Subject: Open Letter from IAHF to Pascal Lamy, European Trade Commissioner: NO NEW ROUND FOR WTO!
From: John Hammell
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000 17:28:38 -0500

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Everyone: Forward Widely and Participate: Send Your OWN letter to Mr.Lamy, and participate in their meeting April 5th (see their intercepted communication below) in order to tell them what YOU think of the despotic, anti sovereignty, so called pro "world government" WTO! Go to for latest info on anti WTO demonstrations!


To: Mr.Pascal Lamy
European Trade Commissioner

Re: Your Effort to Reopen WTO Trade Negotiations Despite Global Opposition from the People

From: John C. Hammell,
President International Advocates for Health Freedom
800-333-2553, 540-745-6534, fax, 540-745-6535
POB 625 Floyd, Commonwealth of Virginia, Below the Mason Dixon Line, America

Re: Your Letter (Below my comments) Which was Intercepted by Global Trade Watch Which Calls for an Internet Discussion on April 5th amongst proponents of launching a New Round of WTO Trade Negotiations (VERY, VERY, BAD IDEA! See !!)

Dear Mr.Lamy:

I have read with interest your email calling for a new WTO round of trade negotiations scheduled for the 5th of April on Internet Relay Chat. (see below, IAHF email distribution list.)

International Advocates for Health Freedom assisted in the November 30 demonstration that shut down the WTO Ministerial Conference, and I personally did everything in my power to physically block WTO delegates from being able to walk to the meeting, or walk ANYWHERE for that matter ;->

Moreover, I assisted a group of anarchists which took over an abandoned building which we blocked the police from being able to get into by barricading the doors and windows and by putting sentries on both doors and on the roof with walkie talkies. We used the building as a crash pad throughout the demo, and turned it over to a group of homeless advocates at the end of the protest. Not all anarchists were into smashing windows, and not everyone helping the anarchists WAS an anarchist themself, some were merely LIBERTARIANS like myself, and I'm even a Christian, paradoxical as that may seem!

In fact I TACKLED one guy who smashed a window and had him in a full Nelson, but the cops were unwilling to come arrest him even though they saw the whole thing since they were under obvious orders to not arrest the vandals, but to let them smash windows so the media could paint us all with the same broad brush as alleged hooligans. The REAL hooligans are the multinational corporations: they're the enemies of the people world wide, and I don't care where ANYONE is on the political spectrum! (I defy pigeonholing in this regard as a Libertarian.)

A German delegate attempted to barge through a human chain that I was part of in one intersection near Niketown in Seattle, and he got very angry demanding to know why we wouldn't let him pass through our line. He was in my face, pushing me. I informed him rather angrily that he should attempt to walk back to the airport, and fly back to whatever country he came from, since no one in his country (Germany) had ever had a chance to VOTE for him to "represent" them, therefor, he DID NOT represent them, nor did he represent any AMERICAN- in other words, he had one HELL of a lot of NERVE to so much as set FOOT on our SOIL with his despicable greed driven anti public health, anti environment, anti human rights, anti labor rights AGENDA!

Later in the protest I hurled tear gas cannisters back at police, and was shot with rubber bullets but they never took me prisoner. I was well equipped with a gas mask, work gloves so I could pick up hot tear gas cannisters and throw them back, and I had a welders leather apron over a few layers to protect from the impact of rubber bullets. Running shoes helped me elude the jack booted Nazis in their Darth Vader costumes who sought to enslave me at Sand Point Naval Brig where they incarcerated many, unjustly, and without due process of law via their illegal, unconstitutional no protest zone, over which the City of Seattle will soon lose a lawsuit brought by the American Civil Liberties Union.

So, you have made a call via email, which got intercepted by Margaret Strand at Global Trade Watch, which is why a "rabble rouser" such as I got ahold of it, and has just relayed it to a global distribution list of thousands of OTHER "rabble rousers".... who in TURN will relay it to still MORE "rabble rousers" who share my complete disgust with the Illuminati's effort to try to force us into a world government, which you clowns intend to try to run from Brussels. Your wet dream is to no doubt someday inject me and others like me with an injectable microchip so you can track my whereabouts by satellite, but you might as well FORGET that idea right now! The plans to do this to all of us have been ably exposed on a Dutch website at

Having attended 2 UN Meetings of the Codex Alimentarius Commission's Committee on Nutrition and Food for Special Dietary Use in Germany, and having seen how consumers and manufacturers as well as NGO's have been totally shut out of that proceeding, I can honestly tell you that here in America, the Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms will never lawfully be revoked, and a growing body of us here are prepared to die, if necessary, in defense of our God Given Unalienable RIGHTS: among them are the right to LIFE, the right to LIBERTY, and the right to pursue HAPPINESS, in the way that WE, not the SHADOW GOVERNMENT, see fit.

Of primary concern to us is the God Given RIGHT to ingest ANY SUBSTANCE of our own CHOOSING into our own bodies, free of ANY interference from the STATE, FEDERAL or would be "International" Government. We will KEEP TAKING any potency of VITAMIN and ANY dietary supplements of our choice, here, sir, and the wishes of Hoechst, Bayer, BASF, Rhone Poulenc, Pfizer, Mondanto, et al BE DAMNED along with the LIES they spread via AP re Vitamin C and other safe vitmins that they seek to try to "demonize" as "dangerous" when JAMA has exposed pharmaceutical prescription drugs as the 4th leading cause of death in industrial nations!!

You see, sir, you need to grasp somethin' BASIC right off the bat here: here in America, the "gummint" doesn't run the people, its very DIFFERENT from Europe where people freely accept the state of slavery into which most of ya'll were born. Over here, in these hills where I live in the southwest part of the state, we don't have any use for RICHMOND, (the capital of Virginia) MUCH LESS for the YANKEE GLOBALIST LOVIN' SCUM in WASHINGTON!

And you must be AWARE that I am the unpurchasable, politically "incorrect" leader of a vast, decentralized group of rebellious anti gummint people ALL OVER THE WORLD who have come to THINK the way I do, which is to say, we approve NOT, kind sir, of THEE, or of THY despicable actions, or of the despicable actions of the WTO, which we hereby call upon to DISBAND and SURRENDER to IAHF, for we're takin' NO PRISONERS ;->

Nor do we ACCEPT, (not even one IOTA) the concept of ANY loss of our LOCAL SOVEREIGNTY, starting with our own God given BODIES, (much LESS of our town, county and state GOVERNMENTS) but we have OBSERVED the "decisions" of the Mickey Mouse Court run by the WTO called the "Dispute Settlement Body" and we have SEEN its efforts to scuttle our democratically enacted laws and to FORCE us, AGAINST OUR WILL to "harmonize" our laws so as to please our would be OWNERS: the multinational corporations, the world bank and the evil politicians who do their bidding.

I wish to learn if you understand me, or not! I ASSURE you that you MUST NOT proceed in your current malignant, misanthropic pissant yankee direction, because if you persist, you will soon enough come to know the TRUTH: "The PEOPLE, UNITED, WILL NEVER BE DIVIDED!!!"" Nunca Dividirán A la Gente, Unida,!!! "" Les Personnes, Unies, Ne seront jamais divisées!!!"Die Leute, Vereinigt, Werden Nie Geteilt!!! "

Any Questions?
Delle Domande?
Des Questions?
Irgendwelche Fragen?

John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
POB 625 Floyd, Virginia America

Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000 10:48:16 -0500
From: "Margrete Strand Rangnes"
Subject: (wto) Internet Chat with the EU Commissioner on Trade

List-Id: Get Involved and Take Action Against the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI)

The EU and other members of the WTO are still trying to launch a new round of WTO negotiations.

EU's Trade Commissioner, Pascal Lamy, claims "that there are shared interests in the world in launching a new Round." He is asking people to engage with him on the Internet, to describe their hopes and worries about the WTO, in a chat on April 5th.

Let's share some thoughts with the EU, namely that Seattle was not a fluke and that the WTO represents a failed model that either needs to be fundamentally fixed or nixed altogether. As longs as the WTO forces countries to weaken national health and environmental laws; as long as their system favors the rich industrialized countries; as long as there is no room for public participation and civil society; and as long as the corporate elites have the access that they do; there will be no new round. Seattle brought together activists, organizations and networks from the South and the North. We are ready to take on the WTO any time, anywhere, in the virtual or the real world.

This is a communication from the Trade Directorate-General of the European Commission.

Relaunching the New Round this year - Why we want everyone on board ?

Personal message from European Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy:

I have said publicly that we should be ready to try to launch a new trade Round this year if the circumstances permit us to do so, irrespective of election cycles.

I believe that there are shared interests in the world in launching a new Round, particularly one that deals with the reality of the globalising economy; and we need to find a better way of expressing that shared interest. Any new Round cannot just be about market access, but must overhaul how the WTO's rules work. Investment, competition, trade facilitation, labour issues, the environment, are all critical if the WTO is to stay relevant, and to reflect and respond to public opinion. Developing countries must be more on board.

What direction should the trading system take? What are the right starting principles for real international economic governance?

Engage in the debate with us on the Internet on Wednesday 5th April between 6pm and 8pm (Central European Time, which is between midday and 2pm Washington Time). Ask me questions, put forward your suggestions and share your hopes and worries with me. With the help of my staff at the European Commission, I will reply with the help of my European Commission colleagues.

Please make a note of the date and time in your diairies. I'll expect you on Wednesday, 5th April.

Pascal Lamy, European Trade Commissioner

The discussion will take place in four official languages of the European Union: English, French, German and Spanish. Questions may be put in any one of those languages and may also be sent in advance to: Questions received in advance will be answered during the discussion. Questions should be as short as possible, 256 characters maximum.

To take part in the chat you should download and install an IRC software. We recommend MIRC (PC) /IRCLE (Mac). For further information on configuration please follow our suggested procedure. The address to access to the chat is: We recommend you to download and test the software in advance.

For more about the EU and the new round of trade negotiations, consult our web site:

European Commission, Trade DG, Information Unit Email: WWW: Fax: +32-2-296-9854 To notify the European Commission of any changes to your contact details, please quote the following reference number: 111441

In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

Margrete Strand Rangnes
Senior Organizer
Public Citizen Global Trade Watch
215 Pennsylvania Ave, SE
Washington DC, 20003 USA
202-547 7392 (fax)

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