see his total inability to respond to cross examination. Shine the light of truth on this sort of liar, and the same thing happens every time- they resort to ad hominem attacks because they can't respond to the truth!

At 11:21 PM 4/11/2000 +0200, Dag wrote:
hope you get well soon, John. You are clearly not in good equilibrium.
Meanwhile, I am going to Berlin upon the invitation by Matthias Rath and
don't need any further cross examination from you. Nearly everything you write testifies to a man in need of help. I'm sorry for you.

Unable to respond to the truths I have asserted below, you are now resorting to this desperate ad hominem attack, much as you have towards my friend Ron Birckhead, the man who's successful lawsuits are the only reason Norwegians still have access to vitamin C and E powders after pharmaceutical interests sought to ban them.

You made a serious mistake when you attempted to sabotage Birckhead's health freedom efforts in Norway. If someone refuses to accept your traitorous sell out actions on behalf of pharmaceutical interests as you line your pockets to the detriment of vitamin consumers all over Norway and the world, your standard response is to question that person's sanity, because you can't argue with the truth, so this is your standard desperate response! How WEAK! How UNIMPRESSIVE!

If Rath has in FACT invited you to Berlin, (as you claim) it is only due to a lack of awareness as to the nature of your actions. Of one thing you can be CERTAIN- I WILL be in Berlin, and I will be discussing all of this with Rath directly, and if I see you there, expect fully to be challenged.

As a pathological liar, coming from a country where pathological lying is par for the course and an accepted part of the culture, you are obviously the sort of person who believes his own bullshit, and feels totally certain that you can con anyone if you put your mind to it. That is a shame, but you can rest assured that the truth is already catching up to you now that you've been duly exposed for the traitor that you are.

This fact remains: you have steadfastly been unwilling to publicly take a stand by declaring that dietary supplements are FOODS, not "drugs", never once have you condemned the undemocratic UN Codex Alimentarius Commission, or the WTO and its new criminal "court" the "Dispute Settleemnt Body" for the simple reason that it would be a conflict of interest for you to TAKE this stand!

Opprinnelig melding
Fra: John Hammell
Sendt: 11. april 2000 13:34
Emne: Norwegian Cartel Double Agent Exposed. Vitamin Consumers World Wide Take Note... Will Dag Poleszynski Keep Trying to Spin His Way Past the TRUTH? (Don't Pathological Liars Usually Try?)

At 03:36 PM 4/9/2000 +0200, Dag wrote:
You are still in the dark. Pharma Nord has registered a 750 mg vitamin C
tablet which can be bought freely in Norwegian pharmacies. Vitamins are
regulated as OTC drugs and require no prescription.

John wrote:
It is true, though, that the selection is deplorable, something which I always emphasize in lectures and articles on the subject.

How EXPENSIVE is this 750 mg vitamin C tablet that is ONLY AVAILABLE in the DRUG STORES and why the HELL can't it be sold in health food stores like it USED to be in Norway?

Just EXACTLY what role have YOU played as a change agent here to SHIFT these products OUT of the health food stores???

And just WHAT is your business relationship with Pharma Nord, eh? They attempted to communicate with me some years back. Did you send 'em my way by chance when I did not get in touch with you via email after the meeting in Bonn in '96 when you and Alex Schauss tried to TAG TEAM me to get me away from Birckhead?

Isn't Pharma Nord supplying major funding for an organization that you're involved with? How is it that Pharma Nord is the ONLY company that has government approval to sell Ginkgo Biloba in Norway, and did you or did you not play a role in setting THAT one up?

There are a couple of KEY questions that I've been asking that you appear to be unwilling to answer. I want supplements to be sold as FOODS by VITAMIN COMPANIES, not as DRUGS through PHARMACIES, yet when I ask you to make a public declaration that you would PREFER this approach, you seem strangely SILENT... and your SILENCE on this SPEAKS VOLUMES.

I have been informed by people in Norway that YOU played a major role in getting C and E powder REMOVED from the shelves of Norwegian Health Food stores leaving the government drug stores to be the exclusive sellers. If you dispute this assertion, please supply verifiable evidence that it is not true, and DO NOT refer me to Terapi Consult A/S, it has already been explained to me how they import Solaray products and how they worked through your PROTECTION RACKET to drive their competition out of business in Norway. Don't even THINK about tryin' to get me sued by anyone. I'm so far out in the boondocks that no one can FIND me to serve papers on me, and I LIKE IT that way!

I gather that they helped you start NONA, and that NONA's chief helped get vitamin C and E powder banned in health food stores by using the tightening of selective enforcement of government regulation to eliminate the competition.... ie.. anyone who wouldn't pay you PROTECTION MONEY. I gather that this kind of racket isn't even illegal in Norway, its just a part of doing business, sort of like in MEXICO, another country where pay offs and bribes are a way of life.

Do you receive any government funding? Please make a full disclosure of any current or past government funding that you either currently have or have had in the past. Personally, I am REPULSED by Socialism. If you either are currently or have been funded by the Norwegian government, then this would explain your efforts to SHIFT the sale of natural products from health food stores to the GOVERNMENT CONTROLED drug stores via which the Norwegian Oligarchy continues to profit by controlling the distribution system. Via this means, the average citizen gets SCREWED.... but THATS SOCIALISM! Tell you what man: I want you to make a PUBLIC WRITTEN DECLARATION DENOUNCING the United Nations, DENOUNCING the World Health Organization, DENOUNCING the Codex Alimentarius Commission, as I have done... What? You REFUSE? Well now, aint that just a bloody damn are lucky I didn't kick the piss out of you last time I saw you. Your actions are KILLING people, but you engage in so much ORWELLIAN "DOUBLE THINK" as a pathological LIAR that you don't even REALIZE it, and THAT is REALLY SCARY!

Dag Wrote:
As to your othe queries, I enclose my article from the Norwegian Medical Journal. Since you know people knowing Norwegian, I would be glad to send you a few om my several hundred articles stating my position. Yesterday I lectured for 100+ representatives of NUSKIN/Pharmanex. The enclosed list was shown as an example of the idiotic regulations we have in Norway on natural producs like glucosamin sulphate, niacin, omega-3-fatty acids (the limit is 3 grams per capsule), pycnogenol, Q10 (the free limit is 30 mg) and tryptofan. Melatonin and DHEA are on prescription only; adrenostenedion is classified as a substance for doping athletes, and GHB is a narcotic (see my article on this).

John Wrote:
You undoubtedly HAVE lectured for reps of NUSKIN/Pharmanex, but what was your POSITION in this? They paying you PROTECTION MONEY? I've been informed by a Norwegian source that YOU helped bring about the RESTRICTIONS on these products by fostering a SHIFT in the regulations from FOODS to "DRUGS" from Health Food Stores to DRUG STORES! When health freedom was under major attack in your country before everyone got SCREWED, you kept telling people in the business that they should trust your countries FDA and that things would NOT end up as they did, and now you're "complaining"? Could those in fact be "CROCODILE TEARS" as you line your pockets as a CHANGE AGENT? Come on, man, I wasn't born yesterday. My allies and are are seeing this SAME EXACT SHIT go on all over the bloody world! The Cartel can't bring about their conniving takeover without the help of some double agents, and you sure appear to me to be one of them.

We're seeing the same thing in Canada, South Africa, and here in the states as the big SELL OUT ensues... I trust YOU about as much as I trust ALEX, and he's lucky I didn't PUNCH HIS LIGHTS OUT that time in Bonn at the Codex meeting when he got ANGRY at me for not SHIFTING ALLIANCES from Birckhead to you... Come clean man, you guys were trying to TAG TEAM me in Bonn because Birckhead "KNOWS TOO MUCH" and you guys couldn't afford for ME to learn what he knows because you're WORRIED that we might inform consumers all over the WORLD and that we might monkeywrench your ACTION. Give me a break. You guys make me sick.

Dag Wrote:
As for interviews with me, search the web for my name, and you'll see (yahooh, for instance).

John Wrote:
Why bother? Again- VERY SIMPLE, Dag- What I need from you is a written, public declaration in which you unequivocally state that you favor dietary supplements being regulated as FOODS sold via HEALTH FOOD STORES, not as "DRUGS" which are only available via DRUG STORES. And don't give me this CRAP that people can freely import products into Norway from abroad. In THEORY maybe, but the REALITY is that you must have a PRESCRIPTION. Also, you can't get vitamin C or E powder in a drug store without SPECIAL ORDERING it, you can't just walk right in and buy it, and consumers want CAPSULES and TABLETS not powder, anyway. You know as well as I do how foul tasting B vitamin powders are...

Socialism really repulses me Dag. It puts unecessary restrictions on people so others can manipulate and exploit them... The government needs people to convince them to accept the chains.What is your exact political affiliation, Dag? Tell the truth. Make a full disclosure and come clean. Socialism messes up people's morals so bad that maybe you don't even grasp why I am so pissed off- people living under it sometimes get to a point where they can't even tell right from wrong anymore, they can't tell what is or is not a LIE! One fact remains: FOODS are NOT "Drugs". I gather that you are currently trying to get a law repealed that you originally blindly supported, but it really isn't at ALL clear to me where you stand now, except that I've asked you REPEATEDLY to issue a public statement that you favor the regulation of dietary supplements as FOODS not as "DRUGS" and you haven't come forth with one and THAT says it all.

Emne: Can Norways Dag Poleszynski Proove He's On the Side of Vitamin Consumers? Questions for Member of the Norwegian Codex Delegation
To:"Dag Viljen Poleszynski"

Dear Mr.Poleszynski:
I am unable to read Norwegian, however I have been told that your name is on Norwegian government documents (written in Norwegian) calling for vitamins to be regulated in Norway as drugs, and that you had a lot to do with the destruction of health freedom in Norway (See table below showing outrageous restrictions). I have been provided with a lot of specific details backing this assertion which seem very credible to me.

Dag Wrote:
Why don't you have somebody call anyone at the Norwegian delegation and ask them about my position. They all have been pestered by me for years to liberate the sale of nutrients. Here is one hint: Call Terapi Consult A/S, one of the major health products importer, and ask where I stand (Elvira Vibran or Per Morten Berg: +47 - 2202 6580)

John Wrote:
What I would need to offset this assertion is a written statement from you which repudiates the current Norwegian regulatory system. In your written statement you must publicly state that you oppose the regulation of vitamins, minerals and other dietary supplements (in ALL potencies) as drugs in Norway and throughout the world, that you are in complete solidarity with Dr.Rath on this issue- that you wish to assist him in bringing charges of genocide against any delegates (voting or non voting) who are unwilling to publicly repudiate the Codex vitamin proposal.

Dag Wrote:
For your information I have been invited as a guest by dr. Rath and associates for the pre-Codex meetings. It should be rather obvious that I support his struggle.

John Wrote:
Additionally, please provide evidence that you have been trying to CHANGE the Norwegian system so that these substances will instead be regulated as FOODS (regardless of their potency.)It would also help to see any written comments you may have made to the Norwegian Codex delegation repudiating the Codex vitamin proposal. I know someone who is fluent in Norwegian who can translate for me. My fax number is 540-745-6535 or you can mail these to me at POB 625 Floyd VA 23091 USA.

In your email you assert that Ed Fry sent misinformation to the Townsend Letter for Doctors about the regulatory situation in Norway given that vitamin C and E powder is available in pharmacies, but we're not talking about POWDER here, we're talking about vitamin C in capsule or tablet form, as customers prefer it, and Ed Fry was absolutely CORRECT in his assertion that you can't get it above 200 mg in capsule or tablet form unless you have a Dr.s prescription.

Here are the current restrictions on allowable vitamin potencies in Norway:
I've been informed that you played a major role in bringing this deplorable situation about.

Dag Wrote:
You must be nuts to suggest this. I am the only of 300 nutritionists having opposed the Norwegian regulations for 20 years.
[Dag Viljen Poleszynski]

John Wrote:
If you currently favor a radical change in Norwegian law so that vitamins of ALL POTENCIES will be regulated as FOODS, and so that all currently banned products will once again be available to Norwegian consumers as FOODS, please state your position in writing, along with a statement indicating complete solidarity with Dr.Rath's effort to charge any Codex delegates (voting or non voting) who are unwilling to publicly denounce the Codex vitamin proposal as accessories to genocide. (In the absence of a written declaration and supporting evidence attesting to your position as described above, I am left with no choice but to believe the accusations that have been made against you.)

Vitamin Dosage

A 1500mcg
Vitamin C 200 mg
D 10mcg
E 45 IU (drug stores 100IU)
K 200 mcg
B-1 2.4 mg (Note: thats 2 and 4 tenths mg)
B-2 2.8 mg (Yes only 2 and 8 tenths mg)
Niacin 32 mg (thirty-two)
B-6 4.2 mg (yes 4 and 2 tenths)
Folic Acid 200 mcg
B-12 9mcg
Panthten Acid 15 mg
Biotin 225 mcg


Potasium 1000mg
Calcium 1500mg
Phorphorus 1500mg
Magnesium 600mg
Iron 27mg
Zink 25mg
Iodine 225mcg
Copper 4mg
Manganese 5mg
Chromium 125mcg
Selenium 100mcg

Dag Wrote:
These limits are correct, but you don't need a prescription to buy vitamins or even minerals in bulk at the pharmacy. The point is that anything having a physiological effect in the body is a drug, with the exception of that which the government decides can be classified as foods or natural drugs (which can be sold in health food stores). I am very much against this, as anyone vaguely familiar with the public debate can tell you.
[Dag Viljen Poleszynski]



True, but one may import freely from the EU for personal consumption anything which is sold there legally without a prescription. YOU MUST HAVE A PERSCRIPTION (SEE ABOVE) [Dag Viljen Poleszynski]

This is only partially true. As said, vitamin C can be bought freely in one kilo jars (sodium ascorbate or ascorbic acid). In practice you really can't get them in the Norwegian FDA controled drug stores either.Only partially true; the selection is poor. You may for instance buy vitamin E in 100 mg tablets or even 350 mg capsules freely (Pharma Nord).