Subject: IAHF: Special Alert: the Myth of our National Sovereignty. Please Join Me at Anti WTO/IMF/World Bank DC Demo April 16,
From: John Hammell
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 10:15:02 -0500

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If you want to control a group of people, the most powerful form of control is of the covert variety, where the people being controlled and manipulated don't even REALIZE they're being controlled and manipulated.

This is the nature of the Codex International Scam to Steal Your Vitamins, the IRS's scam to steal your bread, and a lot of other things as well.

For the past 4 years, I have been communicating with true grass roots health freedom fighters all over the world in an effort to put the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together- so that we could come to understand the precise covert mechanisms of control by which the Drug Cartel has been orchestrating their global takeover campaign. Many a night I have been up into the wee hours communicating across time zones with people on the other side of the world, in order to see THEIR perspective on all of this, and so that they could see mine.

We began to see certain PATTERNS repeating themselves, and with shock we soon realized that the Drug Cartel is so COCKSURE that they will pull off this SCAM, that they aren't even being CAREFUL in a lot of ways- they're BRAZENLY using a COOKIE CUTTER approach, employing the SAME deceptive sleight of hand maneuvers in country after country, with GREAT EFFECTIVENESS due to their control of the mass media and politicians.

There are two sides to this battle: the nitty gritty here and now POLITICAL side, and also a SPIRITUAL side. We oppose secret combinations of men, acting clandestinely, and the TRUTH is not in them. We see that so clearly whenever they send out one of their smear stories, like the recent AP release that purports to turn all of Paulings, Rath's, and Cathcarts vitmin C research UPSIDE DOWN by their OUTRAGEOUS assertion that "vitamin C clogs arteries".

A wounded bear is most dangerous when hemmed into a CORNER, and RIGHT NOW the Drug Cartel is acting JUST LIKE a wounded bear in a corner. They KNOW they don't have the truth on their side, and they are DESPERATELY trying to force their greed driven agenda down our throats.

They SEE that they can't allow DSHEA like legislation to be enacted world wide, so they have to DESTROY AMERICA in order to neutralize THAT threat, and they're well on their way to stripping us of our sovereignty via the WTO control mechanism which far TOO FEW Americans have examined carefully and as a RESULT they STILL BELEIVE in the MYTH of our National Sovereignty, when in FACT, we are living under a world government RIGHT NOW and unless a LOT more people WAKE UP, QUICKLY enough, the VITAMINS they'll lose access to will only be the tip of the ICEBERG in terms of freedoms being stripped from us----- but you try explaining any of this to the average person, and even to those who are intelligent and should be able to SEE this stuff, and they DON'T- the DON'T because they're safe in their little comfort zones, going around in their daily lives like robots, not looking BEYOND the mainstream news media in order to SEEK OUT an understanding... on their OWN.

I was forced to do this. I HAD to do this because I had to SOMEHOW come to grips with the AWFUL TRUTH that I experienced at the first UN meeting that I attended in Germany in '96, which is that there IS a shadow government, its VERY REAL, it pulls the strings from BEHIND THE SCENES, and all this hoopla about an alleged "Presedential Race" is mere HOOPLA- window dressing, like some grandiose, and VERY TWISTED theater drama that is PUT ON for public consumption to give the ILLUSION that your vote counts, that it even MATTERS AT ALL.

The fact is that it does not unless you vote with your feet by voting for a third party candidate who has little or no chance of being elected (the Jesse Ventura breaks with this pattern are VERY VERY RARE.)

People don't want to believe it, but the Dispute Settlement Body of the WTO REALLY HAS been dismantling the sovereign laws of nations as they interfere with multinational profits, and they do NOT give a damn about the public health, the envirnment, human rights, labor rights, or ANYTHING ELSE except possibly controlling your butt from tit- to tomb, and they're working on that, just give 'em time...

If you try to alert people to these truths, MASSIVE efforts will be made to silence you, to marginalize you, to discredit you. Trust me. I know. After a while you will have trouble sleeping. It can prey on your mind and destroy a person. More than once the strain from seeing this has almost destroyed me.

Right Now, we stand at a historic threshold. We can STILL STOP the deception and EXPOSE it, but it will take a TEAM EFFORT. I can't roll this boulder uphill by myself. Its way too big.

What YOU _CAN_ Do: You can go to to the "Whats New" section and download the letter to Burton. Then you can go through your phone book and make a LIST on a CLIPBOARD of all the health food stores in your area, and you can make a bunch of copies of the form letter and you can discuss what is happening with the store manager and staff. Get permission to set up a LITERATURE table IN or JUST OUTSIDE the store, and HANG OUT for a few hours to pass out the flyer and to EDUCATE people.

Unless enough people do this, we MIGHT NOT STOP Codex, because the only way to stop it is to get an oversight hearing on the Vitamin issue especially on the unscientific NAS paper which was put on the table to grease the skids and for the DSB to use against us to force harmonization to the Codex vitamin standard.

This is part of a global genocide agenda to reduce world population. You don't WANT to believe that because you can't BELIEVE anyone could think that way, but then again, most of you have never been to a Codex meeting and seen the way the robots are running things...

Americans can go to a health food store and order just about anything. So they can't quite believe that what happened in Norway, Australia, Canada, Germany, S.Africa, or in other countries could POSSIBLY happen HERE. The brainwashing is indeed extensive. Watch the news and you see all the stories about the alleged "Presedential and Congressional" races, but its all WINDOW DRESSING. Please learn to see BEYOND this facade.... Please forward this alert to more people. Please FULLY REALIZE that CRN and NNFA are being manipulated from the top down by pharmaceutical interests, and they are NOT acting in the best interests of consumers, health food stores, or small manufacturers. If YOU are a small manufacturer, your days are NUMBERED. If you are a consumer, YOUR days are also NUMBERED. Learn to see BEYOND the facade, BEYOND the spin controlled lies, BEYOND those who seek to discredit the HARD LINERS like myself.

Please: Go to Download the Burton Form letter from Whats New- Take it around to health food stores- set up a table and EDUCATE PEOPLE- AND- JOIN me in DC in opposition to the WTO/IMF/World Bank at the DEMO on April 16th.

Please Forward This- And Please Realize that the protestors in Seattle covered the COMPLETE political spectrum. There were Christians, secular humanists, tree huggers, steel workers, students,young and old alike- a real cross spectrum of the REAL America at that N.30 demo in Seattle, but the MEDIA didn't WANT THAT story told.... so check out the TRUTH at and God help us in this battle against evil.